/ / Palace of Water Sports (Kazan) - the venue of the World Championship in Water Sports

Palace of Water Sports (Kazan) - the venue of the World Championship in Water Sports

The Palace of Water Sports (Kazan) is one of thelarge sports facilities, built in this city in 2012. It is designed to provide training and competitions in swimming and diving, and can also be used as an ordinary Sports Palace.

Palace of Water Sports Kazan
The sports complex consists of two elements resembling a billowing wave. Roof construction of the building in height reaches 25 meters. The length of the building is 188 meters, and the width is 84 meters.

Palace of water sports (address: st.Chistopol) is located in the middle of the city, in the southeast, right on the bank of the river. Kazanka. With him there is a sports school. The guys here are engaged in profile sports. Nearby are the Palace of Combats, football stadium. It is this Palace of Water Sports (Kazan) that will become the venue for the World Championship in 2015.

The first block of the Palace is like a hall in which it is very light. It is divided into 3 parts, each of which is a swimming pool. Its main block is located parallel to the line of these "reservoirs".

Palace of Water Sports Address
On five floors are the necessary premises:both technical and subsidiary. The sports complex is designed for 2 thousand spectators. Moreover, there are additional seats on the folding stands (one and a half thousand).

The Palace of Water Sports (Kazan) is one of thethe most important sports facilities, which was built in order to prepare for the Universiade 2013, held this summer. The following sports were presented on it: synchronized swimming and synchronous jumps, diving, swimming. After the Universiade, students of sports educational institutions continue to train at the Sports Palace, as well as to maintain the uniform of ordinary citizens.

Designed the Palace of Water Sports (Kazan)The architectural workshop, which carries the name "Choban and Kuznetsov". She won a competition for the design of the building together with Ove Arup and JI "Kazan".

The outer covering of the Palace is unique, even though it is made of wood. 3-articulated arches, which were used as bearing elements, give the structure expressiveness and charm.

On the facades of this building transparentstructure. Architects have chosen for construction polished panels from stainless steel. It is thanks to this that the original geometric figure flaunts on the facade. The ends of the building, the voids between the rows of arches and the five-story openings on the main facade of the building are filled with stained-glass windows.

The site of the Water Sports Palace
Construction of the Palace of Sports was not withoutdifficulties. The site chosen for the erection of this structure is located near the river. The architects decided to cover the pool completely along the perimeter, to cover the pools in the ground in such a place was impossible. Well, if you put the complex on supports, its volume will turn out to be very large. That is why the Palace of Sports has such impressive dimensions.

The site of the Palace of Water Sports Kazan has not yet been created. Come or come on an excursion! The doors of this sports facility are always open! I'm sure that you will not regret it!