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Today it is so fashionable to call ordinary thingsforeign words. For example, you can often hear the "establishment". And the person thinks, guesses, what is this miracle such. But in reality it is an ordinary "creation", an "establishment". Or such a statement as "Respect from me" translates as "respect." And there are still so many such Anglicisms. But there is one more that is difficult to understand. This is the term "identity". And try to figure it out, what a set of letters and what it is connected with. And it turns out, everything is simple: an identity is a corporate or corporate style. This is a system of corporate identification. All these concepts are absolutely identical. And in the practice of foreign colleagues it is called brand ID and corporate ID, where ID is an abbreviation of the English word identity - identification. That's why, as a matter of fact, the innovative word "identity" derives from this.

identity is

And it's also a popular service, whichis in demand on the modern market of innovative services. Developing sites in Moscow is expensive, but creating a corporate identity for the company - no less. Often these two "goods" are bought together by the same performers. And you can apply to such companies as Playdesign, "Alexfill", Art. Lebedev Studio, "SilverSite" and so on. And do not necessarily attach to their own place of residence: there are many good employees on the Internet.

A detailed description of the meaning of the word

Let's look now more in detail with thisinteresting concept. So, the identity is a group of special techniques that are used in technical and artistic design. They make it possible to create an original advertising material that has people around them.

In simpler terms, the identity is the personany business, its visual basis. It consists of a corporate identity and a logo. To be a little clearer, remember that the first one comes to mind when we mention the corporation Mercedes? Naturally, a star that has three rays. And what is the name of Apple associated with? Of course, with an apple. This will be the identity that we are talking about.

Many inhabitants will say that when allthe company's documentation, its advertising and souvenir products and staff uniforms are made in a single color scheme, with identical graphics elements characteristic for this company, this is not a very interesting sight. But this can be given a rebuttal, because such an identity promises the firm a considerable benefit in the market that it occupies.

development of identity

If a potential customer sees that the advertisingmaterials of the corporation, its documentation, names and indexes of cabinets, personnel badges are created in a single style, then he will understand that he is dealing with a solid organization where a close-knit and professional team is working. In addition, this approach will make the company recognizable and its promotions higher. Therefore, the identity is to improve the image and strengthen the status of a trademark or firm in the market.

Component components of identity

The reader may have the question thatis the development of identity, which is the corporate style. Its carriers are signs, business cards, advertising, forms, stands. The standard version of the brand identity creation includes a corporate color palette and a font, a letterhead, a trademark, a logo, as well as an envelope, a text mark and a business card.

Corporate identity can consist of andadditional fragments: souvenirs, all forms of outdoor and Internet advertising, folders, packages. This can include POS materials, motto (slogan), multimedia presentation, website and booklet, outdoor advertising, price list.

brand identity

The main and paramount task of identity

The main goal of the identity is toto tell about a particular business is laconic, clear and so that it is firmly entrenched in the memory. For this we need not just a fashionable style and a beautiful logo, but it is necessary that the company's identity emphasize the company in the chain of competitors. It should make the corporation extraordinary and intriguing for its partners and clients. Relevance is a rare but simple quality that describes a good identity. The logo is obliged to tell about this company, and not about any other.

Corporate Identity Rules

Corporate identity will not be eligible forThe existence, if those who do it, will not adhere to the basic rules for its creation. So, the first rule says that when creating a corporate image, one should start from imagery. If you are trying to promote an automaker, do not use the image of the locomotive for its advertising. The image must support the idea of ​​this business. Only in this case it will be easy, and it will be remembered for a long time.

Rule number two states that there is no needgive the main role to the logo. Today, many firms can exist without it, or the company's name can actually act as a logo. The logo of the company "Beeline" does not know practically nobody, but it exists. But corporate shades - yellow and black stripes - are known to every person. Everyone knows that they symbolize the mobile operator.

corporate identity

A few more rules

Another important point:it is better not to overdo it with creativity. Due to visual identification, the identity must answer two questions: "What kind of firm is this?" and "Why is it necessary for the client?" Hence it is concluded that it is obliged to fully support the ideology of the corporation. And the ideology itself implies management principles, corporate traditions and categories of potential customers.

And the last rule is socialization, that is, the idea of ​​how the corporate identity will work in the media.

corporate identity

Identity is a necessary thing

So, what is corporate identity (identity), wefigured out. But is it so important for the company? Of course, this is a guarantee of success for any business project. Each successful firm follows the strictest quality of its corporate identity. It improves its perfection and relevance. It often happens that in order to bring the corporation out of the crisis, it is necessary to change the identity. Also, the change of style is resorted to when the company needs to enter a new market or clarify its activities.

Identity is a banner under whichthere is a business of this or that entrepreneur. It is incredibly important to have a corporate identity and a beautiful logo, because they are met by these criteria and, even more often, on the same escort.