/ Hansa built-in hob: overview of the best models, types, description and reviews

Hansa built-in hob: overview of the best models, types, description and reviews

Hansa is a well-known manufacturer of kitchenbuilt-in equipment. One of the most demanded areas can be called recessed hobs, because today they, and not slabs, are the main element of modern cuisine.

Hansa Company

The history of the Polish company Amica Wronki S. A. began with the creation of coal-gas stoves in the middle of the last century. And for 20 years the main consumer of its products was the Soviet Union.

Electric plates have been produced since 1981year, when the manufacturer entered the markets of East Germany. And in 1992 a new factory was opened, on which they began to produce built-in household appliances, which differed in its original design. These products became the basis for the future Hansa brand, created by the German company Magotra Handelsgeselshaft, which launched the production of household appliances on the basis of the Polish company's enterprises. Today, embedded technology under this brand is sold in many countries around the world.

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In Russia, Hansa's built-in appliances are suppliedfrom the beginning of this century. The company's specialists study the market, the peculiarities of the preferences and tastes of domestic consumers, use new technologies, pay attention to safety and quality. Therefore, today the Hansa hob in Russian cuisines is not uncommon.

Advantages of Hansa products

One of the many advantages of cooking surfacesHansa is a variety of design solutions that allows you to choose a model for almost any kitchen, whether it is made in classical style, retro or even fusion.

The working surface can be stainless ormade of glass ceramics in different colors: black, white, anthracite or ivory. The Hansa hob is functionality. As the company constantly invests in new technologies, its products are equipped with increasingly new options and meet the requirements of ergonomics and safety.

For example, Hansa gas hobs, exceptelectric ignition, are equipped with a system of protection against overheating, burners of different configurations and power, including elements with a triple flame ring for the WOK pan, a gas control system that automatically stops the gas supply if the flame extinguishes (from draft or liquid). The models from ceramics have digital indicators of heating and a system of protection from children. An important advantage is the democratic price of this brand's products.

Range of hobs

The Hansa hob as a heating can begas, electric and induction. Also produced are combined panels: gas-electric, gas-ceramic and induction ceramic. There are cases when it is difficult to determine the type of surface, each of which is endowed with its own merits. It is the combined plates that make it possible to solve this problem.

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Distinguish the hobs and the number ofburners. Depending on the model, they can be from 2 to 5, which means that the overall dimensions of the surface can also be different. The standard four-burner surface has dimensions of 60х50 cm, compact model with two burners - 30х50 cm, and a plate for five burners - 80х50 cm.

Gas hobs

The Hansa gas hob is equipped with powerfulburners, which can be cooked quickly, with an electric ignition, providing use without a lighter or matches, and necessarily a gas control system. These heating devices use another remarkable system - ECO-Gas, which allows saving more than 10% of the total gas volume.

The cheapest model Hansa BHGI 32100020 with two burners of different capacities, made of stainless steel, with enameled grilles costs slightly more than 6 thousand rubles.

One of the most expensive, the new Hansa BHGI panel83030 with X-shaped arrangement of burners and a three-row burner in the center of stainless steel and cast-iron grilles costs six times more - 26.5 thousand rubles.

Customer feedback on gas surfaces

Gas hob Hansa BHGI 63112015, pricewhich is less than 10 thousand rubles, with steel grating and all the necessary functions, different power of burners (900, 2 × 1800 and 2700 W), judging by the reviews, this combination attracted the attention of many buyers.

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The main drawback is the need foroften wipe the panel, since there are traces of even drops of clean water. But this is a feature of all stainless steel surfaces, regardless of the manufacturer. Mark and a thin grill on which you can not put heavy pans. This restriction is indicated in the product passport. In the same document, the gas pressure necessary for high-quality operation of the panel is also indicated - 20 mbar. Not all apartments maintain such a value. Standard for Russia is the pressure of 13 mb.

Advantages consider electric ignition, for whichthe complete set includes a long cable, protection from gas leakage, which works even in the absence of voltage in the household network (the protection is built on the use of elektropodzhiga elements). Business men like a curved gas connection that allows for accurate installation.

Electric hobs

The Hansa electric hob operates onprinciple (not new) of heating coils. This brand is characterized by high safety of use. And for ceramic panels - it's also economical, as they heat up and cool down faster with decreasing temperature, that is, they consume less electricity.

Electric cooking surfaces are providedan indicator of residual heat that shows for each burner the degree of heating, a timer for setting a certain cooking time of the dish and keeping it warmed up in each heating zone.

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Safety guarantees protection from overheating.The automatic boiling function ensures that the burner operates at maximum power for a certain period of time and a subsequent decrease in temperature.

Cheapest electric hob HansaBHEI 30130010 stainless steel with a rated output of 3 kW, which is divided into two burners (1.2 and 1.8 kW), and mechanically operated costs slightly more than 5 thousand rubles. The model with the same data, but made of glass ceramics (BHCS 38120030), costs twice as much.

The most modern panel of glass ceramics HansaBHCI 63708 with four burners, one of which is dual-circuit, and the other with an oval expansion zone with a total power of 7.4 kW and touch control, costs about 25 thousand rubles. Today it is the most demanded hob for Hansa.

Customers' comments on electrical surfaces

One of the most popular and inexpensive modelsis the panel Hansa BHCI 63306. It is worth a little more than 13 thousand rubles, looks stylish (a combination of black glass and a frame of stainless steel), all four burners type HiLight, touch panel control, a full set of functions.

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Buyers appreciate it well, likemodern stylish look, reasonable price. Unlike stainless surfaces it is easy to wash, which is also noted as a virtue. In addition, the panel is easily connected and quickly heated.

Users consider the disadvantages of the settingssensor, it slowly switches, and it is necessary to touch all the burners each time when adjusting the temperature of one. But everyone agrees that remarks are not critical, just management requires certain skills.

Induction hobs

The Hansa induction hob, likeheating devices of other manufacturers that create an electromagnetic field in contact with the metal bottom of the dishes, remains cold when working. A lot of different functions make it easier to work with the panel and make it safe.

The Booster function increases the heating power, thespeeding up the cooking process. If suddenly the situation develops so that the cooking process is interrupted for a while, the Stop & Go function allows you to do this. The child lock system protects not only from turning on and off the device on time, but also from resetting the settings.

induction hob

The induction panel itself recognizes the presence of dishes and its dimensions. It automatically turns on the hotplate and selects its power in accordance with the diameter of the pan.

Naturally, the availability of such modern functionsis reflected in the price. The cheapest induction hob Hansa BHI 68300 rated power 7,0 kW and with touch control costs more than 16 thousand rubles.

The new induction panel Hansa BHI 69307 with four hotplates of the same power, touch control and electronic display costs almost 46 thousand.

Customer Reviews

The hob Hansa BHI 68014 with a power of 7 kW,with four hotplates and touch controls also refers to the company's new developments, but has already become popular and evokes a lot of feedback. It costs little more than 18 thousand rubles, but quickly prepares, does not allow to forget about a dish which on it is cooked, it is easily cleaned, does not heat up the kitchen and looks great.

Among the shortcomings, users note thatthe timer is installed only on one burner, the panel buzzes loud enough during operation, like all induction plates. There is another significant drawback for a certain category of people: according to reviews, this panel does not produce pancakes because of the energy-saving mode of operation.

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Summarizing, we can say that among the reliable and high-quality Hansa products you can choose a hob for every taste and prosperity, under different operating conditions and kitchen design.