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Apple iMac Retina 5K review: specifications, description and reviews

Literally a couple of years ago, the "apple" companysurprised the computer market by presenting its first device with a Retina screen to the public. To date, several generations of MacBookPro have managed to change, which were equipped with the highest-resolution displays, well, until the monoblock the company got only last year.

imac retina 5k

The iMac series has always attracted usersappearance and filling: wide screen, stylish and attractive design, excellent performance - all this makes of devaysa an excellent tool for working in any field. Practically all decisions of the company are universal products, therefore the assortment of equipment will allow to realize its potential to any specialist and lover.

It's not for nothing that such an idea has developed that the bestvideos are mounted on the Mac, smart photographers use Mas, designers and other people with rich and unconventional imagination use gadgets from Apple. Whatever you say, but it's fashionable, expensive and beautiful, and at the same time there is an opportunity to rank yourself among a narrow circle of admirers of exclusive technology. Although, judging by independent statistics, it is not so narrow: even despite the decrease in the total volume of sales of personal computers, it is the "apple" company that demonstrates, if not sure, then clearly positive sales growth.

Model positioning

In the course of presentations Apple iMac 27 "Retina 5KThe company paid special attention to those whom it considers the priority representative of its audience. Processing photos and complex video editing will be much more enjoyable, and at the same time productive when using a new device from Apple.

imac 27 retina 5k

Monoblock Apple iMac 27 "Retina 5K fairly quicklygot to the Russian markets. Now you do not have to wait for weeks or even months to try out an interesting novelty in the case. Let's try to figure out what exactly the company offers in the face of such a high-tech device, because a screen with such a high resolution is very difficult to meet. We will evaluate the advantages of the new model over predecessors and analyze the technical characteristics of the iMac 27 "Retina 5K. Feedback about the device is very positive, so you can evaluate the operation of the device in general terms, and the specific merits or shortcomings will be indicated below.

So, the hero of today's review - a new candy bar iMac from Apple. Let's try to identify all the strengths and weaknesses of the model, taking into account the opinions of experts and reviews of ordinary users.


For performance in a monoblock is responsible4-core processor from Intel Intel Core i5 3.5 GHz with the ability to overclock to 3.9 GHz. Onboard there is an operative memory in quantity of 8 GB of type DDR3, with frequency in 1600 MHz (the basic complete set is equipped with two slats on 4 GB). Winchester - 1 TB of type Fusion Drive (the main volume under the HDD, the rest is the accelerated space of SSD). Graphic video accelerator from AMD "Radeon" R9 M290X with 2 GB of fast memory type GDDR5.

The screen is 27 ", with a resolution of 5120x2880 pixels,IPS-matrix with glossy coating. The connection is provided by wireless protocols "Wi-Fi" 802.11ac and Bluetooth of the fourth version. Interfaces of connection - 4 x USB 3.0, Internet port RJ-45, two Thunderbolt 2 connectors, 3.5 mm microphone, SD slot and mini-port. Dimensions are 516 by 650 mm with a weight of 10 kg.


The overall appearance of the monoblock itself remained unchanged from2012. Someone can also condemn such an approach of the company, but, on the other hand, why change what pleases the eye to this day: the aligned lines, beautiful shapes and elegant outlines create the image if not the most attractive monoblock, then one of the most stylish exactly.

apple imac 27 retina 5k

iMac 27 with Retina 5K is sure to like itesthetes who are not accustomed to clog their desktop with a bunch of wires, connectors and just love high-quality equipment. The company notes that the new candy bar is the thinnest to date, and the thickness of the device is only 5 mm (sidewalls).


Keeps on the surface of the candy bar due to strongaluminum foot, which is easily adjusted on the viewing angle, but to change the height, alas, will not work. The display is framed by a glossy frame in a black version of quite impressive size, under which you can see the company logo.

The body itself is made entirely of aluminum, andthe appearance of the Apple iMac Retina 5K inspires confidence, it is simply pleasant to look at it, and it does not matter which side. Weight monoblock remained the same and if you want it can be taken in close travels around the house or office - it's not at all heavy.


