/ What does vetiver smell like? The smell of what looks like?

What does vetiver smell like? The smell of what looks like?

What kind of ingredient is this perfume - vetiver?The smell of what looks like? Vetiver is a herb from the family of cereal plants, fast growing perennial, which can live up to 50 years or more. Essential oil from this plant is widely used in perfumery. A native vetiver from South India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, but it is now widely cultivated in various countries around the world, including Reunion, Haiti, the Philippines, Japan, the Comoros and Polynesia.

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Vetiver earlier and now

In India, essential oil from vetiver isan ingredient in perfume. For a long time it was called "oil of tranquility". It was also a common ingredient in powder incense in India and Sri Lanka. Vetiver - what is this? How does it smell? Aroma has long been valued for its fixing qualities, and is still often used to stabilize other, more volatile and subtle aromatic ingredients. Today, vetiver is a very important ingredient in perfume, especially in fragrances for men.

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Woody fragrance. Vetiver: what does it smell like?

Like wine, the fragrance of vetiver in the composition of the ethericoil with age is getting better. One liter costs about $ 200. There are literally hundreds of vetiver flavors in the market, claimed among perfumers around the world. What does the smell of vetiver look like? It is described as a warm, dry, tart, earthy, woody flavor with balsamic and smoky notes. It can be warm, like tobacco leaves, it can be fresh and cool, like lemon verbena.

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Persistent oriental aroma

The environment of the plant is marshyplaces, as well as banks of rivers. Vetiver has a unique property: being a hilly xerophyte, it tolerates a long drought well, but it can also survive in conditions of prolonged seasonal flooding, it tolerates extreme temperatures well and grows in a wide range of soil moisture. What does the smell look like? Vetiver is characterized as a fragrant, delicate, refreshing, pleasant earthy flavor with a leathery-amber tint. Oil, obtained by distillation from the roots of vetiver, is one of the best oriental smells, which is also incredibly persistent. Just like the patchouli oil, it acts as an excellent fixer for volatile compounds. It is known for its cooling and refreshing properties.

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History and myths

Vetiver has a long and rich history.In India it was used to make some kind of blinds to save from the intense heat. Vetiver root is used in folk magic, since it is believed that the plant has the ability to provide security and increase financial resources. This involves a ritual designed to promote personal security: inhaling the vetiver flavor, a person had the ability to isolate himself from negative energies.


Demand for vetiver

Vetiver - what is this? How does it smell?On the world market, the demand for this plant is growing day by day due to its unique smell. In addition, this oil can not be replaced and recreated synthetically. Vetiver gives the perfume a pleasant aroma and helps reduce the rate of evaporation. It is the basis of Indian perfumery and the main ingredient in 36% of all Western flavors, 20% of which are male fragrances. Its complex chemical composition, high solubility in alcohol, improving its compatibility with other cosmetic materials, makes it a unique perfume resource for which a synthetic substitute has not yet been invented.



In what combinations is vetiver used?What smells like oil in a diluted form? The aroma perfectly combines with the smell of oak moss, vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli and rose. Vetiver oil is used in the creation of perfumes, cosmetics and soaps, as well as for flavoring sorbets (Indian soft drinks). In addition to its direct perfumery, vetiver oil in diluted form is widely used for other purposes and is a part of after shaving lotions, air fresheners, as a flavoring for the food industry.

Hus (another name for vetiver) is used insoft drinks, and also is a part of chewing gums against smoking. Dried roots of plants are also used as a packaging for perfume, rug, fan and basket. Curtains from vetiver in homes can save from heat, if they are sprinkled with water, it will give the air a fragrant coolness, such curtains are used in southern countries in great demand in the summer.

A unique plant

What is this plant - vetiver? The smell of what looks like?Consider a little later. Unlike most herbs, the roots of this fragrant grass grow deeper, instead of expanding to the sides. The root is quite large and can reach up to 2-4 meters in depth. Thanks to this structure, vetiver is an excellent plant for combating soil erosion in tropical climates, where it grows without causing damage to agricultural species.

This unique plant is also used formany other useful purposes: straw is used in the construction of dwellings in Africa, and the roots are used as fuel. Roots are used to protect pets from parasites, and essential oil is used to protect cotton and linens from moths, like patchouli. Vetiver essential oil is even added to canned vegetables.


Incomparable fragrance: a role in perfumery

What is vetiver?The smell of what looks like? Depending on the country of origin, different varieties can have a completely different smell. An important factor is also the quality and composition of the soil where the plant grew. The starting material can be dark and earthy, light and slightly citrus, smoky and woody, pure and sweet. The versatility of vetiver, as well as its wide availability and reasonable prices make it extremely popular in the perfume market with natural essence.