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Wilkinson's Ointment: Instructions for Use

An effective antiparasitic, antiseptic, antifungal agent with local action is Wilkinson's ointment.

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Pharmacological properties

The drug has a combined composition, possessesanti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic and antiparasitic properties. The tar, which is the basis of the drug, makes it possible to improve the supply of tissues with blood, causes reflex reactions, increases the keratinization process, accelerates the restoration of the epidermis, and effectively disinfects. Present in the composition of the ointment sulfur when interacting with many organic elements forms compounds that have antifungal and antiparasitic effects. In the ointment is naftalan oil, which when interacting with the skin has a disinfectant, analgesic, softening and absorbing effect. In addition, Wilkinson's ointment contains calcium carbonate, green soap, petrolatum and purified water. In appearance, the drug is a homogeneous mass, having a dark brown color and tar smell.

Indications for use

The medication is prescribed for the treatment of scabies, eczema,bedsores, trophic ulcers and wounds. In conjunction with other drugs, the drug effectively cures dermatomycosis, as well as skin lesions that have a fungal or parasitic origin.

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Ointment is prohibited to use with exacerbated eczema, chronic kidney failure, and hypersensitivity.

Wilkinson's Ointment: Instruction

The medicinal form of the drug suggestsexternal application. The medicine is applied twice a day to the affected skin. The duration of therapy is at least 10 days. With different pathologies, the duration of treatment can vary. When trichophytosis, Wilkinson's ointment is recommended to be applied within three weeks. With scabies lesions, the medicine is rubbed into the skin throughout the body (except the scalp and face) for three days. After preliminary cleansing of the skin, the agent is applied a thin layer on the affected areas with a cotton swab or brush. In this case, the medicine is to be rubbed every day in the first three days, and then two days before the recovery.

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Side effects

The main negative point in usingthe preparation is the occurrence of dermatitis. With prolonged use of the medication, arthropathy and allergic reactions can be observed. Do not use the medication yourself, the appointment should be made by a doctor.

Wilkinson Ointment: price, analogues

The cost of the medicine is approximatelyis about a hundred rubles. To drugs with a similar mechanism of action can be attributed drugs: tincture "Chemeritsa", ointments "Sulfodecortem", "Bensokril", "Antiskab", "Benzyl benzoate", aerosol "Spregal." You can store the medicine for two years.