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How to play bowling to win

This is one of those games that is gaining more and moreand more fans around the world. But most of those who take the ball in their hands for the first time, do not know how to play bowling. In this article, we will talk about the small secrets of the game, which will help to beat out strikes even to novice bowlers.

Basics of the basics

The rules of bowling are really not veryare complex. They can even be explained to a child. Ten triangles are arranged in the form of a triangle. They are located almost twenty meters from the place from where the ball is thrown. The goal of the game is to shoot down pins.

how to play bowling

Before moving into the game zone, you need tochange shoes in special shoes. After all, on the site a special coating, and street shoes it is easy to damage. And the shoes for this sport will allow you to move properly on the site.

Ball and throw selection

Before you start playing bowling, it is importantchoose the right ball. They differ in weight. The size of the holes is also important. Based on these two characteristics, you can pick up balls for children, women and men. In addition, the size of the ball depends on the physical capabilities of the player, his overall preparation.

It is important to note that the fingers from theto slip loose. Otherwise, an easy throw will not work. At the same time, the thumb enters the hole in the hole completely, but the other two - only up to the middle of the phalanx. How to play bowling to be winners? Beginners are recommended to throw the ball straight, while holding the thumb on the so-called 12 hours.

Here is another secret of a successful throw.You need to watch not on skittles, but on arrows, which are drawn on the path. As a sight, you can select the second mark, which is located on the right. Masters are able to throw a ball, twisting it at the throw. But before playing bowling professionally, you need to learn how to send the ball straight.

bowling rules

It is also important to pay attention to the take-off before the throw. From the line of the spade you need to move to such a distance that when you takeoff you can make about four steps. At the same time, start with the right foot.


A brief description of the technique of casting in thisthe game is like this. Legs need to be placed side by side, then bend forward a little. The ball should be kept at the chest level. Next, the hand in which the ball is located, swings like a pendulum - up and forward. At the same time, the left hand supports the ball from below. All this is done in the first step. On the second hand goes down. The third is done with the right foot, while the ball is behind, and the body itself tilts slightly forward.

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But the last step is, rather, slipping.Gliding, the ball is thrown onto the path, after bending the left knee. The body tilts lower and the left hand helps to maintain balance. The right arm is straight and extended forward.

And one more important moment in the question of whether,how to play bowling: do not stand up for the line of foul! After all, all the skittles that you knock, breaking it, in the end will not count. The success of the cast is affected not only by the strength with which the ball is sent, but also by the accuracy.

Own style in bowling is usually acquired by those who reach a level of over two hundred points for one game.