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The rarest color of the eyes - what is it?

As you know, the eyes are a mirrorof the human soul. It is on them that we pay special attention in the process of interpersonal communication. And the owners of the unusual color of the eyes inevitably attract a lot of surprised and admiring looks. So what is he - the rarest eye color?

The Rarest Eye Color
Answering a curious question about what colorthe eye is the rarest, you first need to mention what determines the shade of the iris. The thing is in the pigment, called melanin - its number forms the color of the eyes and is determined by hereditary factors. The more melanin in the body, the darker the eyes of a person.

Living beings characterized by lack ofthis pigment, are called albinos and have a red eye color. As studies show, it is the dark shade of the iris that is dominant, which explains its obvious predominance over the light. Therefore, there are many more dark-eyed people in the world. The process of accumulation of melanin can be accompanied by a gradual change in the color of the eyes throughout human life. Closer to old age, their shade can become more faded, which is associated with the loss of transparency of the so-called mesodermal layer.

Which eye color is the rarest
So, as statistics show, the rarestthe color of the eyes on Earth is green. They have only 2% of the population, mostly residents of northern Europe. Also, the rarest eye color is inherent in Turks and Icelanders. The body of these people is genetically predisposed to producing less melanin.

The most common recognized brown.If we talk about the population of our country, then about half of it has gray eyes. Brown-eyed is a quarter of the inhabitants of Russia, blue and blue shades of the iris are typical for 15-20% of the population. The rarest eye color for Russians is again green.

Rare eye color
Another rare eye color, formed inresult of genetic mutations, it is purple. A child born with such a deviation, when born is absolutely standard shade of the iris: blue, gray or brown. But within six months, it gradually changes, acquiring a violet color. The peak of this process occurs during puberty, when the eyes acquire a dark purple or violet-blue hue. This pathology does not have any influence on human vision, which can not be said about the cardiovascular system (many owners of the eyes of the violet shade suffer from unpleasant diseases of this sphere). Their brightest representative is the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the maineye color is relatively small. They can be considered brown, blue, gray and green. But their shades there is a huge amount, and each of them is unique. If we talk about unusual colors of the eyes - purple and red - they are, rather, a consequence of pathologies and are considered a manifestation of atypical changes in the body. In this case, the rarest eye color - green, formed as a result of a small amount of melanin, can not be called any deviation from the norm.