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Humidifiers of air: rating 2014-2015.

For owners of apartments that are in housesmegacities, the problem of polluted air is very acute. It often becomes the cause of many diseases. If there is not enough moist air in the house, it can not be called useful, but you can still correct the situation by considering air humidifiers whose rating will be presented in the article.

Popular models with hepa-filters

If we consider the rating of air humidifiers2014, then you will notice that the most popular among consumers are devices that have modern hepa-filters. Such a purification technology is capable of ensuring the disposal of air from foreign particles of different fractions. Many humidifiers and air purifiers, whose rating is based on the opinions of customers, are capable of more.

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If you want to create conditions in your home,which would be suitable for a medical institution, it is possible to prefer the model Aic XJ-860, inside which a photocatalytic filter is installed, and also the system responsible for air ionization, this is a good air humidifier. The rating of the best of them you can learn by reading the article.

Filtration and humidification

Another popular model isNeoClima NCC-868, which provides an ultrasonic type of humidification. Set the device can be in a room, the area of ​​which is slightly smaller than the above-described parameter and is 42 square meters. In addition to the modern hepa-filter, a carbon filter is installed inside.

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Models with carbon filters

If you are interested in air humidifiers,The rating of these devices is presented in the article, it will allow you to decide on the choice. If models with hepa-filters have the ability to provide the highest degree of purification, including the removal of dust and wool from the air, then the options with carbon filters have the ability to deal with extraneous odors. If there are smokers in the house or in the office, then this variant of the humidifier will be the most suitable. Such models perfectly cope with the tasks and in the kitchen, where the smell of burning can arise.

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Models of the latest generation are supplied with cassetteswith carbon granules, through which air is injected after the pre-filter. If you purchase an air humidifier in which coal with special impregnation is installed, this will increase the absorbent properties of the material.

Cleansing and saving

Coal humidifiers whose ratingwill allow you to make the right choice, are popular with consumers also for the reason that they differ less impressive cost in comparison with analog devices. In this case we are talking about the Royal Clima RUH-S380, which is an ultrasonic humidifier. The device can be installed in a room of 25 square meters. Inside the case there is a 3 liter tank. The power consumption is not so great and is only 25 watts. The rating of air humidifiers for the house allows you to understand which models will help you save. So, if you want to choose an inexpensive ultrasonic humidifier, then it is necessary to choose the above-mentioned model, this is due to the small dimensions of the device, which are 29.7 x 17 x 16.3.

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Another moisturizer who wonpopularity among consumers is the BORK A801 ​​White. This device provides a cold type of humidification, and in addition to a carbon filter, it also has a hepa filter. This indicates that you can use the humidification and air purification function.

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Humidifiers rating by type of device

When consumers are sent to points of sale,to choose air humidifiers, the rating of such devices is studied by them in advance. If you follow the experience of many buyers, having studied the assortment range presented by the modern market, you can understand that the humidifiers can belong to a certain variety. Thus, traditional devices operate on the basis of conventional evaporation of water. The most common in such devices are installed cassettes of a moisture-intensive material. This can be, for example, paper that is impregnated with antibacterial compounds. When air passes through the cassette layer, it returns to the room in an already cooled state.

ultrasonic air humidifiers rating

Studying the rating of humidifiers in 2014, youmust be aware that this unit does not have a heating function. This indicates that the design will be able to increase the humidity of the air to the extent that the humidifier operates. If you have chosen the simplest traditional model, but want to improve efficiency, it is best to install it near the heater or in a place where there is good air circulation.

If you decide that you just needair humidifier, the rating of the best models is recommended to consider in advance, they are presented in this article. At the next stage, after traditional devices, there are ultrasonic humidifiers. At the heart of their work lies the principle that causes water to be split into small drops. This process is provided by high-frequency vibrations of the membrane, which receives water from the device's capacitance. Ultrasound humidifiers, whose rating allows you to choose the most suitable model, have built-in fans in the design, which form a water mist entering the room.

When selecting a traditional humidifier, you canpay attention to the brand Boneco. Model E2441A is an excellent option, as it is able to perform basic functions and has an ultramodern design. Consumers choose such devices because of their unique shape and ease of operation. To enter similar equipment it will be possible in any, even the most refined interior. By purchasing a device, you can enjoy humid air with a low noise level. This indicates that this humidifier can be used in a bedroom or a children's room.

Popular ultrasonic moisturizing

The following types of instruments forHumidification of the air is ultrasonic, among the most common in the past year can be identified Royal clima RUH-S380 / 3. Its cost is only 26 dollars, which is much cheaper than the humidifiers, which are equipped with modern hepa-filters.

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Rating of humidifiers with different control systems

When the rating of humidifiers is consideredair for children, then you should choose a model that even a child will be able to control. It is a question of budgetary models in which the electromechanical management is realized. Change the mode of operation of the device can be done by rotating one of several adjustment knobs. In more complex models, there are light indicators that facilitate the operation of the humidifier. If you want to pick up a model more expensive, and use it for a long time, you can prefer electronic control, which allows you to expand the functionality. In this case, we are talking about automatic cycles of operation, which you can adjust depending on the readings of the hydrostatic. Such variants of humidifiers, as a rule, have a display that visualizes the operation of the device.

Consumers who have conservativeviews, choose mechanical-controlled humidifiers of the brand Kambrook KHF300. This ultrasonic device has a 5 liter water tank inside. You can install the equipment in a room whose area is limited to 25 square meters. However, among us there are consumers who prefer electronic humidifiers and air purifiers, the rating of such devices is presented in the article. Among them is Dantex D-H50UCF-B, which has a power of 25 watts and small dimensions of 38.3 x 29 x 15.8 cm.