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How dangerous is the cold in pregnancy: 3 trimester

In the life of almost every woman, at least soundwords: "Congratulations, you are pregnant!". This joyful news inspires young parents, but at the same time makes them become more responsible and cautious. After all, the only purpose in the near future for a future mother is the birth of a healthy baby, and for this it is necessary to protect yourself from all stresses and diseases. During pregnancy a woman needs a double portion of vitamins and natural products. But no matter how she tried to absorb vegetables and fruits in large numbers and protect her body, the immunity of a young mother is reduced during gestation.

It is not surprising that a cold at a later datepregnancy often overwhelms women in an interesting position. And then the question arises: what can pregnant women with a cold, what measures to take? Simple tablets, especially antibiotics, are contraindicated. Young mothers should protect themselves: warmly dress, do not overcool and endlessly strengthen their immunity. Catarrhal diseases can have a very negative impact on the health of the baby's future, especially the cold at the pregnancy of the 3rd trimester. At such a late period, the baby is almost formed, so any disease can cause such a serious consequence, as heart disease.

Remember!Help to cope with the disease by safe methods can only a doctor who observes a woman during the entire pregnancy. Do not try to cure yourself by yourself, because this can lead to disastrous results. Of course, herbal teas and raspberry jam can not do harm to health, but for a severe cold, such treatment is passive, and therefore, does not contribute to a quick recovery. Therefore, treatment only with folk remedies can lead to various kinds of complications, it is better to use it as a supplement to the main recipe for healing.

Colds during pregnancy 3 trimester can passwithout complications and fears only if the woman takes the entire treatment package, which was prescribed by the attending physician. The specialist chooses such medications from a wide range of modernity, which does not affect the child's development in any way. As a rule, ordinary paracetamol is considered to be the safest remedy that removes fever and a headache.

The most difficult period is the common coldat pregnancy 3 term. Ignoring the disease can lead to such terrible consequences as bronchitis and even pneumonia, resulting in a lack of oxygen in the womb and the child becomes uncomfortable. Colds during pregnancy of the 3rd trimester can cause the appearance of internal herpes. Unfortunately, in this case, doctors decide to have a cesarean section urgently.

Of course, when the body fell under the influence ofmicrobes, do not go out in the cold weather. Replace walks in the fresh air can be through regular airing the room, the main thing at the same time not be in a draft. To prevent possible complications, women who are ill are placed in a specialized department of the maternity hospital. When a woman from a special department gives birth, the child is isolated from the mother until he is fully recovered. But such consequences can be avoided if it is not in the last weeks of pregnancy to be among the mass congestion of people, for example, in supermarkets, metro.

Throughout the time of bearing the baby,and especially on a long term, preventive measures should be carried out relentlessly. Young mothers should not forget about special vitamins for pregnant women, which are usually prescribed by a gynecologist. Also, you can not be in the same room with people who are sick. Observing the basic norms of self-preservation, the future mother can not worry about the state of the child and enjoy every day of pregnancy.