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Courchevel, it's also Courchevel. Where is it?

What associations arise from a common man in the street,when he hears the word "Courchevel" (also pronounced "Courchevel")? As a rule, these are violent riots of Russian oligarchs surrounded by maidens of easy conduct, a champagne river at a price of 1000 € per bottle, black caviar with spoons, loud scandals, paparazzi, etc. But is it really so? What is this mysterious Courchevel? Where is it?

And there is this famous ski resortalmost in the center of the Taranzee Valley, in the department of Savva in the French Alps. Courchevel consists of four stations located at different altitudes (1300, 1500, 1650 and 1850 m), which are part of the united zone called "Three Valleys". As a resort, Courchevel has existed since 1946, but it was most famous in 1992, when part of the competition was held here as part of the 16th Winter Olympic Games in Albertville. It was then that the world learned about Courchevel - where it is and what it is so beautiful.

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What are the entertainment in Courchevel?

  • Firstly, skis.For fans of mountain skiing there are four levels (from 1000 to 1850 m), which can be skated during the entire ski season, which in these places lasts from November to May. For lifting up there are cable cars, lifts, funicular. And for the descent - more than a hundred traces of varying complexity, which differ in color (from green to black). Their total length is more than 150 km.
  • Golf. For fans of this aristocratic game there are 9 holes, 27 stops, 7 of which are covered. Nearby there are bars and restaurants, a terrace with sun loungers and even an artificial lake.
  • Mountains and rocks. For lovers of mountaineering and climbing in Courchevel there are several specially equipped sites designed for a variety of levels of training.
  • Bathing.Strange as it may sounds, some people go to Courchevel to buy and sunbathe. Crimea and the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, of course, are more suitable for this type of recreation. Nevertheless, in Courchevel many hotels have on their territory specially equipped swimming pools and spacious terraces, where you can sunbathe while admiring the unique views of the Alpine nature. And in an area located at an altitude of 1550 m, there is a whole entertainment complex with an open 25-meter pool and a magnificent green beach located directly on the mountainside.
  • Mountain biking. There is everything you need for fans of this sport: bike rental, special lifts, equipped trails.
  • Fishing. In local lakes you can catch lake salmon, several species of trout. In order to go to high-altitude fishing, you need to purchase a special permit - a fisherman's card.
  • Classical music. In Courchevel, there are numerous festivals of classical music. By the way, for most of the events held, the entrance is absolutely free.
  • Shopping.For those who decided to combine business with pleasure, going here on vacation: in Courchevel, prices are very dependent on the season. In the beginning of summer, discounts are simply fantastic. Sellers try to get rid of the goods to make room for new collections, and in other places to get such discounts is simply unrealistic.
  • Local kitchen. For lovers of gastronomic pleasures, there are many restaurants here, in which prices in the summer are also an order of magnitude lower.
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Resort Courchevel: where is it and how to get there?

The closest airports to Courchevel areairports in Geneva (140 km), Lyon (180 km), Grenoble (180 km) and Chambery (110 km). A small landing pad is also available in Courchevel itself, but its length is not much more than 500 m and not every pilot has the right to land there. Therefore, from the airport to this ski resort is better to get by bus. It will cost about 70 €. You can also take the train to the nearest Moutiers station, then take a local bus or take a taxi.

As for the cost, everything here dependsfrom the place of residence, and if you want you can find quite reasonable prices. It's not for nothing that holidaymakers from all over the world seek, and not the descendants of the Rockefellers.

Courchevel of Crimea

Quality and safe ski runs,passing through the picturesque forest, carefully thought-out system of lifts - that's what Courchevel means. Where is it still possible to get on the skis almost at the threshold of your home and swiftly descend down the slope? Perhaps, only here.