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The camera on the android does not work: what to do?

Today, even on inexpensive smartphonesinstalled professional photomodules, which are in no way inferior to the once popular "soap cases". With the help of mobile gadgets, any user can feel like a beginner photographer. And if you install a special program for the camera on the android, you can play with the effects and give the pictures an additional charm.

the camera on the android does not work

No matter how good gadgets work, some people are faced with the fact that the photomodule of the device ceases to work for no apparent reason. Let's try to understand this problem.

Possible causes

If the camera on the android does not work, then for thisthere can be a number of reasons. For example, in the process of updating the phone software, a malfunction occurred, which resulted in a malfunction of the photomodule. In addition, some users are trying to self-refresh gadgets, which is also fraught with consequences. Viruses and malicious files can also cause the application to turn off for the camera on the android.

application camera on android

And, of course, a smartphone can fail due to a mechanical shock. The following are the most common problems and methods for solving them.

Software errors

This category of problems can be attributed to:

  • Viruses. To get rid of the malicious code that could interrupt the application of the camera on the android, you need to install a good antivirus and check the system.
  • Lack of free space.If on the memory card or on the phone itself everything is crammed to the eyeballs, then it can provoke the failure of the photomodule. To solve this problem, it is enough to clear the phone's memory and delete all unnecessary or unused files.
  • The "cached" cache. Temporary files are constantly being copied on smartphones. If the cache is full, then this may well cause an error. Therefore, it is enough to delete all the temporary data.

does not work camera on the phone android

  • Incorrect settings. If the picture was taken on a memory card that was later removed from the smartphone, then you just need to restart the phone.

If after these manipulations the camera on the android does not work, then the problems can be more global.

Physical Faults

Before you go to the service center, it is worth checking all the possible causes of breakage. Even if they sound absurd.

If the camera does not work on the android phone, thenyou need to check whether the micro SD card is in place. Very often on smartphones, photos are stored not on the device itself, but on a miniature drive. If it is not inserted into the phone, the camera will be inactive.

The second most common reason that a cameraon the android does not work, is a contaminated lens. Very often users buy unusual smartphones for smartphones, under which dust and dirt successfully accumulate. Therefore, in the event of a malfunction, it is worth checking whether the miniature peephole of the photomodule is contaminated.

program for the camera on android

If the camera is intermittent and periodically disconnected right during the survey, then you should re-configure it, following the correct sequence of actions.

How to set up a photo module

If the camera on the android does not work or periodically fails, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  • Reset the smartphone to factory settings.Usually, you need to go to the gadget menu and find the "Backup" sink. After that, select "Factory Reset". Before this, it is better to save all important data and transfer contacts from the notebook to the memory card.
  • Download and install the antivirus (before thisit is worth visiting other sites). After this, the system must be cleaned. Downloading antivirus programs is recommended only on Google Play, so you can guarantee to protect your phone from malicious files.
  • Clear cache.This operation is performed immediately after the anti-virus scan has been performed. For cleaning, go to the "Applications" and find there "Camera". In the same menu, there will be a "Clear cache" button.
  • Carefully wipe the lens of the lens with a special napkin for optics.

If the pictures still can not be made, thenyou can try installing another application for the camera. There are a lot of such utilities. There are paid and free programs, more functional and those that allow only to take pictures.

If nothing has helped, it only remains to contact the service center.