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Corrector "Yves Saint Laurent": photos and reviews

Coco Chanel said that only very confident ina woman can appear in public without makeup. Today, probably, almost every woman doubts about their attractiveness, because to meet a lady on the street without cosmetics is a big rarity.

Cosmetic cult of beauty

No woman in the world is willing to save on herbeauty. Yes, you can buy inexpensive shoes and a dress from not the best fabric, but cosmetics - this is the product that you can not save on. Substandard cosmetic products not only get worse and do not hold well - they also age skin more quickly, and often cause allergic reactions. That's why many women with the purchase of cosmetics are willing to give a tidy sum for a foundation or a corrector for the eyes. We will talk about the latter today. And before discussing the pencil itself, a little bit about the brand that produces it.


Yves Saint Laurent

The fashion house of Yves Saint Laurent, founded in 1962a French fashion designer, has been delighting the world with its products for decades. "Yves Saint Laurent" produces not only decorative cosmetics and perfumes, but also facial and body care products, as well as footwear, clothing, accessories - both women's and men's, and even jewelry.

A distinctive feature of the brand is the use ofnatural components and materials. That is why the products differ not only in quality, but also in high prices, because of what not all women can afford it. True, the eyewitness for the eyes of Yves Saint Laurent is not for nothing considered one of the most popular in the world - it is found even by women with a low monthly income. What is the uniqueness of this cosmetic? So, let's consider the corrector "Yves Saint Laurent" in more detail. Feedback, benefits and composition will be discussed below.

Eye Corrector Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat
yves sen loran proofreader

Elite corrector for the eyes todayincredible popularity among the fair sex. It is often copied, but, according to the manufacturer, the properties of the pencil make it absolutely unique.

The need for a corrector is almost constantoccurs in women - circles under the eyes, arising for various reasons, disturb every second girl, but to disguise them with inexpensive markers is very difficult. In this case, without an expensive proofreader, you can not do without it.

Miracle cosmetic products

Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat is not only competentlyhides defects in the form of dark circles and pimples, but also has a therapeutic effect on the skin. It moisturizes and nourishes it, makes it more elastic and tender. Eliminating traces of fatigue, the corrector gives the skin freshness and radiance. The components present in its composition protect the skin from the harmful effects of surrounding traces. Thus, the corrector for the eyes of "Yves Saint Laurent" is not only disguise, but also care. But it is the area around the eyes that needs it especially bad, because the skin is quickly thinner and aging.

Composition of proofreader "Yves Saint Laurent"

The manufacturer tries to use harmless and natural ingredients. But usually the list on the label says little to us. Let's try to understand the composition in more detail.

The corrector of "Yves Saint Laurent" is water,glycerin, cyclomethicone. The latter is not harmful to the skin and serves to dissolve nutrients on its surface. Talc also does not carry any harm in itself. Also in the composition there are:

  • Mineral oil is a product of oil refining,which protects the skin from moisture loss. In itself, it is not a skin-safe product, but approved for use in cosmetics of the US and Europe.
  • Dimethicone is a silicone that also protects the skin from external damage and gives it firmness. Since 2003, officially authorized.
  • Magnesium sulfate is a remedy widely used in medicine.
  • Trideceth 3 is a synthetic low security tool.
  • Polydimethylsiloxane is a cosmetic liquid that perfectly spreads and is widely used in the cosmetic industry.
  • Methylparaben is a synthetic preservative.
  • Squalane is a high-quality lubricating oil.
  • Titanium dioxide protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Mica is a mineral.
  • Iron oxide.
  • Ultramarine.
  • And also pigments - Berlin glaze, purple manganese, carmine.

In essence, the composition of the proof-reader, which wedismantled on the shelves, it is completely safe. Of course, there is chemistry in it, especially silicone substances, but it can not harm the skin. None of the reviews also mention any allergic reactions to this pencil or other side effects.

yves sen loran corrector for eyes

The main task

This corrector is intended, first of all, forclarification of skin areas. He effectively hides the shadows that appear on the face due to fatigue. Thus, the person is completely transformed, becomes more fresh.

Also, makeup artists use it for modelingface and eliminate its shortcomings - the shape of the eyes, nose and even the oval can be adjusted with the help of light and dark shades. However, at home, girls usually use the Yves Saint-Laurent hailer to mask redness on the face skin or circles under the eyes. And this tool really copes with its task by 100%. Consider, for what so beloved the girls proofreader.

