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What is a media kit? Press kit: sample

Any product, no matter how high quality it is neitherwas in need of advertising. Only advertising makes it interesting to the consumer. In this way from the conveyor to the counter can not do without the media.

Tools used by specialists to create conditions for acquaintance are necessary both for journalists and for the consumer directly.

It's about indispensable PR tools.

Media ...

The first of such tools is a media kit, which is a summary of the actual data about the product (service), as well as a set of sample documents, presentations, which are constantly updated.

English media implies the availability of information about the source of the broadcast.

Content of the media kit

Media Kit

The set of information is considered complete if it contains the following data:

- the name of the media;
- appeal from the representative office of the company to its audience;
- biographical information and important facts about the media, its sources;
- information on the format of news and other notifications;
- allocation of target audience among viewers and readers of the media;
- information on new events, special issues, new forms of media-alerting can also be published;
- the main unique characteristics of the source media;
- information with comments about advertisers and partners through which projects are being implemented;
- a list of sections and their use (most often presented in visual tables, which makes it possible to better understand the motivation of this particular embodiment, not the other);
- Prices for advertising and PR materials, participation in non-standard advertising solutions;
- technical requirements for ready-made materials: mock-ups, commercials and printed materials, PR-projects;
- the last item is the contact, i.e. information about the person or group of persons who will give all the necessary information in the sections of advertising and editorial.

A media kit (an example in the article) allows you to get maximum information within a single source.

information release format occurs both on paper (brochures, magazines) and electronic versions of these components in the network. There is also a format for audio and video releases.

The concept of "media kit" is closely related to another element of PR. It is the only element that is formed for the media regardless of the initial event.

Another tool that helps in the broadcasting system is a press kit.

"The journalist's folder"

Press kit - from the English "press kit" - literally translated as "press kit" (set).

Perhaps, the second element in importance after the press release at the time of presentation.

The main function of the press kit is toproviding journalists with brief but concise information about the events, their main participants, and, of course, the company itself. Information about the historical past, information about the company's representatives and its achievements are given. If it is a question of a product or service, the emphasis is on the merits of the advertised object.

The contents of the "folder"

Since we have already found out that a press kit is a certain set of information for the work of the media, it should be inferred: for convenience of its work, it needs to be streamlined and systematized in some way.

Press kit

The second name of this element of PR is a "folder for journalists", since it is in this way that "pen sharks" prepare their materials.

If you intend to work on several events, then in the design of the folder it is worth adding elements that will simplify the process of orientation in the material. Sometimes, colored paper is used for this.

Complement the contents of the press kit audio information, photos with notes and background graunder as an accompanying text to the basis. Typically, this is the actual data and links to historical references.

Fill the folder usually on the right side - the most important information, in the left often place additional materials.

The second option for processing a press kit isa brochure that is printed once. Of course, such material is convenient in operation, but the downside is the lack of the ability to supplement it with new information, and the cost of finance is much higher than in the first version.

It is obligatory as in the case with the folder, and in the version with the brochure it is necessary to place the contact data, it is possible to supplement the press release with the issue of business cards, which will also be placed there.

However, in order to better imagine the importance of these tools for PR, it is worth paying attention to an example of their implementation.

Media kit of the magazine. Examples of embodiment

The magazine has long been considered one of the most usual forms of media work. At present, almost nothing has changed, only the appearance of print analogues on the network has been added.

Modern forms of media kit for magazinescomplemented by animation, sound and video, infographics. The direction of each component is to ensure that the information is not only remembered, but also correctly received.

For practical understanding of the essence of the concept"media kit" is worth considering examples of its implementation. The direction of publications can be absolutely anything. So, a good example is the domestic magazine about the sport "Football", the main page of which is filled with comprehensive information on the sections of the publication, its release format, implementation points, price, and there are statistics on the number of readers. With the help of animation, accents are correctly made in the necessary places.

This format significantly simplifies thework related to the conclusion of transactions, the sale of sales. Since all the initial information the consumer already owns, then with the manager it remains to discuss only certain details for the conclusion of the transaction.

In addition to the printed form, due to the wide development of technical means, they produce audio and video formats for magazines.

Another example of a media whale is the well-known observer in the world of fashion, beauty, relationships - Cosmopolitan.

