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Banners are ... Printing banners. Advertising banners

Faced in everyday life with advertising in one or another of its manifestations, we often hear the sonorous word "banner." What it is? Let's try to figure this out together.

Tempting Internet

Banners are a word of foreign origin. From English banner is translated as a flag or banner. That is a certain canvas with information on it. How does this look in life?

banners are

Visiting the Internet, on each of them wewe inevitably face advertising products. Text blocks or flashy graphic images appeal to us with a variety of services. Interested in information, we make a click and immediately go to the advertiser's page. Now it becomes clear that Internet banners are advertising pictures with a hyperlink to a certain page of a website with an expanded description of products or services.

Twin brother

A foreign word has a lexical homonym, thenthere is one more meaning. In outdoor advertising, a banner is called a large-format canvas with printed information printed on it. They make out the facades of buildings, have over the roadway in the form of constrictions or attach to billboards billboards.

advertising banners

So, it turns out that a banner is two different concepts aimed at achieving one goal. We propose to consider in more detail each of the ways of advertising influence.

Advertising on online services

Banners on the Internet are used primarily forplacing your own advertising. Stand out blocks are designed to attract new visitors to the site. Their design and semantic content form their own image of the site.

This is the most popular type of advertising on the Internet, because its effect is very effective and positively affects business development.

Advertising banners can also be viewed as a source of income. Having graphic blocks of other owners on the pages of your site, you can get paid for it.

banner printing

Creating banners

By the way of creation, there are two types of online banners:

  • Static - the usual image in jpg format.

The advantage of such advertising is simplicitymanufacturing and low cost. The drawbacks include an excessively large size and a low level of efficiency. A still picture attracts little attention, and those who regularly visit a page with such advertising, it quickly falls out of attention.

  • Dynamic - images with an animated plot in the format gif or flash.

Gif-banners are not very difficult to produce, they have a small file size and high advertising returns.

Flash-banners - this is the most effective wayanimated advertising. Undeniable advantage is the ability to combine several types of advertising information and unlimited space for creativity.

Creating a good banner requires interventionprofessional designer. Referring to a specialist will require the costs of certain funds, but in this case you can achieve the highest quality product that can effectively implement the advertising task. The cost of the banner will start from five to seven hundred rubles. The maximum amount is difficult to name - everything will depend on the scope of the task and the level of professionalism of the designer.

If you set yourself the task of creating a staticadvertising, then you can try to do with minimal effort. The basic knowledge of a graphic editor like Photoshop will be enough. You can also use a special program for creating banners, which has a large database of template solutions.

the production of banners

Features of Internet advertising

Основной показатель качества баннерной рекламы – it's a response. Efficiency is expressed in the frequency of clicks and the number of referrals. The production of banners and their subsequent operation require certain requirements to be met for success:

  • Dimensions of the banner can have arbitrary values, but the best option is a plot with dimensions of 468x60 pixels (the basic unit of measurement).
  • The location at the top of the page hasthe best attraction. This is due to the peculiarity of the human eye - to look at the top third of the document first. This applies to all types of printed and electronic publications. Accordingly, banners located in the sidebar or at the bottom of the page are much less likely to receive additional responses.
  • Wide use of animation. The changing plot, moving picture in a dynamic advertisement unconsciously attracts the attention of a person and, accordingly, increases his interest.
  • Color effect.To enhance the influence of advertising banners, it is desirable to use certain gamuts of hues. A good stimulating effect on the human mind is provided by the following combinations of colors: white-blue, white-red, yellow-black.

Outdoor advertising - what is it

One of the directions of advertising, visuallyimpact on the consumer through a large format and wide coverage of the audience. The concept of outdoor advertising has a three-dimensional meaning and includes a wide variety of products.

banner what it is

The category of outdoor advertising includes:

  • main constructions - carriers of printed matter;
  • branding of building facades;
  • volumetric letters;
  • signboards, plaques;
  • inscriptions on shop windows, tents, tents;
  • automotive advertising

The list of means of external advertising influence can be continued, but we will pay special attention only to one of them.

Pros of application

Banners are one of the most effective,time-tested outdoor advertising. They can calmly demonstrate an actual plot on the streets of the city within one to two years without losing the quality of the exposure. High technical characteristics stipulate several advantages of using a banner:

  • durability;
  • strength;
  • high speed and ease of manufacture;
  • simple installation;
  • affordable cost;
  • wide application possibilities.
    banners are

The benefit of the banner is quite obvious. Paying the goods once, you can use it for a long time. Simplicity and convenience of installation works make it possible to easily rotate advertising spaces.

Assembly and dismantling works

Mounting banners of standard sizes (3x6,6х12, 3х4 m) to advertising planes is made by means of a cord. The finished fabric along the entire perimeter is densely punched with metal eyelets, through which a thin and strong rope is passed. She is braided by the metal frame of the frame of shields, tightly pulling the banner.

In those cases where the advertisement has a large area, or there is no skeleton, the fastening is achieved by means of self-tapping screws.

Vinyl advertising

cost of a banner

Printing banners is made on a special material with a vinyl base. Depending on the purpose, there are several types of banner material:

  • Frontlit - molded laminated fabric.It is a polyester net, on which a polyvinylchloride web is welded by lamination. Outside, the surface is additionally varnished.

It is characterized by low strengthcharacteristics, easily exposed to moisture, quickly burns out in the sun. The listed properties make its use suitable only indoors. For external use can be used for a short period of time (2-3 months). The main advantage is low cost.

  • Backlit - luminescent cast fabric.The basis is PVC fabric, reinforced on both sides with a polyester filament net. Coating with varnish creates a gloss on the front surface. Increased strength and durability create the opportunity for long-term advertising on the street. Technological features allow the "banner to work on the lumen", that is, use the backlight. This enhances the visual effect and extends the period of daily exposure of advertising.
  • Blackout - cast banner fabric.Basis - PVC linen, coated on both sides with acrylic lacquer. The opacity of the material makes it possible to apply a graphic image on both sides. The fabric has a high density, is resistant to weathering.