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Analysis of supply and demand of fruit juices in Russia

Russian market of marmalade-pastel productsand marshmallow is today at a sufficiently high level of development in comparison with the European market. Domestic consumer appreciates the classical molded marmalade sprinkled with sugar. This technological trick was invented specifically to ensure that marmalade, which has the ability to excrete juice, does not stick together. The domestic marmalade has a long past, and in addition, more and more often in the development of domestic technologists, new principles of production and development are reflected, as well as the influence of Western trends. Manufacturers are in constant search for new tastes, forms and even types of products, and even if development is not yet in a quantitative format, this fact still means that the marmalade segment in the domestic market is actively developing.

Today, the marmalade market is quite cleardivision into the North-West segment and the Central part of Russia. With 100% certainty, we can say that St. Petersburg occupies a leading position in the North-West region. As for the Central region, the situation here is somewhat different. A large number of producers present in the market and occupying leading positions in the regions are completely unknown on a federal scale. The most popular for today and known on the federal scale are: Glazov Food Plant, Neva, Russian Confectioner, Roshen, Alela and Udarnitsa. As for the other players, it should be remembered that the marmalade market is highly segmented, and almost every region has its representatives, which are little known at the federal level.

Analysis of demand confirms that the importchewing marmalade for today makes more than 50% of all purchases of marmalade production, such firms as ТМ "Fru-fru", Open Company "Miss bonbon", Park Lahe and Open Company "Ригли" are in the lead in it. The greatest quantity of production is delivered to Moscow, the Moscow area and St.-Petersburg, thus the northern capital this year has left on the second place on consumption of marmalade. Every day new and new companies appear on the market, which attract consumers with their bright and diverse products. Thus, the company Juicy Fruit, unknown to Russian consumers until 2005, appeared, conquering the domestic market with its bright and tasty products.

To date, the share of chewing marmaladedomestic production is only 6% of the whole market of marmalade and pastel products and undoubted and permanent leader in this production is the factory "Udarnitsa", which has quite stable positions in the Russian market. The dynamics of imports over the past few years, significantly exceeds the dynamics of exports, and therefore imported marmalade successfully conquers the Russian market, without experiencing any special resistance. Analysis of product demand confirms that if such a trend continues in the near future, domestic producers may stay on the sidelines, while import companies will occupy the main segment of the market.

Given the fact that the Russian marketmarmalade-pastil production is poorly developed and quite conservative, in the segment of chewing marmalade a large proportion belongs to foreign companies. It can not be said that Russian manufacturers do not try to modernize and look for new forms of sweets at all, they just do it as slowly as if they are absolutely sure of their own unshakableness. Undoubtedly, the niche of classic marmalade is firmly occupied by domestic producers, this confirms the analysis of product demand, but this fact does not mean that they can not be moved from their place. Nevertheless, today even the most active consumers of marmalade products want not only marmalade or marshmallow, but wish to see innovative products combining several sweets at the same time. They are not even frightened by the fact that the price of marshmallow and jam products of this quality can be orders of magnitude higher than for a regular marmalade.

In Soviet times each manufacturer accuratelyknew that releasing even a faceless product, the company will not lose its leadership in this segment. Today, the analysis of supply and demand suggests the opposite. Market relations are impossible without competition and competition and today competition in the jam market is quite tough. In particular, over the past 3-4 years, many manufacturers have appeared, which have a significant impact on the domestic market, producing low-grade products at a lower price. In general, in every Russian region there is a recognized marmalade leader who has withstood tough competition and at the same time presented to its consumer products of only the highest quality.

Marmalade refers to sweets thatare relatively easy to manufacture, but any even the slightest violation of manufacturing technology can be detrimental to the final product. In addition, failure to comply with storage conditions can lead to loss of taste and presentation of the product. The entrance ticket to the market of marmalade products is quite inexpensive, this is evidenced by the analysis of the demand for products, and the marmalade production costs a little when compared with chocolate or fizzy drinks. Important in this case and the fact that the marmalade assortment is not so great as the range of cookies or chocolate. Most confident companies in the market feel themselves to be large companies that have managed to occupy their market segment and have won consumer confidence in the quality of their products and price policy.

More recently, the company "Avesta" did not knowalmost none of the Russian consumers, and now it breaks into the Russian market, thanks to the high quality of its products. Avesta company appeared on the Ukrainian market in 2001 and still occupies the last place among such companies. The rapid growth in production allowed it to conquer the United States, Central Asia, the Baltic States and the European Union in a few years, and also take the first positions in the marmalade-pastel market in Russia. Modern trends in the development of the enterprise and a vision of the immediate prospects of conquering the sales market allow the company to reach the European level, having at that the most advantageous prerequisites.

Prospects for the development of the marmalade market are in thefirst of all, the movement towards natural products. Analysis of demand for products is fully confirmed. The price is considered an important aspect in the development of marmalade business, and the prices of raw materials play an important role in this. Unfortunately, natural raw materials are much more expensive and this fact can not but affect the price of a popular delicacy. It is quite obvious that the future lies behind the packaged marmalade, and Russian manufacturers often lose to foreign companies, although developments in this direction are underway. If the Russian manufacturers do not take their place on the jelly market in time, it means that Western companies will do it, and as a result, the domestic consumer will lose, which will have to pay extra for a foreign brand.