Media kit of the magazine

All the work of the creators of this publication is concentrated on collecting the most valuable and interesting information for the reader, and to be always available, "Cosmo" has placed its analog in the network.

The first page of the official website of Cosmopolitanhighlights information on the number of circulation issues, the percentage of readability. Also, there is a link to the contact details of the project managers and the opportunity to ask questions of interest to the publication through the "mail" service.

As we are already talking aboutInternet representations of the media kit, you can not miss the opportunity to talk about the prestigious brand "ELKHART Truth". Its activities are organized in conjunction with eTruth.com, where it hosts news and advertising information about the company.

The wireless format of this kind of bookletabout "ELKHART Truth" allows to increase the radius of coverage of the target audience. Here, at any time, the consumer can receive extended news summaries and information about any changes related to Elkhart, as well as obtain relevant links to sources that match this request. Within the framework of such an online community, people have the opportunity not only to receive information, but through blogs that exist within the framework of the Internet page, to exchange opinions, engage in polemics, receive advice, establish new ties. Along with the general area there is a bulletin board, and for planning its activities there is a calendar.

On eTruth.Only authentic and verified information is offered to the attention of visitors. Before being submitted to the court of readers and visitors to the network, all videos, news articles are carefully processed. All information is constantly updated.

The online form is supplemented with the printed form "ELKHART Truth", which helps to search for information about advertising in print media, primarily in newspapers.

Additional functions for the provision of entertainment services have made the site unique among themselves, which allowed to increase the number of regular visitors to 85,500 readers a week.

eTruth.com allows everyone to find a solution for the implementation of their business project.

Media kit example

Examples of a press kit

Press kit is an important element for the work of journalists. Its shape allows you to build a conversation plan. Press kit (sample) can be supplemented or reduced depending on requirements.

So, for example, you can consider several samples.

Example one

As the first sample, we will present the company "Petersburg Oil Terminal". The essence of the company's activities is to provide transportation services for the transport of "black gold".
The company's press kit is full:
- a bilateral press release with data on the new service of the company with reference information on the company's direction;

- availability of fact-sheet - material containing biographical information of project participants;

- advertising information that reflects information about the company with the slogan "Petersburg Oil Terminal: Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow ", signed by the General Director I. Teleshev;

- a certificate with the following actual data: the company's production facilities, production results, prospects of direction, environmental issues.

The press kit tells all the most necessary things about the company, demonstrating its best aspects, while not advertising, but proves by facts.

Example of the second

A press release may, as we said,provide not only products and services, but also cover the events of various events. One such example is the publication of the results of the meeting of the members of the branch of the Chamber of Commerce in St. Petersburg.

The volume of material of this event is set out in three sheets, which relate to the work of the Chamber of Commerce for the period of 2000.

The downside of the finished folder is the lack of a header, which replaces a rather broad informative string.

The content is devoted to the analysis of activitieschambers, a lot of space is given to the consideration of functional issues, as well as plans for the future. The fact sheet contains information about the group of companies that make up the American Chamber of Commerce. Also included in the press release is the Final Report, which is seven pages long.

Since the company is designed for a foreign consumer, all information is duplicated in English, and the final reporting is presented in the form of a booklet.

Example three

Целесообразно использование пресс-кита для Advertisements only created digging. A press release in this case introduces the target audience to the newly-made manufacturer (product) and provides links to the company's legal documents.

Press kit sample

The material of the press kit is formed from:

- business card;

- materials about the services or products of the company;

- additional audio materials.

Summarizing the above facts, it should be noted that lately the format of broadcasting tools has been greatly modernized.

Convert a media kit format from itsoriginal form, primarily associated with the development of technical progress. Since now the life of each of us is half filled with Internet space, then the format of PR tools moves there.

Конечно, при этом печатные издания не ушли, они just acquired a different form. So, almost any self-respecting publication has a page on the Internet, which is a direct copy of the magazine, but only on the Internet.

And journalists still cannot do without their working folder.

Mechanical need for media kits andpress releases retained their relevance, since the first form is the hallmark of any project, and without the second, the content content of any publication and the events for the presentation of a product or service are simply inconceivable.

PR tools are helpers on the path to optimal solutions and information waves.