/ How to make a wound for Halloween? How to make mobile make-up from improvised tools?

How to make a wound for Halloween? How to make mobile make-up from improvised tools?

Creating a picturesque image for the holiday -horror story on October 31, it's hard to do without imitating bleeding wounds and a variety of scars. How to make a make-up for Halloween? Before answering this question, it is worth remembering the traditional costumes in which adults and children dress up on this day.

Two types of outfits

images for halloween ideas
Judging by the observations of some researchers and psychologists, there are three groups of Halloween images:

  • bloody and scary;
  • magic and bloodless;
  • famous, popular personalities and fabulous or kinogeroi.

The first category includes charactersvampires and zombies, doctors and nurses, prostitutes and brides, any image that is compatible with the stain of blood stains. An unusual holiday of Halloween, make-up at home allow any imagination with variations on this topic.

In the second category of outfits can be called witches anddevils, cowboys and nuns, female cats and superhero men, pirates and cowboys. Mysterious characters from cartoons, various monsters and mutants quite fit into the overall situation of the holiday.

The third group of outfits includes dressing infamous outrageous people, such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, the Pope. It's easy to surprise friends by pretending to be Shrek or Jack Sparrow, Spiderman or any cartoon villain.

Images for Halloween, costume ideas can be very different, the main thing is for this action to bring the expected emotions to its participants.

About the "war paint"

halloween make-up at home
How to make a make-up for Halloween?A holiday with wonderful disguises in awesome images of different evil spirits, frightening characters of folklore or movie heroes can not do without a suitable image of a face and body coloring. Make-up, imitating bleeding and open wounds, an intimidating facial expression, is easy to do on your own. It is almost impossible to overdo it. Accentuated by black or red shadows, the witch's eyes will immediately seem magically sinister. In business can go thick cosmetic pencils, linings and bright shadows. Drawing lips with red, burgundy or black lipstick, you can achieve even more contrasting results.

Everything goes on: from false eyelashes and wigs to torn pantyhose, wide-brimmed hats, a rouge of any color. Fairies, angels and brides are recommended to whiten faces and brightly make up lips.

In addition, there are simple ways for mobile, that is, removable make-up elements.

How to make a wound for Halloween?

how to make a wound for halloween
To create a sticker that mimics a bleeding scar, you need to stock up on the following items:

  • glue PVA;
  • red and black acrylic paints;
  • a voice-frequency cream or a powder;
  • ordinary paper napkins;
  • double-sided tape;
  • toothpick.

Several layers of napkins are glued on a pieceScotch tape. While the glue is not dry, a toothpick needs to break through the contours of the "wound" by pressing with this layer. The edges are cut and painted with red paint. A tonal cream is needed to give the napkins a skin color.

Как сделать рану на хэллоуин?From the bottom of this "mock-up" comes off the protective film and - voila! This imitation is easily and quickly attached to any place of the body. Sites on the border of the tape are also processed tonalnikom that everything looked most convincing.

Another "scars" of napkins

Немного ПВА или клея БФ-6 наносят на лицо ли руки.Immediately apply a slightly crumpled or folded (to create an open wound) napkin. After drying over, another layer of glue is applied. Then you can cut the wrinkle on a napkin - you will get a deep "wound". The next step is a painterly painting of wrinkles and dents based on the already named eye shadow, lipstick, soft cosmetic pencils and other decorative artistic means.

Draw directly on the body

how to make make-up for halloween
Как сделать рану на хэллоуин самым простым way? Suitable coloring of injuries, cadaveric blemishes and black and red paints, pencils, smearing of ketchup on faces, hands and clothing. You can buy a finished wound from latex, and it is most interesting to show creative imagination and to embody it in the chosen image.

How to make a wound for Halloween?We take glue for false eyelashes. We outline the contour of the future wound on the skin. To accelerate the drying process, you can send him a cold air flow from the hair dryer. Then with a cotton bud on the glue you need to apply and gently shade a little foundation. Naturalness and depth will be given to the pink and brown eye shadow applied around the "wound".

Blood is imitated with red lipstick.It must be applied a thick layer inside the "wound" and a little along the contour. Cracks and hollows on the glue are painted with black shadows. Glitter in this "picture" do not use!

Данным способом легко создаются небольшие, мелкие wounds, not incisions. To simulate very deep picturesque bleeding scars, theatrical clay is often used. From a sausage or a ball, glued to the body, it is very simple to make both a torn and chopped wound. A piece of yellow wool, put inside the cut, will look like pus. Gummosis is stained in the same ways as described above.