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Hotel Forest Park Hotel 3 * in Greece: photoes and reviews of tourists

Greece is one of the most visited countries by touristsfrom all over the world. Affectionate sunny climate, access to the sea, cultural attractions and picturesque nature as if purposely created it as a resort point. Every year, many hotels here hospitably open the doors for vacationers, offering sometimes the most unexpected entertainment and services. Forest Park hotel is one of the most popular services. Let's get acquainted with its features and reviews of experienced tourists.

Forest Park hotel

Location and surroundings

In the north of Greece is the peninsula of Chalkidiki,which has an unusual shape, visually resembling a hand with three fingers. The western section was called Cassandra. This is where the three-star Forest Park hotel is located. He took an advantageous position on a green hill with a magnificent view of the coves and the boundless sea, between the two resort villages of Kriopigi (1.5 km) and Kallithea (2.5 km).

Neighborhoods are devoid of urban bustle and noise.The hotel is surrounded by coniferous forests and thickets of thyme. Therefore, tourists who come here, immersed in an atmosphere of complete harmony, silence, fresh, pleasantly intoxicating air and unity with nature. If in a short time such a landscape bores visitors, they can go to the neighboring village of Kallithea, famous for its abundance of entertainment.

The climate on the Greek peninsula is mild.The influx of tourists is mainly recorded during the summer season. The average air temperatures in the period from June to August are approximately 25-27 degrees. However, there are especially hot days (up to 37 degrees). Autumn in Chalkidiki is more like the beginning of summer, so September and October are also a great time to relax here. Temperatures range between 21 and 23 degrees.

The upper layers of the sea begin to warm upin the spring, so for the tourist season it becomes affable and affectionate. And on hot days, literally saves holidaymakers a pleasant coolness and light breezes.

Forest Park hotel 3


Forest Park hotel was founded in 1991 and belongs toto economical hotels, but this does not detract from the quality of its service. The three-story building, renovated in 2003, looks neat and hospitable. Cobbled paths and well-groomed territory produce impressions of high-quality and conscientious work of the personnel. The interior decoration of the hotel is characterized by restraint, spaciousness and elegant style. The lobby is made in light colors, the floor is covered with snow-white tiles. All this in combination with wooden furniture, a large fireplace, spreading flowers creates an atmosphere of cleanliness, comfort and relaxation. The hotel is open from April to November inclusive. On cold days, heating works, you can warm up and by the fireplace in the lobby.

There are two ways to get to the hotel: by bus or car from the airport "Macedonia", located in the city of Saktonia (about 85 km).


Particular attention deserves a description of the rooms,which in their environment and color palette are a design continuation of the overall service space. Forest Park hotel has 45 standard rooms (single, double and family). Each room is equipped with bathroom, refrigerator, satellite TV (shows Russian channel), telephone, hairdryer, individual air conditioning and balcony-terrace. The rooms have a view of the forest belt, smoothly turning into a sandy beach. The area of ​​the balcony allows you to have a tea or even a romantic dinner. For this, room service is provided. A picturesque landscape will be an ideal complement.

Forest Park hotel photo

There are different rules for each type of room.So, in a single room it is allowed to accommodate one adult person (+ child). In double rooms can accommodate a maximum of three adults. The family class includes two bedrooms and four single beds. In them it is possible to arrange only four people.

Housekeeping at Forest Park hotel is daily, bed linen is changed every 3 days.

Restaurants, bars

There is one type of hotel on the territory of the hotelmeals - half board (breakfast + dinner). Forest Park hotel includes a restaurant in a separate building with Greek and international cuisine, a tavern and two bars (snack bar and poolside). The menu does not differ in variety of dishes, among them salads and meat delicacies. Fresh fruits and vegetables are served daily. The bars offer snacks and cocktails.

The services

Forest Park hotel 3 * assumes a modest listservices. It includes free parking next to the hotel, minimarket, where you can buy everything you need for the beach and useful trivia, as well as uninterrupted Wi-Fi Internet. At the reception there is a free safe for storing valuables and documents.

Forest Park hotel reviews


Forest Park hotel, Chalkidiki in general, arean ideal place for a wellness break with children. This is facilitated by a gentle climate, sea air and amazing vegetation of the peninsula. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool with fresh water and sun loungers and umbrellas relying on it. It is located just below the building of the hotel, so the administration provides a pool bar with a friendly and timely service of snacks and drinks.

Once a week, the hotel arranges a Greek evening,which demonstrates the warm hospitality and cordiality of the owners of the Forest Park hotel. Cassandra throughout its territory on such evenings prepares programs for guests with Greek music, dances, famous wines and culinary delights. In a word, treats all that can please the Greek culture.

For children

For small tourists there is a children'spool section. There are no venues, but if you want to organize a holiday, the services of animators are in place. Also for children, a fascinating walk through the pine forest or games in the garden, which is the property of the hotel, can be useful.


The second beach line on which theForest Park hotel 3 * (Chalkidiki) is not equipped with modern attractions. Therefore, here you can enjoy the freshness of the sea breezes and the whisper of splashing waves. Distance from the hotel to the sea shore is 250 m. The sand and pebble beach for a fee provides for the necessary sun beds, canopies, mattresses, etc. Also there are dressing rooms and a toilet.

