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Gel-varnish and shilak: what's the difference? There are a couple of differences

The demand for manicure is growing every day.At the same time, the most popular was to use nail polish not just as a varnish, but as a material that lasts a whole month. In the price list of services it is listed as "gel-lacquer" and "shellac". Two different procedures. And what is the difference? The price is definitely. Both gel-lacquer and shilak are in demand. What is the difference between them? In general, almost nothing. And yet there are some nuances.

gel varnish and shellac what's the difference

First, Shellac was the very first."Thank you" for this you need to tell the American company CND, which has developed a unique structure. This one, which allows the material to stick to the nails for a very long time - a month. The application technology is simple, the effect is unique. At the same time in its composition is a hybrid of lacquer and gel. That is, it freezes in the UV lamp, and looks like a simple manicure. In addition, it does not chip, does not crumble, does not scratch. Perhaps, this is the most ideal variant for natural nails (and gel-varnish, and shilak). What is the difference?

shellac and gel varnish difference

Secondly, the compositions of the materials can be different from each other. Each company carefully protects its technology. And it depends on it how long the manicure on your fingers will last.

Thirdly, the difference of gel-varnish from a shilak in the price.This means the cost of not only the service, but also the material. The American product is not only a name, it is really a quality tool that fully justifies itself. Other firms also quite successfully produce gel-varnishes, but not always their quality is just as high. In addition, honest producers point out that the material can stay on the nails for up to two weeks, not four.

difference gel gel from shellac

Among the masters are popular and gel-varnish, and shilak. What is the difference then? The fact that the remedy from CND always represents a complete line for manicure:

  • base;
  • color basis;
  • top;
  • preparations for the preparation of the nail plate;
  • instruments.

Perhaps this is the key difference.All the component procedures presented by one firm are perfectly matched and designed specifically for each other. Not all gel varnishes of other manufacturers can boast of this, unlike shellac. Moreover, this depends on the quality of manicure.

At first glance, the means differ onlyname: shilak and gel-varnish. The difference is still palpable. And yet, despite the high cost of the American product, it justifies itself. If you do a manicure every 3-5 days for a month, paying a certain amount for it, it will end up more than once a month to make yourself a Shellac. A simple gel-varnish does not always justify itself. Sometimes it is more expensive than shellac, and sometimes cheaper. An important role here is played by the skill of the person who does the manicure.

What do the masters prefer?They use both gel-varnish and shilak. What is the difference in the application? Actually, nothing. The procedure and technology are absolutely identical and simple. The hardware manicure is done, the nails are prepared for applying the composition, then the material itself. After that you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. A quality gel-lacquer is as good as a branded product. Hybrid varnish with gel is especially relevant in the summer period of time, when it is advisable to apply not only to the nails of the hands, but also the legs. Especially since the pedicure lasts many times longer than the manicure.