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The antonym to the word "faithful": examples

"Faithful" is an adjective with several meanings. It is used both in art works and in texts of information character. Which one can you choose an antonym to the word "faithful"?

antonym to the word faithful

This adjective, depending on the contextcan have the following values: reliable, accurate, unmistakable, inevitable, fatal, active, permanent. Let us consider several examples in which an antonym to the word "faithful" occurs.


The adjective can have a meaningful, reliable. In this case, the antonym to the word "faithful" is unreliable. Examples:

  1. His faithful servant went to rest, and he was replaced by a young and unreliable servant.
  2. The first husband was faithful to her, the second was a man of windy, unreliable.


The antonym to the word "faithful" is impermanent. This adjective is contrary in meaning to such lexical units as reliable, constant, unchanging. Examples:

  1. He was constant and faithful to his passions and desires.
  2. In his desires, he was always unstable.

antonym to the word faithful


If the text refers to information, facts orother information data, the adjective "faithful" can be replaced by synonyms accurate, reliable, verified. Concepts, opposing them in meaning - inaccurate, unreliable, unchecked. The antonym to the word "faithful" is also an adjective "distorted". Examples:

  1. The employee of the news department regularly provided distorted data, while his professional duty was to use the right sources.
  2. The questionnaire needed to provide the correct information, but the applicant deliberately indicated the distorted.

antonym faithful


The right way or the way. In this case, the adjective is a synonym. The antonym to the word "faithful" is incorrect. Examples:

  1. The villager showed them the wrong way.
  2. When it was dark, we accidentally wandered on a country road and went the wrong way.


Faithful in fiction is calleddeath or death. Opposite the meaning of the phrase to choose this concept is not easy. The antonym to the word "faithful" is possible. But here examples can not be given. The phrase "true death" and "possible death" - these are concepts that have quite opposite meanings.


The word "faithful" is also used in the meaning"Effective," "acting." Adjectives are often found in combination with such nouns as "method", "agent". The antonyms to the word "true" are ineffective, inefficient, ineffective, ineffective. Examples:

  1. She tried many ways to lose weight, but even the most severe and tedious diet was ineffective.
  2. This method has not been used for many years, because it is obsolete and, according to the reviews, inoperative.

And, finally, with the help of the particle "not" another antonym is formed. "Faithful" is a word, opposite in meaning to the adjective "infidel".


  1. He twice entered the wrong code, after which his account was blocked.
  2. An attempt to enter an incorrect password resulted in a lockout.