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"Happy Happy": passing the game with Frost

Modern computer games demonstrate everythingthe world of the ultimate system requirements, offer to admire the incredibly realistic and impressive graphics, detailed engine and many other high-tech features. However, behind all these layers of magnificence, the most important thing is sometimes forgotten - the fact that the game should bring joy to a person. He sits down to play to enjoy the process, which is why various small flash games are still so popular that can be downloaded in ten seconds and in which you simply get pure pleasure. For example, such games include the project "Happy Wheels", the passage of which will take you just an incredible amount of time, but you will not regret a single second spent on this game.

Obstacle racing

Happy Wheels passage

If you are interested in how it looks in the game "HappyWheels "passing levels, you better first get acquainted with this genre in principle. The fact is that this game is not the first and not the only one of its kind - there were other projects before it. If you are not familiar with them, then you it’s worthwhile to deal with the fact that you are preparing such games. So, you have to drive any vehicle that you need to deliver safely and safely from point A to point B. But at the same time, you will have various obstacles on your way, you will need to overcome. Of course, it will not be easy - this is where the charm of such projects lies.Well, now that you have a general idea of ​​what kind of racing is this genre, you can consider and specifically “Happy Wheels”, the passage of which is in many ways similar to classic designs, but it has its differences.

What kind of game is it?

Happy Wheels

In the "Happy Wheels" passage is built on the sameprinciple - you have at the very beginning of the level a character who moves in a wheelchair or any other wheeled vehicle. You need to deliver it to the end of the level, overcoming various obstacles. But It is worth noting that this project has an age limit, as there is just an incredible amount of violence. The fact is that all the obstacles that you will encounter on your way will cause direct damage to your character, that is, if he falls on the spikes, he will be pierced through and the place of the crash will splash with liters of blood. This is a rather cruel game that motivates well to try to avoid failures. Passage of the game "Happy Wheels", unfortunately, to describe briefly fail at least due to the fact that it has more than a hundred levels, and their number is constantly growing. But you can share with you some tips.

Walkthrough with Frost

Happy Wheels with Frost

If you want to explore the passage of the game "HappyWheels ", then do it best with Frost. Most likely, you already know who this is, but if you don’t know this person, then you should hurry to get to know him. Frost is a well-known protagonist and gaming video blogger who devotes a huge amount of time to computer games, passing them to gamers, creating interesting videos and much more. With it you can laugh at the same time, as he just incredibly voices what is happening on the screen during the game in Happy Wheels, and get useful information the passage of a particular site. Passage "Happy Wheels" Frost becomes pure pleasure.

Process Features

The passage "Happy Wheels" with Frost has a hugeadvantage - the fact that this type of games is difficult to describe in plain text. So you had better watch Frost demonstrate the passage of one level or another, and repeat after him — that’s how it should be.