Forest Park hotel 3 Halkidiki

Price list

As already mentioned, Forest Park hotel 3 *is a budget option for recreation. The service has an official website, which presents a variety of services, entertainment, menus in the restaurant and bars. Noteworthy for the correspondence meeting gallery represented by the administration of Forest Park hotel. Photos detail the situation of the rooms, as well as the prices for them. Of course, the cost varies with the season. The highest are in July and August.

The approximate range in figures is 42up to 46 euros for a double room (per day). This price includes meals (breakfast and dinner) and the right to use all the amenities of the service. The hotel can be contacted by phone numbers or by writing on the website itself. In this case, vacationers book their own air tickets, and the administration is sent a flight number for the transfer from the airport to the hotel.

However, you can use the services of travel agencies, which will take all the organizational issues for themselves. But the tour in this case will be a little more expensive.


It is difficult to guess which one actually appears in thereality Forest Park hotel 3 *. Greece, Chalkidiki in particular always receives very favorable reviews not only on the cultural and natural resources, but also about their service. However, in this country it is quite contrasting. Therefore, people tend to trust the opinions of those who have already seen the inside of a certain service and are ready to share useful information. As for the Forest Park hotel, reviews about it as a three-star hotel, are quite controversial. And they are largely justified by the human factor. After all, the psychology of any Russian tourist is designed so that in leaving Europe, I want to get to the absolute comfort and enjoy European, elite service. But in reality it often happens in a different way, which, naturally, causes discontent.

Let's get acquainted with the opinions of Russian travelers who have already visited Forest Park hotel and we will weigh all the pros and cons.

Forest Park hotel Halkidiki


  • To single-valued advantages of the Greek service onthe Halkidiki peninsula, the tourists attributed incredibly picturesque nature, well-groomed territory and hospitality of the hotel staff. All employees speak Russian, so there is no difficulty in understanding each other.
  • At the airport guests are welcomed by a comfortablea bus that quickly delivers passengers to the place. Since the hotel is on a hill, it is impossible to drive up close to it. Therefore, to raise the suitcases, guests are greeted either by friendly guides or by the hotel's staff. Placement by numbers occurs also without delays.
  • Despite the fact that Forest Park hotel 3 * (Greece)It is considered a mini hotel, it occupies a rather large area. Inside, there is a lot of space, the rooms are completely free and are not constrained by the abundance of furniture. Everything is furnished economically, but with taste. There are no touches that emphasize luxury, respectability. But the laconic style with light colors of decoration and modest furniture create coziness and harmony. Tourists note the cleanliness of rooms and adjoining territory.
  • Breakfasts and dinners offered by the service are delicious,fresh, nutritious, but without any frills. Lunch is paid separately, or you can buy the necessary in the minimarket and take it with you to the beach. The menu of cocktails in bars is various, it is focused on children and adults.
  • The swimming pool is located just below the restaurant.The water in it varies daily, sunbeds and umbrellas are free of charge. But it is invented sooner for those who do not want to go down to the sea. Since the beach, which is surrounded by pine trees, was especially emotional and positive. White sand, pebbles in places - great and free foot massage. The bottom is sandy, smooth entrance to the sea. On the beach there is a rent of sun beds and umbrellas of 7 euros. However, tourists with savvy, deciding to save money, buy mats in the minimarket and rest in the shade of trees.
  • Forest Park hotel - a secluded place, literallytorn from the usual noisy civilization. Here you can not find night clubs and entertainment centers. But they are 2.5 kilometers from the hotel. Get to the place you can walk for half an hour, or by taxi. Entertainment for every taste offers the village of Kallithea. But you need to stock up a few hundred euros, since all the fun - paid. According to reviews, for example, the entrance to the night club costs about 8-10 euros. At the hotel guides work, which can book an excursion to the nearest cities of the peninsula of Halkidiki (Meteora and Thessaloniki), take a walk through the ancient ruins and get acquainted with the history of Greece.
  • And, finally, the biggest plus, which was agreed by most tourists, are affordable prices for all hotel services.


  • Despite the vivid advertising with a detailed, longthe list of services, animation for children in Forest Park hotel 3 * no. Although, according to experts, it should not be. This fully corresponds to the category of three stars.
  • I did not like some touristslocation of the beach. Although the distance to it is only 250 meters, you have to overcome it in the descent from the hill where the hotel is located. And even if the steps down are easily overcome, the ascent after a day full of bathing and sunshine, guarantees some difficulties.
  • Downstairs, not far from the hotel is a livelyroute. Neither traffic lights, nor pedestrian crossings, nor the "lying policeman" are on it. Sometimes tourists need to go to the other side. To do this, you literally run across the track. Also, quite often on this section of the road near the hotel there are accidents. Therefore, the staff does not recommend the release of children. And at the same time does not try to solve the problem.
  • For people who have a rest in a hotel in the midst ofseason, a significant disadvantage was good hearing in the rooms. Tourists who visited the hotel in June or September, noted a small number of guests, which were very pleased.


Forest Park hotel kassandra
Here are such ambiguous opinions about the hotelForest Park hotel. Halkidiki, Cassandra in particular, is officially a resort area, but, apparently, very peculiar. Of course, the advertising resources provide a lot of truthful information. But sometimes it is a little exaggerated. Therefore, going to Greece in the Forest Park hotel, you should immediately carefully think, weigh and be prepared for certain roughness so that they do not spoil the long-awaited vacation.