Monoblock, as in the case with previouscan be variably executed with diagonals in 21 and 27 ", but in order to feel the fullness and depth of the new model, it is better to use the flagship version in the face of iMac 27" Retina 5K. "Feedback from users about the quality of this screen is of a completely positive nature, therefore its we will consider.

imac 27 retina 5k reviews

Retina is a rare representative of devicesof a similar class, and if before a good resolution was considered to be 2560 by 1440 pixels, then with a new screen it grew four times and is 5120 by 2880 pixels. Accordingly, the density of pixels has also increased and now, instead of 106 ppi, has become 218 ppi.

Watch the new iMac with a Retina 5K displayinfinitely long, just admiring the saturated colors and the image being fed. The icons remained the same, without diminishing in size, just the picture became more clear due to the very high resolution of the display.

By the way, it is worth noting that the company conductedindependent research and proved: the new screen consumes 30% less energy than the previous generation devices. To cool the particles of any complaints from users was not, so this pleasant fact of reducing power consumption can be attributed to the value of the iMac Retina 5K.

Overview monoblock showed that the company in whichonce proves a very scrupulous attitude to the quality of the image of their monitors. Since the IPS matrix in liquid crystal technology is no longer overclocked, and the factory settings are considered to be the quality standard, the company decided to improve on a single parameter that can be expanded - resolution. Instead of the usual Quad HD-scan, the monoblock received an ultra-precise 5K resolution at 5120x2880 pixels with a corresponding increase in the pixel density. Such parameters are comparable with the screens of smartphones, while in front of us is a small 27-inch device.

New for Apple iMac 27 "Retina 5Kespecially noticeable when working with the main table, as its capacity has increased greatly, which immediately affected the performance of such graphics and video applications as Final Cut. Processing files with ultra-HD in 2160p has become much more convenient, since all 100% of the frame is displayed, plus enough space for the location of tools and other useful applications.

Screen iMac 27 "Retina 5K has a very enviable margin of brightness - about 450 cd / m2, which is quite enough to work in the brightestand a sunny day. In a typical room, the brightness of the screen can be safely set at 50% (if not lower), and the contrast, even with such settings, does not drop to the minimum level - about 1200 to 1 (a certain ceiling for the IPS matrix).

Thanks to the perfectly balanced anti-glareCoverage of the image is given in the entire depth and has a very convincing appearance. Viewing angles of the iMac Retina 5K deserve all sorts of praise, they are as wide as possible and viewing images or video together with friends will be just a joy.


Factory settings can offer the ownerperfect color balance and calibration with excellent accuracy, so something to adjust or correct simply is not necessary - sit down and work. Color coverage has come close to the standard sRGB, which is a very big plus for a simple consumer, but some professionals in their reviews sometimes complain that the display can not cover Adobe RGB and DCI P3, and together with them the standard Rec, but this is already so specific requests that it is difficult to write down them into a common minus of cons.

candy bar apple imac 27 retina 5k

Общие яркостные характеристики iMac 27″ Retina 5K can be considered a benchmark for the IPS-matrix, and color rendition and at all peak capabilities of the monitor. So we can say with absolute certainty that the screen of the new monoblock is an excellent starting point for working with video and photographic materials. And if professional figures can still doubt the work with "Ultra" HD, then the simple owners of the device should be completely ecstatic about the natural and really beautiful image on the 27-inch monoblock with double clarity.


Monoblock Apple iMac 27 "Retina 5K in the basebundle is equipped with a quad-core processor from the Intel Core i5 series with a clock speed of 3.5 GHz and the ability to overclock in the Turbo Booth mode to 3.9 GHz. There is 8 GB of RAM on board a variety of DDR3 with a frequency of 1600 MHz, and if there is a need or just a desire, you can increase it to 32 GB.

To store and work with data in a monoblockprovided hard drive Fusion Drive. The hard disk has two partitions - one ordinary HDD, and the other - a high-speed SSD. The basic package includes a 1 TB hard drive, but you can choose a more expensive option, with 3 TB of memory (0.512 / 1 TB for SSD).

