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Feed "Happy Happy": composition, features, reviews of veterinarians

Today, cat owners have no problems withthe acquisition of feed for their pets. On the contrary, any pet store can hit even experienced animal owners. How from this variety of bright packages to choose the highest quality, safe, balanced composition suitable for your pet?

happy cat food

Today we will present you the products of German specialists. Happy Cat is a food that is becoming popular among Russian animal lovers.

Feed Features

This product refers to feed.premium class, she is familiar to many breeders in our country. Pet owners have already been able to evaluate it. All products are manufactured in Germany, in Weringen (Bavaria). In industrial volumes, the production of most animal rations began in 2002.

The manufacturer claims that the dry food "HappyKat, manufactured by a famous brand, is made from natural, high-quality components of animal and vegetable origin. The range of the company is not only dry food, but also canned food. The unique formulation of this product is its main feature. Every year for many years she has improved. If your four-legged friend regularly receives Happy Cat food, he will have thick and fluffy hair, healthy and strong teeth and gums. Daily use of this product will strengthen the immune system and prevent urolithiasis.

happy cat feed


All pet owners who care about healththeir pets, interested in the composition of the products. According to experts of the manufacturer, the feed "Happy Cat" does not include in its composition of protein substitutes (vegetable). There are no preservatives and flavors, as well as artificial colors.

The production uses a variety ofnatural ingredients that support the metabolism of the animal. All formulations contain medicinal herbs that have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract. Fermented cereals, trace elements fill nutrient deficiencies. Linseed oil, which is part of the feed, is saturated with Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary to improve the quality of the animal's hair. It becomes thick, shiny, smooth.

Happy Cat - feed containing (in some species)In its composition apple, which is known for its high content of pectin, regulates digestion. In addition, the composition of the feed of this brand includes lamb meat, veal, poultry, bone meal and dried egg powder, dried seaweed flour.

happy cat veterinar reviews

Feed Types

Food "Happy Cat" from German manufacturers is very diverse:

  • Dry foods - contain a balanced level of proteins, vitamins and fats. Their consistency is designed to clean the teeth and massage the gums of the animal.
  • Canned food - this fairly extensive category includes sauces and pates, as well as other types of delicacies from meat products.

Veterinarians recommend these types of feedcombine to provide the animal with a balanced nutrition. In addition, most recently, the company launched the “Happy Cat” feed for animals that have health problems.

happy cat dry food

You will be able to choose independently the necessary composition, which will be useful for the following serious ailments:

  • diseases of the heart and liver;
  • kidney inflammation;
  • digestive problems;
  • urolithiasis disease.

Below we will present you some types of feed that you can buy today in our market.


To begin, we will introduce you to the composition for the mostlittle felines. Kittens are especially in need of special nutrition, necessary for the normal development and growth of the baby. It includes all the necessary minerals and vitamins.

Fit end well

Dry food "Happy Cat" with taste of lamb.This product is recommended for adult cats. Ideal for animals with sensitive digestion. It can be mixed with other similar formulations.

Well edalt light

Low-calorie product. It must be included in the diet of animals prone to obesity, and pets who do not lead an active lifestyle. Suitable for neutered and sterilized animals.

Brides end well

Food, firming teeth and treating gums. It is made in the form of rather large granules. This composition is most often produced with beef.

happy cat food

Best Age 10+

Older animals need special nutrition. This food is vital for cats older than ten years.

Happy Cat: reviews of veterinarians

Most practitioners considerthat these feeds of German manufacturers, undoubtedly, contain in their composition many useful and necessary animal components. However, the content in them of some controversial substances, which include beef and poultry fat, veterinarians consider a harmful additive, which can provoke obesity of your pet (with regular use).

Moreover, in some compositions of this brandindicated liver. Experts are surprised that for unknown reasons, the package does not indicate the origin of this liver, which animal it belongs to. Therefore, it is desirable to abandon the purchase of food, which includes the "unidentified" liver.