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Philippines. Airports - what to expect?

Did you know that the islands on whichare the Philippines, there are 7,000? And of them only 2,000 are inhabited! The archipelago was opened by Fernand Magellan. You can get to it by water or air. The first method will suit travelers from neighboring countries: Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia or Taiwan. All other tourists will have to use the plane. There are about 260 different airfields in the country. The state plans to build new ones and develop old communication nodes. Hard cover is only in 76. So Philippines, airports ... Let's discuss international and domestic.

The main city of the Philippines is Manila

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The main international airport "Benigno Aquino"is located in the capital of the island state - Manila. Unfortunately, this airport has already visited the ten of the worst in the world, so do not expect high quality of service, developed infrastructure and impressive external design. It consists of four terminals. The first one works for international flights, the second - for domestic flights (Philippine Airlines). The third terminal is intended for landing of aircraft of international companies, the fourth - for domestic ones. In 90 km from Manila there is one more airport - "Clark". Philippines are known for the fact that when taking off there they always take fees (internal - 200 pesos, international - 600 pesos). To fly to this airport is unprofitable, since it will take too long to reach Manila (1,5-2 hours, and maybe all 5).

Philippines, airports. Cebu, Zamboanga, Davao

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In Cebu is the second most important and sizeair port "Mactan Cebu". It is here that aircraft come from many Asian countries. Zamboanga airfield, located in the same city on the island of Mindanao, is another international airport in the Philippines. It is very often unsettled here. The air port, which mainly takes flights from Singapore - "Davao Francisco Banguay". It is located in the south of the country near the city of Davao. Serves his company SilkAir.

Discover the Philippines! Domestic airports

Without a huge waste of time and money, you can travel from one island to another by using the services of local airlines. There are five of them:

  • Zestair.
  • Philippine Airlines.
  • PAL.
  • Airphil Express.
  • Cebu Pacific Air.

Gathered in such a trip, be readyfly on a small aircraft with a maximum capacity of 15-20 people. The view from the porthole will amaze the most imaginative! It is worth remembering the "bad habit" that the Philippines have - airports often delay flights. So do not forget to add extra time to the estimated departure.

Philippines, Boracay. Kalibo Airport

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If you wanted to visit this paradise, thenthis island is for you! Its area is only 10.32 square meters. m, and the length is 7 km. The main attraction is white, like flour, beach. He is periodically added to the list of the best in the world. The airport on the island works exclusively with domestic airlines. Therefore, you can get there only by making a transfer in Manila. From "Kalibo" to the ferry there is a toll bus (650 pesos). The cost of flying from the capital to this airfield is 2 times cheaper than to the city of Caticlan (from here you can also get to the island of Boracay). Easy flight and memorable trip to the Philippines! Airports of the islands are waiting for you!