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Comprehensive developmental activities for children 2 years

Careful parents often reflect on the fact,how to deal with their babies correctly. What methods to choose, how to conduct the lessons themselves, how much should they continue so that the child does not get tired? These and other questions worry parents, make them study many books on the upbringing and development of children. This article will be of interest to both young mothers and fathers, and kindergarten teachers who work with children 2-3 years.

developmental activities for children 2 years

Educational activities for children 2 years, given in this article, are constructed in such a way as to facilitate the task to parents and teachers as much as possible in the choice of constructive methods.

Age features of children 2 years old

In children during this period, the leadingsubject-manipulative activity, which gradually gives way to gaming. However, the game is not yet plot-role, but has the character of imitation of an adult: profession, occupation, behavior.

Например, мальчик в этом возрасте очень желает to resemble his father, because he involuntarily copies his behavior, his manner of speaking. The girl will try in every possible way to portray the ideal of femininity, for which, without a doubt, her mother is. She can begin to "paint", try on my mother's dress, shoes.

Classes for a 2-year-old child mustbuild on mutual trust and be a continuation of the game. It should be remembered that children are very attracted to the world of adults, it seems to them perfect and mysterious. We must try as long as possible not to destroy this beautiful illusion, this innocent view of life, covered with purity and simplicity.

How to deal with a child?

This question is no less significant than the previous one. It is important not only to choose the right direction of activity, but also to be able to fascinately organize activities so that the child is interested.

lessons for 2 year old child

Educational activities for a 2-year-old child are best held in an atmosphere of mutual interest in the game process.

What does it mean?When you are engaged with the child, silence should be around. No extraneous noise should not interfere: turn off the TV, move away from the computer, wait a little with dinner preparation. You should not try to engage with the child when guests are in the house - this is a very big distraction, which is not so easy to pass. Yes, and you yourself could not fully engage in such conditions, right? In children, the attention is more unstable, the baby is easily distracted.

Interactive toys

Recently, a large number of interactive toys, ranging from cute meowing cats, barking dogs and ending with the original Ferby, have appeared.

Should choose those toys that are not easyentertain the baby, be able to take him for a while, but also bring him tangible benefits. For example, you can buy the original designer or clay with figurines that will help develop a creative imagination. It may be worth refusing to buy a large number of similar “tweeters”, which are too expensive in price and give nothing to the child, except for short-term entertainment.

Classes with children 1-2 years may be accompanied.some interactive toys provided that they are aimed at the development of cognitive processes: memory, thinking, attention, imagination, speech. Otherwise, they are practically useless.

We fix colors, shapes, size

Educational activities for children 2 years of ageshould include elements of familiarization and fixing with various properties and characteristics of the figure: color, shape, size. Picking up pyramids, coloring pictures, building various “towers” ​​and “houses” are well suited for this purpose. When a child picks up a cube, ask him to determine what color it is. Then take another cube and offer to compare which cube is bigger. Occupation perfectly develops the ability to think analytically, to compare.

childcare 1 2

Picking up a colorful mosaicpromotes the development of small sensory and thinking. It is very good if classes for children 2-3 years old include developing elements. Children unknowingly learn in the course of the game, learn new things. In addition, all the mosaic figures are made in the original style, they are bright, colorful, which will allow the child to work with them for hours on their own.


Educational activities for children 2-3 years can notdo without subject-role plot. Children love to play in different professions, playing and trying on a variety of roles. The profession of hairdresser especially attracts girls, however, sometimes boys are not averse to trying themselves in this interesting business. In kindergarten, there is usually a separate corner of a hairdresser, in which children can do dolls hair styles. Some babies are doing quite well.

Lesson in the corner of the hairdresser is better to hold,armed with all the necessary attributes to complete a full cut: scissors, hairbrushes, toy hairspray (you can take an empty lacquer bottle for styling). Only then will the kids be really fun to play.

"Playing Doctor"

This is probably one of the most popular children's games.a period of 2-3 years. In this day's kindergarten, there are not only special corners, but also equipment: a couch on which the doll is put, a white coat, a cap, a changing table, a shelf for storing medical items, a thermometer, boxes with “pills”, toy mustards.

developmental activities for children 2 3 years

How to play with the baby?We take a bear or a doll in our hands, lean it against the ear. We say to the child: “Oh, the bear is sick, he just told me in his ear. He has a neck ache. How will we treat the bear? ”With the right approach, the child will immediately have a lot of ideas on how to alleviate the“ suffering ”of the bear.

"Helping Mom"

Пожалуй, это вовсе и не игра, но любопытнейшее an activity that children in most cases do not refuse, but remain enthusiastic. If you are cooking in the kitchen, and the child is hanging around the room at this time, call him to yourself and offer to help you. Fine, if you can give your child a small piece of dough - let him bake a baked cake or a cake. He himself later will be pleased to see his "work" in finished form.

Classes for children 2 3 years

Small children can be excellent helpers in cleaning: give him a cloth, let him wash the dust from furniture and household appliances. And you feel better, and the child accustomed to responsibility.

Computer games

Many parents and educators believe that developmental activities for children 2 years should notlimited to a standard set of games. Time does not stand still, information technology develops with unlimited speed, so children have the opportunity to explore the world using a computer.

developmental activities for a 2 year old child

However, it is worth noting that it is not necessaryespecially to get involved: children easily get used to this type of activity and then very reluctantly switch to other activities. If you introduce a child to computer games, then they should be developing, contributing to the stimulation of thought processes, but not aimed at entertainment. To be at the computer such a crumb can be no more than 10-15 minutes a day. Engage should not more than once or twice a week.

Thus, educational activities for children 2years differ a great variety. You can choose for every taste. It is better if you familiarize the child with all the household chores little by little, without forgetting to pay special attention to the games that are suitable for their age.

Children do not like monotony, so try as often as possible to switch the child from one activity to another.