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"Chocolate" (tan-club, Izhevsk): address and feedback

With the approach of a hot pore every woman wantstransform, make your appearance more attractive. Such desires of the fair sex are trying to perform "Chocolate" - tan-club (Izhevsk). About how well and efficiently it works, you can learn from the feedback. Today we will get acquainted with them, as well as learn more about the services of the organization.

Sunbathing in tanning beds

Tan-club "Chocolate" has several salons.In each of them there are horizontal and vertical solariums. They differ in the number of lamps, power, price and the final effect. For example, in the salons there is a Dutch solarium Luxura V5. It incorporates 42 lamps with a power of 180 watts. This solarium provides a good dark tan at an affordable price. The Dutch solarium of LUX class SunVision V522 Rublevka is even more effective on the final result. It has built-in lamps for 220 watts. There are separate lamps for the face and decollete zone. They provide an even tan in just a few minutes.

Во всех соляриях созданы комфортные условия для visitors. First, there are cooling systems. Secondly, in some devices the effects of aromatherapy and sea breeze are built in. Particularly pleased with the modern and original design of solariums. Staying in them leaves a pleasant impression.

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"Chocolate" (tan-club, Izhevsk) offers itsvisitors to the service of auto-tanning. It is suitable for people who have contraindications to stay in a solarium. Autosunburn is done in salons with the use of safe and modern technologies. The essence of the procedure consists in applying a special professional remedy to the skin, which contributes to the production of melanin. The desired shade of the visitor is obtained immediately after the treatment of the skin. The product is well absorbed, does not cause sticking effect.

Autosunburn made in the cabin is persistent.The resulting skin tone is stored for about 10 days. At the same time, experts warn that the effect will be as long as possible if several important recommendations are fulfilled:

  • Before visiting the salon, cleanse the skin using a light scrub;
  • Do not apply cosmetic products and perfume to the skin before self-tanning;
  • do not bathe and do not wash after the procedure for 8 hours;
  • do not visit the pool and do not practice sports training for 2 days.

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Skin Rejuvenation Services

Always look young every woman.However, time does not stand still. Aging is inevitable. To somehow suspend this process, people buy modern creams, but often cosmetic products are ineffective. A special installation called "collagenarium" can be used in the company "Chocolate" (tan-club, Izhevsk). Reviews leave positive about this device. It looks like a solarium in its appearance. Inside it are installed special lamps. They emit light, which specifically affects the skin cells, activates the processes of collagen production in the body.

Visiting collagenarium is an inexpensive pleasure.Affordable prices are an important advantage of this rejuvenating procedure. Many people have already used the collagenarium of the company "Chocolate". Tan-club (Izhevsk) allowed them to celebrate their positive results:

  • increased elasticity and elasticity of the skin;
  • Pore ​​narrowing and wrinkle smoothing;
  • rejuvenation of the whole body;
  • improvement of skin color.

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Infrared sauna

Among the services offered by the tan-club "Chocolate"there is an infrared sauna. Those people who have never been in it, probably will think that it is intended for sunburn. In fact, this is not so. Infrared sauna is a place where you can spend time with your own health. The sauna is a small cabin. In its walls are built special radiators, from which emanate waves, piercing the human body and have a beneficial effect.

In an infrared sauna it is useful to be half an hour.It is during this period that the body receives the desired effect. The maximum allowed duration is 2 hours. When in the infrared sauna, the blood circulation is accelerated, the supply of tissues with oxygen is increased. Regular visit to the infrared sauna helps to get rid of problems of excessive weight, cellulite, cardiovascular system.

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Sale of cosmetic products

"Chocolate" (tan-club, Izhevsk), not onlyprovides tanning and rejuvenation services, but also sells cosmetic products. In the warehouse of the organization are stored various quality lotions for intensive tanning, bronzers. With the offered goods it is possible to familiarize on an official site of interior. A special form is filled in for the order. It contains the following data:

  • customer name;
  • e-mail address and telephone number for communication;
  • address of the salon, which will be most convenient to pick up the ordered goods.

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Tanning-club "Chocolate", Izhevsk: addresses

The company is located in several places in Izhevsk. In the city there are 23 salons. Here are a few addresses:

  • ul. Gagarin, 27 b;
  • ul. Youth, 71;
  • ul. Krasnogeroiiskaya, 61;
  • st. Vorovskogo, 130.

Several salons are located in shopping and entertainment complexes (centers). For example, here is located "Chocolate" (tan-club, Izhevsk):

  • Petrovsky shopping and entertainment center;
  • TC "Kit";
  • The Aksion Central Museum;
  • SEC "Sigma".

A huge number of salons allows each client to choose the tan club, which is located in the most convenient place.

Chocolate, tanning club (Izhevsk): reviews of visitors about salons

People who have been to the Chocolate Chocolate Club,leave different reviews. Many customers like the salons. Visitors who are satisfied say that they are always met by benevolent administrators who can advise on the services provided, warn them about the contraindications to the conduct of certain procedures. Also, satisfied customers note that all devices and installations for tanning and rejuvenation are always in good condition. It is safe to be in them during procedures.

There are also such clients in the “Chocolate” tan clubwho speak negatively about the organization. They note that in some salons the positions of administrators are occupied by unpleasant personalities. There were even complaints to certain salons.

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Discount reviews

Tanning club "Chocolate" seeks to satisfythe needs and desires of their customers. One of them, associated with more affordable and attractive prices, was brought to life. This is a promotion called “Happy Hours”. Its essence lies in the fact that club card holders can use discounts from 10 to 30% for pre-recording for certain hours.

The size of the discount depends on the cabin.For example, on Club Street, 59, the cost of the selected service is reduced by 10% if the client is recorded for the period from 10 to 12 hours. On Pushkinskaya Street, 116 discount is slightly higher. It is 15%. "Happy hours" is the period from 15 to 17 hours. A 20% discount is given to those people who come to the shopping center "Kit" from 13 hours to 15 hours. The maximum possible discount is valid in 5 salons of the company "Chocolate". The tan club (Izhevsk) has the following operating mode during “Happy Hours”:

  • CM "Aksion" - from 11 to 13 hours;
  • Sigma shopping and recreation center - from 10 to 12;
  • on the street Udmurt, 255 - from 9 to 10 hours and from 19 to 20 hours;
  • on Udmurtskaya Street, 304 - from 10 to 12 hours and from 16 to 17 hours;
  • January 9, 241 - from 9 to 10 hours and from 20 to 21 hours.

"Happy hours" do not act every day, becauseon some holidays, the Shokolok company salons (tanning club, Izhevsk) do not work. The mode of work on holidays and pre-holidays should be checked with the staff. For example, salons after the New Year do not work the longest. Weekends are usually considered January 1, 2, 3 and 7. On other days, work is carried out as usual.

chocolate tan club Izhevsk mode of operation on holidays

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the firstthe impression should not be judged on the entire network of the chocolate club “Chocolate”, because not all the salons show untidiness and ill will shown by the employees. In Izhevsk, there are quite decent salons. If some salon is not satisfied, then you can express your opinion on the company's website. Employees of the tan club pay attention to the reviews and try to make changes in their work, improve it.