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Pink wedding dress: romance, underlined color

Pink wedding dress in the new season formany will be an excellent alternative to the white side. And the reason is not only in fashion trends. Rather, this desire to emphasize the tenderness, softness, romanticism of the style of the bride with the help of a truly "maiden" color. Pink tones from the first days after birth become an integral attribute of the image of the girl, then girls, and after decorating the images of even adult women who seek to emphasize the immediacy of nature. At the same time, each age has its own ideal shade.

How to choose a pink wedding dress

Many wedding dresses in pink canit is also not so fancy as white. In addition, the festive attire can also be used after the celebration with little adaptation to the evening style.

pink wedding dress

Pink color, despite the established beliefs,will suit not only blondes, but also brunettes, brown-haired, light-brown and red. The main thing is to choose a shade and its saturation. After all, the delicate pastel pink can be hardly noticeable and only give a soft glow and gentle halftone to the wedding dress.

The choice of the model in the rest depends only on the tastepreferences and type of figure. Strive to emphasize the advantages of the silhouette, ease of bends and lines, and hide flaws with the help of a style. Pink will only add a color to the style.

With what to combine a wedding dress in pink color

When creating the image of the bride is traditionallydress, shoes, accessories, hairstyle, make-up and manicure are selected. Each of the color solutions must match the general palette. It is better if the discrepancy is not more than 2-3 semitones from the key one presented in the dress. A manicure of a pastel or milky shade will not attract unnecessary attention.

pink wedding dress photo

Expressive makeup with an emphasis on pink lips andgentle peach shadows will be another good alternative. Shoes should also be slightly lighter than the original shade of the outfit (nude, golden or silver). Pink wedding dress, the photo of which is presented in the article, will be well combined with both neutral and contrasting decorations in the image.

Shades of pink for a wedding dress

How to navigate in the palette?There is no doubt that the pink color goes to everyone. When choosing, you only need to choose the right shade. Pink wedding dress can be bright, gentle, romantic, light, dark, pastel and even translucent for the bravest brides. For the winter season, stylists recommend bright, rich colors that contrast with the faded environment. These are all shades: from bright pink to purple with red highlights and semitones.

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Spring color is a tenderness, a cherry blossom,apple trees, flamingos, any tones that create the mood for the revival and flowering of nature. Summer motifs for the wedding dress will present ashy pink and fuchsia. The autumn version will finish the palette. For this season will be optimal pink color in combination with orange halftones and overflows.

Short wedding dress in pink color

Данный вариант подойдет для смелых и уверенных в brides who are ready to experiment with the image. Alternatively, you can use a pink wedding dress (photo) short or the length to the middle of the roe as a spare for the party after the celebration. It is more convenient to dance in it and you can actively move, accepting the congratulations of the guests.

Выбор цвета в данном случае продиктован такими же considerations, as with a long wedding dress. At the same light colors still look gentler and more romantic, taking away from the similarity with the final dress. A short dress with a varying hem (short front and long rear) is also worth considering as an alternative.

pink wedding dress photo short

Every bride must make her own decision,whether it suits her pink wedding attire. Weigh the pros and cons, and if doubts are behind, boldly make up a new image for an important, romantic and solemn day of the beginning of your family life. Pink wedding dress will create the necessary mood.