Highlight Design

Truly royal design and real decorationcosmetic bags. Pencil in the form of a golden pen with a greenish tint in the package with a brand logo looks expensive and spectacular. The handle is equipped with a nice brush to brush the artificial material, which allows you to accurately apply the product on the right areas of the skin. A convenient application format - extrusion occurs through a special button, but some customers complain that it has to be pressed 10 times. In general, the design of the proofreader is all happy, and it does not cause censures.

proofreader yves sen loran reviews

Reviews about the pencil "Yves Saint Laurent"

Negative feedback on the pencil in the network could not be met - the girls enthusiastically responded about the miracle means and constantly replenish its reserves, despite some high cost.

Pencil-proofreader "Yves Saint Laurent" for the eyesuse for other skin areas, which need to be corrected. The product hides pimples, eliminates redness and smooths the tone of the face. He also uses it as a highlighter.

corrector yves sen loran photo

Advantages and disadvantages

Opeishim pros and cons of funds noted in the reviews of girls. First about the good:

  1. First of all, it should be noted that the pencilperfectly lays on the skin due to its liquid consistency. If properly distributed on the skin, it is completely invisible. However, it is impossible to apply friable powder over the hylaiter, otherwise your face has become spotted.
  2. "Yves Saint Laurent" does not forget the pores and does not emphasizewrinkles due to the moisturizing effect, while less quality products usually dry the already vulnerable skin around the eyes. This is especially pleasing, because we are making so much effort to maintain the delicate skin of this sensitive area fresh and moisturized. However, in the network, one can also find references to the opposite effect - the drying of the skin under the eyes. Probably, this is due to the individual perception of the skin, because the highlighter should moisturize it.
  3. Persistence of it also does not cause doubts - the girls confirm that it does not gather in the folds of the skin and does not spread over long hours, even in the summer time.
  4. Heilayter can be used not only as a proofreader, but also for correction of the face and as a base for shadows, which with him stay much longer.
  5. Thanks to the reflective particles, the corrector "Yves Saint Laurent" gives the skin a fresh and rested appearance, hiding the shortcomings.
  6. Despite the fact that the funds squeezed out often more than necessary, it usually suffices for a long time. And since the expiration date is 6 months, a little proof-reader remains in the pencil.

pencil corrector yves sen loran

And now a little about the shortcomings.The main, and for many the only, minus is the price. On the territory of Ukraine its cost is 700 UAH and above. Only in a popular cosmetic store Make up buy a pencil for 500 UAH, which, of course, is not cheap, but the cost justifies the quality.

In Russia, its average cost is 2700 rubles, but due to the frequent shares can be saved by buying with a significant discount.

The only thing to consider before buyingproofreader "Yves Saint Laurent" (photo of which is given in this article) - it does not have a very dense texture that will "cover" all the shortcomings of your skin. Almost weightless, light structure is created in order to refresh the face, to smooth out its tone and to hide a few imperfections, especially if you have not had enough sleep or are tired at work. But he can not disguise too much flaws - very dark circles under the eyes, skin areas covered with pimples, etc. Before buying such an expensive tool, it must be taken into consideration.

Girls who have already used a pencil-proofreader "Yves Saint Laurent", say that in areas with peeling, he emphasizes this imperfection.

How to use it correctly?

Corrector perfectly adapts to the skin andalmost invisible on it. The main thing is to choose a suitable tone (there are only 4 available for sale). It is applied to the skin, previously using a foundation. Since the tool contains light-reflecting particles, it can not be used instead of a foundation.

Corrector "Yves Saint Laurent" is applied to the areaaround the eyes (including the area above the eyebrows), which will make your view more mysterious and correct the deficiency in the form of the eyes, the center of the forehead, the highest line of cheekbones, the line of the nose and the center of the chin. This technique will make your face more expressive and sculptural. A bronzing powder will allow you to adjust the oval face.

pencil corrector yves sen laurent for eyes


So, the pencil-proofreader "Yves Saint Laurent", reviews aboutwhich we examined today - a qualitative and often necessary tool for any girl. However, this miracle is not without its shortcomings. However, everything is individual - someone pencil fits perfectly, others notice that for this cost in the cosmetic market you can find a better tool.