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Where is better - in Croatia or Montenegro? Tips for tourists

For many of us, all Balkan countries - for oneface. Incendiary melodies, emotional and friendly people, delicious, with excess of meat and vegetables, food, beautiful nature and warm Adriatic Sea - this is what picture our imagination draws at the words "the republic of the former Yugoslavia". But it should be borne in mind that the country of the socialist camp disintegrated many years ago. During this time, there was a war. The newly formed states began their development, and have already passed a considerable distance over it. Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia - all of them have become very different. Originality of culture and membership in the European Union - these two factors have greatly influenced the recreational infrastructure in the Adriatic. In the article, we will analyze where to go on vacation to the Balkans. Where is better - in Croatia or Montenegro? The photos of these two countries will help us make the right choice.

Where is better in Croatia or in Montenegro?

Criteria for comparative analysis

Each person has his own requirements for rest.One is enough for just the beach, the main thing is that it should be sandy. Others provide advanced infrastructure and hotels with the "All inclusive" system. Still others are interested in excursions. Fourth are looking for, where cheaper. Let's try to unite all the wishes of tourists and from these positions compare, where is better - in Croatia or in Montenegro? The main criteria for the analysis we will have prices for recreation, an abundance of attractions, climatic characteristics, beaches, the attitude of the local population, the development of infrastructure, entertainment program, the complexity of entering the country.

An important factor in successful vacation isalso the presence of a large number of our compatriots. If we want to avoid a specific holiday in Sochi or Anapa, then it is undesirable to meet the same thing on the banks of the Adriatic.

Where is the best of croatia or Montenegro?

Ease of entry into the country

This factor is very important.After all, if you need a visa for entry, then plan the rest should be in advance. Residents of the regions will need to visit the embassy or pay to intermediary agencies, and all this for pasting the coveted stamp on the passport. In this regard, for Russians, where is better - in Croatia or in Montenegro? The first country not so long ago became a member of the European Union. Therefore, to enter Croatia for recreation, you need to open a Schengen visa. So put in the estimate of your vacation another thirty-five euros per person to enter the country. Montenegro (for the time being) maintains a visa-free regime for Russians.

As for airfares, there are two countriesare the same. If we compare Montenegro and Croatia by ease of entry for a Russian tourist, then, of course, the first state is in the lead. But there is one "but" here. If you still open a Schengen visa, you will have a wonderful opportunity to see other European countries. From Croatia it is easy to get to Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy. Not to mention the neighboring Balkan countries.

Rest in Croatia or Montenegro where is better

Attitude towards Russians

Tourism in Croatia began to rebound significantlyearlier and more rapid rates than in Montenegro. Now this country is a popular destination for travelers from Western and Northern Europe. Among this international, Russians are lost. Their relative number among representatives of other nationalities is small. Croatia is a Catholic country. Attitude to the Russians here (in the light of recent political events), let's say, without unnecessary emotions. In order to feel at home in your plate, you should know a little bit of English or other European languages. Absolutely different attitude towards Russians in Orthodox Montenegro. This country has been a part of Serbia for a long time. But in the late 90's a lot of Russians bought real estate here. And the number of tourists from the CIS here is great.

So, where is best - in Croatia or Montenegroto relax a Russian? If he knows languages, then in Croatia will not be lost. In Montenegro, sometimes it seems that he did not leave Russia. All as in the Black Sea resorts of the Caucasus (with all the pros and cons).

Where is cheaper: a comparative analysis of prices

Many tourists can afford now onlybudgetary rest. In Croatia or Montenegro - where is the best? At first glance it seems that Montenegro looks more attractive in terms of budgetary rest. In Montenegro in the course of the euro. If we compare prices for products or in public catering establishments, then everything in this country is even cheaper than in Russia. Lunch in a restaurant for two in Montenegro will cost an average of about twelve euros, and in a pizzeria - about five. In Croatia, the average check for food will be thirty percent higher. In addition, in this country the currency is kuna. Its rate is more susceptible to fluctuations. It seems that in terms of prices when comparing where it is better, in Croatia or in Montenegro, the second country is in the lead. But there is one "but" here. In Croatia, a very large number of housing offers. Because of the competition, the accommodation prices are lower.

