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Cystitis: signs and factors contributing to the appearance of the disease

Cystitis is a disease caused by penetrationinfection in the bladder, as a result of which inflammation of the mucous membrane occurs, functional disorders appear. The disease affects mainly women. According to the results of the WHO study, one out of every four experienced this illness in their life, and in every eighth it has a chronic form. Male cystitis is much less common. About 1000 men with bladder disease complaints are addressed by about eight people, most of whom are over forty years old.

Male cystitis

Staphylococcus, Proteus, E. coli - basiccausative agents of a disease such as cystitis. The symptoms that cause these microorganisms are similar in women and men. However, the disease can not appear only if there are bacterial data in the body, since they belong to the so-called conditionally pathogenic microflora, and additional factors are necessary for them to cause the inflammatory process.

Factors contributing to the development of cystitis in women

  1. Decreased immunity. This may be due to both the presence of chronic

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    diseases, pregnancy, and have a psychological nature, for example, because of stressful situations.

  2. Subcooling. Particularly affects the occurrence of an infarction point hypothermia: the waist, pelvis, legs.

  3. Violation of personal hygiene can lead todevelopment of a disease such as cystitis. Symptoms of it can appear in the event that the urinary tract gets the E. coli. Therefore, tampons, gaskets should be changed as often as possible

  4. Change in the mucous urethra andof the vagina. This phenomenon can be observed with estrogen deficiency, frequent use of spermicides, as well as in the presence of inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.

  5. Spicy food and alcohol drinks. After their use, substances that irritate the bladder are secreted along with the urine.

  6. Features of anatomy are predisposing factors for

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    the occurrence of such a disease as cystitis. Symptoms of the appearance of an ailment in this case are found in the abnormal arrangement of the urethra: if close to the vagina or opens in it.

  7. Problems with the toilet. Frequent overflow of the bladder leads to its stretching and further loss of elasticity. Frequent trips to the toilet can also reduce the protection of the mucous membrane.

So, in the presence of the above-described factors,Cystitis occurs. The symptoms usually appear for three days, then gradually subside. However, this does not mean that the disease is gone. In the event that the treatment has not been timely passed, it acquires a chronic form.

Main features:

  • Painful urination: stinging, burning. Their intensity depends on the localization of inflammation.

  • Urination becomes frequent and small portions. Sometimes not more than 10 ml of urine is released.

  • Changes also reveal themselves in the general analysis of urine. In it appears a large number of leukocytes, bacteria.

At the first signs of the disease it is worthwhile to applyto the doctor, that he, based on the results of the study, diagnosed. If it is cystitis, what to do next, what treatment will be prescribed - everything will depend directly on the pathogen (microorganism) of the disease.