В качестве графического видеоускорителя компания equipped iMac Retina 5K with a solution from AMD in the face of Radeon R9 290MX with one gigabyte of memory. Variable versions can be equipped with a similar M295X series, but already with four GB and high-speed GDDR5 memory.

It is important to remember the owners and future owners.iMac Retina 5K, that the upgrade on its own is almost impossible. The only thing that “allowed” the company to increase in the monoblock is the operative memory, everything else will remain the same and cannot be improved.

The device in practice easily copes with anytasks in such a demanding program as Final Cut Pro, processing a very solid amount of data without any brakes and friezes. The same indicators differ with the powerful Lightroom photo editor, where the processing of libraries with the RAW format is impeccable.

imac with retina 5k display

New iMac Retina 5K - very, very fastmonoblock. When comparing with the closest competitors, it turned out that when the same movie was mounted in a resolution supporting 4K, the Apple device’s speed was higher than the rest - a minute and 14 seconds against almost 10-minute processing with similar devices.

Those who work with video formatsSupporting resolution in 4K, you will surely like that the image can be completely displayed on the screen. In principle, the same applies to amateur photographers who can freely and comfortably edit their pictures taken in high resolution. Professionals working with powerful graphics packages, as a rule, connect another monitor to open the window to the full screen, and in the case of the new monoblock, such actions will be superfluous - everything is perfectly visible on one device.


Behind the monoblock are four ports of typeYUSB 3.0, two Thunderbolt 2.0, a connector for wired internet such as RJ-45, a slot for a conventional SD card, and also a connector for external headphones and an additional 3.5 mm microphone.

imac retina 5k Price

Users in their reviews sometimes complain aboutan inconvenient arrangement of ports, which is why constantly working with peripherals causes some discomfort, so you have to buy a separate card reader for such purposes, which will always be at hand, and there will be no problems with memory cards or flasks.

A good HD camera is responsible for video calling.FaceTime, working with sound through two microphones. Access to wireless protocols provides the module "Wi-Fi" in points 802.11ac and Bluetooth version four.


The new candy bar, as well as its predecessors,available in several versions, and the version with a “regular” screen was also saved, so if there is no need to acquire a display of such quality, you can earn a very decent amount.

Компания предлагает готовое и уже полностью customized solution, so to get started you just need to plug in the cable and the system is ready for use. The only spoon of tar (and for some, on the contrary, stability and good constancy), which applies to almost all products of the “apple” company, is the impossibility of an upgrade. All that is available for improvement is RAM, and no more.

Устройство удивляет своим разрешением и качеством pictures, and the density of pixels per inch can compete with any mobile gadgets. The practical benefits of the new screen will surely be felt by professionals in their field - photo amateurs and video masters, while ordinary users will feel the saturation of the picture in any modern games.

As for the surcharge for such a high resolution,then it can be called quite reasonable, especially if you compare the competing models of famous brands. Only one monitor will cost the owner about 2 thousand euros, and this is without taking into account other components without which it is useless.

The average cost of iMac Retina 5K (price for February2016) ranges from 100-180 thousand rubles and depends on the modification. An inexpensive model with a 21-inch screen and an average video card (GTX775M) costs about 90,000, and the Pro model with all the gadgets reaches 200,000.

To buy or not?

Is it worth paying such big money for a new one?screen? If you have funds that you can spend on a purchase, then there is no disadvantage in such a decision, and the quality that you receive will please you for a very long time. And although some professionals involved in processing video or photos, prefer specially tuned options for their needs, a universal solution in the face of a new candy bar will probably be noticed and demanded by experts. In any case, after purchasing an iMac, you will receive an excellent computer with a great screen and powerful stuffing.

Pluses monoblock:

  • stylish and original design;
  • only high quality materials from a famous brand;
  • performance "with a reserve" for several years;
  • The highest screen resolution available today.

Disadvantages of the device:

  • no connectivity as a second screen;
  • high price for the average buyer of computer equipment.