Where it is better to rest in Croatia or Montenegro

Where are the better beaches?

Most tourists (and from Western Europe in thatnumber) go to the Adriatic for a warm sea and a hot sun. According to climatic indicators, both countries are very similar, especially in summer. Croatia is located just to the north. In addition, it is closer to the refreshing winds from the Alps. Montenegro (it is Montenegro) lies on one geographical latitude with the south of Italy. So the unexpected cold snap in the summer season can not be feared.

The hottest month for the two countries isAugust. And the highest tourist season is September. So in the climatic terms it is difficult to say where it is better. Croatia or Montenegro? This issue becomes relevant if we are interested in covering beaches. In the first country there are catastrophically few sandy coasts. They are, but it is necessary to "know the places". Basically, pebble beaches dominate. In some places, vacationers sunbathe on large boulders or concrete platforms. And they go down into the water on the stairs from the pier. So if you put the wonderful coverage of the beaches at the forefront, Montenegro is the absolute leader.

Where it is better to rest with children in Croatia or in Montenegro

Where it is better, in Croatia or in Montenegro, to have a rest with children?

Going on a trip abroad with a child,we must take into account different factors. For example, where the crumb will swim. Agree, it is problematic to go down with the baby in the water from the pier on the ladder. But Montenegro is able to offer your child many wonderful sandy beaches with a gentle sunset into the sea. So Montenegro leads. In terms of ecology, both countries are the same. Clean air and beautiful nature are everywhere.

Now consider the factor of children's leisure.And what do we see? Water parks, dolphinariums, oceanariums and other entertainment are in large numbers present in Croatia. There the infrastructure of recreation is more developed. In a Croatian hotel, for example, it is not difficult to hire a nanny for a child. And in Montenegro, it will be problematic. Hotels in Croatia, to entice the client's competitors, offer unprecedented discounts for children. So a week-long vacation with the whole family will come out at eighty euros cheaper than the similar one in Montenegro.

Where is better - in Croatia or Montenegro? Credibility

Interesting monuments of antiquityaegis of UNESCO, is sufficient in both countries. The same sign of equality between Montenegro and Croatia can also be put in terms of natural attractions. So a rich excursion program is provided to you, regardless of what country for recreation you choose.

In Croatia it is worth to visit the city of Dubrovnik (museumin the open air), Split with the Diocletian's Palace, the Coliseum in Pula, Plitvice Lakes, the Krka River waterfall. Must see Montenegro - this is Kotor, Perast, Budva, Herceg Novi. Among the natural beauties of the country you can not ignore Skadar Lake. It should be noted that Montenegro is a small country. Consequently, the distances to its key attractions are small. And especially attractive for tourists Montenegro, if you compare prices for excursions. In Montenegro, they range from fifteen to twenty-five euros. Traveling in Croatia is much more expensive. The tour costs from forty to seventy euros per person.

Where is the best place in Croatia or in Montenegro?

Infrastructure for recreation

There is no doubt that by this criterionCroatia is in the lead. Tourists from Western Europe leave for the summer in the country so much money that for them you can at least every year to update the hotel base. More developed infrastructure for recreation is visible not only in the hotel service. In Croatia, the European way of life. Transportation is on schedule, people are friendly, a sense of security and security more. But this can not be a decisive factor in answering the question of where to rest better - in Croatia or Montenegro. Many tourists from Russia like Montenegro for the cordiality of local residents. Here you will not feel a language barrier and a striking difference in lifestyle. As for hotels with the system "All inclusive", in both countries this food program is almost not practiced.

Where is the best in Croatia or in Montenegro photo

So where do you go to the Adriatic?

Tourists, even those who have visited both countries, do notcan give an unambiguous answer to the question of where it is best - in Croatia or Montenegro. The reviews say that everything is good in its own way. Each country has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have the means and time, you can combine rest in Montenegro and Croatia in one trip. The advantage of Montenegro is that it is a small country. It can be traveled (at least, the coastal part) in a few days. If they return here, then in the favorite place of rest. Croatia can also be visited for several years, and each time to stay at another resort.