/ What is understanding in relationships?

What is understanding in a relationship?

Although Mr. Darwin also claimed that a manmade work, we will allow ourselves to disagree. The main thing was in communication. Talking to each other, exchanging thoughts, ideas, plans, we get new knowledge and can realize ourselves in society. Do you want to become successful? Learn to communicate. You want to have a good family - and try to understand everyone here.

Black cat

When the family disintegrates, the spouses say thatceased to understand each other. If colleagues disagree on the work, then, therefore, between them ran a black cat. That is suddenly there was dislike, alienation and even hostility towards each other. And in general there is complete irrationality.

what is understanding
What is understanding? Today, this is one of the most acute problems in the world. Without this, it is impossible to establish relations either between individuals or between whole countries.

But let's start with a scientific definition.What is understanding in philosophy? This is such a universal operation of our thinking, which assimilates new content and includes it in a system of already established ideas and ideas. In fact - the result of the perception of speech, some message. This includes information, various knowledge about the surrounding or inner world of a person.

So if you want to be understood from the first word, learn to express your feelings and thoughts clearly.

Only together with others

Any success is based on a good relationship at homeor at work. And if you consider that all people are different, it is very important to be able to establish contact with them. How to do it? Of course, intuitively, each of us feels, when it is necessary, for example, to keep silent or support another, somehow help him out. That is understand.

that such an understanding of man

But in general, what is understanding? Definition is.This is a special quality of personality, the ability to comprehend and realize the motives of the behavior of another. Also the ability to explain and pass through your mind and heart the state in which your interlocutor is.

Probably, everyone met people who immediately"See" a person in his difficulties, aspirations, can quickly discern his soul, sympathize. Life experience tells them the right move. And this is good.

However, in practical psychology there are severaleffective techniques. They can be mastered. Then your contacts with others will become warmer, friendly, durable. And next to odnomudtsami you can turn mountains.

Emotional background

If we talk about the fact that such an understanding inyou have to know the following. The psychology of relationships affects many different issues: the circle of communication, the emotional background, the impact on another person, and so on. All this is relevant for both adults and children.

To have relations with others were moresmooth, kind, you need to understand these people. And when you understand, you begin to involuntarily treat them respectfully, tolerantly. This gives rise to the same feelings and actions in response.

You ask: "What is human understanding?"A very important principle of the psychology of relationships. After all, there is empathy, harmony. And this is equally comfortable for communicating parties. And everyone is then interested in preserving such ties. All of them appreciate, they try to save for a long time, not to lose.

what is love understanding

Your position

What is understanding in real life and everyoneday? This is our specific behavior. We must learn to accept our neighbors, fellow workers, even casual acquaintances, not to mention members of our family, as they are. At the same time, you may not approve of someone's behavior at all. But it's better to understand, though, that here it is - quite different, not your copy, and therefore very different from you. You can disagree with his opinion, words, habits, hobbies - please. It is your right. But you simply owe it to you to respect its values. And that's all. This is enough to establish the most beautiful relationship between you.

Five keys

However, in order to really understand deeply the other, you need to know five important principles and follow them.

1. Understand and recognize the potential of another person. Everyone who is born has his own capabilities andreserves - mental, physical, domestic. Sometimes he even does not realize them. At school they did not help us to disclose them, parents also made a mess. But if you begin to approach this person, thinking that he is capable of greater, better, then all these qualities will manifest in him. Your faith, people need help to change their lives.

2. We must be able to listen. We all like and talk a lot, but somehow it's incomplete.You tell him - but he does not hear. Does not enter into your position. Thinks about his. From your problems waved. Do not try to help. And if it was otherwise, the barriers between people would fall.

what is understanding in relationships

3. Do not put an estimate. If someone of all others thinks below himself, thenthe interlocutor is no longer interesting to him. And he does not want to have any serious involvement with him. People usually immediately begin to evaluate unfamiliar people. And they are judged on them at first impression. And this is enough for only half a minute. Then the prevailing opinion is very difficult to change. But we must try to understand a person. Learn his views, beliefs. It is this path that opens, for example, in a new employee something that was initially hidden.

4. Always be honest and open. Why pretend?It will only complicate your life. Speak always the truth. Let's say you do not like this person, but you say that, on the contrary, I really liked it. But your eyes, gestures, that is, non-verbal communication, will give you away. Only sincere feelings give meaning to contacts with others. So do not be afraid to be yourself.

5. Help others to become better. For this it is necessary to create an environment in which a person will be liberated and will start talking openly and friendly to you, without hiding.

Nothing can be better than a good relationship. You understand this only when they are spoiled. And how to get everything back? This is very problematic.

My home is my castle

A correct definition. If at home you are all right, then you feel happy. And this is possible only under one condition - when there is understanding in the family.

Quiet environment, love and care of relativesaffect your position at work. You come not angry and not gloomy, but cheerful and sympathetic, willing to help. And you have high labor productivity. And in general life is beautiful! Now, of course, it is clear to you that such an understanding and how great its role in our life.

Very bad when the house is in disorder. Either between spouses, or between parents and children. The reason is the same - there is no mutual understanding, respect for the interests and concerns of others.

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Children - by themselves

Today, life is such that adults and children at the same time are at home on average no more than two hours - except, of course, sleep. And they communicate even less.

Working moms can give a son or daughter 30minutes - no more. Neither sincere conversations, nor discussion of children's problems. But the comments about the behavior of the child, as a rule, are very categorical. Some adults simply do not consider it necessary to "drop" to their problems. That they personally - yes, serious concerns, and children - nonsense. Only the spiritually blind can treat their loved ones in this way. And then in their old age they complain that the children forgot them.

There will be real live communication - all rough spots, quarrels, conflicts will disappear. And then everyone will rush home at night, where you can just talk heart to heart.

what is understanding in philosophy

The beginning of consent

So Spinoza wrote about understanding.How to learn not to provoke conflicts? Quarrels break out when everyone has different opinions, and people argue who is right. All this is very bad for our life. The ability to competently contact people will create good situations.

На примере отношений супругов это видно.What is love? Understanding each other, the desire to concede. If a husband, for example, has views not like his wife, then she immediately behaves aggressively. The dispute is threatening, and no one wants to understand each other. It should be borne in mind that the one with the other conviction has the right to his views. Let and wrong, from your point of view. But these are his judgments, maybe they are suffered. And maybe, over time, he will change them and come closer to yours.

However, people persist, insist on their own. Although they should know that the divergence of opinions is the beginning of the conflict. In this case, they have no idea what an understanding is.

To concede means to win

The ability to communicate is a desire to concede.Never deny someone else's eyes immediately. In the end, how many people - so many opinions. And try to figure out which one is the most correct. Just try to understand the other. And there will be no grounds for conflict in the family.

understanding in the family
Allow an opponent to have an opinion - does not mean to lose, but, on the contrary, to win! The world will recover.