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Treatment of hydradenitis: there is a way out!

Doctors understand as purulent hydradenitisinflammation, which is important for the sebaceous glands located near the genitals, nipples, as well as in the armpits. The latter often become places of occurrence of hydradenitis, since it is in the underarm area that the sebaceous glands work very actively, and the skin can be seriously injured due to frequent shaving. Most often, the development of this disease stimulates the so-called Staphylococcus aureus, which can penetrate the sebaceous glands, using the hair follicle for this purpose.

treatment of hydradenitis
It provokes the appearance of excessive hydraenitesweating, which allows harmful bacteria much easier to penetrate the human body. The only drug that can quickly and qualitatively heal hydradenitis is an ointment with ichthyol, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

How to treat hydradenitis?

Treatment of hydradenitis most often impliestreatment of some other diseases that provoke its appearance. Among the latter - diseases of the sex glands, diabetes. In addition, this disease can begin in those who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy, as well as those who have low immunity. It should be noted that gidradenitis is a disease mainly of young people, because at the age of 16 to 40 years the sweat glands are at the peak of their development.

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This is especially true of girls and boys whoare in the period of puberty, it is then the active development of sweat glands. To understand how to properly perform the treatment of hydradenitis, you need to know its symptoms. Usually it all starts with the appearance of small nodules under the skin that can be easily identified by touch. A person experiences an itch and unpleasant pain in the area. Soon the node swells, and the place of its location on the skin begins to resemble the nipple. The site takes about 15 days to form. In some cases, the treatment of hydradenitis is impossible without autohemotherapy - a special procedure for introducing into the patient's skin his own blood.

To get rid of the infection that causeshydrant, the patient should take antibiotics, sulfonamides, as well as restorative medications, with which you can improve immunity. In parallel with taking medications, treatment of hydradenitis is carried out by treating all inflammation foci, namely the application of dry warm tissues, UHF, ultraviolet irradiation.

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Hydradenitis and surgery

In some cases, the treatment of hydradenitis is possibleonly by surgical intervention, when the wound is opened and removed from her blood and pus, and then treated with antiseptic drugs. When the skin begins to heal, a scar may appear on it, which can be oiled with sea buckthorn oil. According to doctors, one of the most common skin diseases is precisely hydradenitis, a photo of which can shock. In order to avoid the appearance of this disease, it is enough just to observe the rules of hygiene, doctors say.