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How to beautifully collect hair in a tail or a bun

Long hair is very beautiful and feminine,but troublesome. Wearing them loose is not always convenient, and you do not want to spend time on complex hairstyles. At the same time, there is a great desire to look spectacular and elegant. This problem has two solutions: rush to the hairdresser for a short haircut or independently master the wisdom of how beautifully to collect hair in a simple hairstyle.

The simplest styling options for long hair:tail, scythe and bundle. On their basis, you can create a huge variety of hairstyles. Just how beautiful it is to collect hair in the tail, you can write a book. To convince you of this, I will give a few examples.

High tail can easily be turned into a hairstyleon the way out, having at hand only one rubber band. Smoothly comb the hair back and gather on the back of the head. Place an elastic band in the middle of the tail, and split the hair from the top in half. In the resulting hole, stretch the lower strands towards the head. Gently stretch the hair on the sides, fix it with varnish, so as not to crumble. The hairstyle is almost ready, it remains to decorate it with a hairpin or a flower made of cloth. The option is suitable for thick straight hair.

Asymmetric hairstyles look especially elegant andfeminine. If you are thinking how to beautifully collect hair for a date, try to make a low tail on one side. For this, comb it smoothly and, holding the locks with your hands, fold them with a loop. Pass through her hair and tighten the knot. Fasten the tail with an elastic band. If desired, the strand can be curled with a plait. Such a hairstyle attracts attention to the neck and décolleté zone.

Remember the Princess Jasmine from the cartoon aboutAladdin? She also wore her hair in the tail. You can build a similar hairstyle very easily and quickly. To do this, you need a nice bandage, three thin bands, a hair color, and a few hairpins. Wear the bandage so that it lies over the hairline. Separate strands from the face and gently stretch them under the bandage. Put the hair on both sides in this way. Collect the remaining strands in the low tail on the left side and fasten it with an elastic band. Carefully brush your hair and pull them in two or three places, at the same distance. Hairstyle a la Jasmine is ready. The option is suitable for a summer party, disco, date.

Now a little about how beautiful it is to assemble the hair into a bun.

Pretty nice hairdo can be obtainedliterally in five minutes, using only invisible, elastic and lacquer. Make a tail at the base of the neck, fasten it and separate one strand of medium thickness. Twist the very tight tourniquet and continue this operation until the strand begins to fold into rings. As soon as you try to do this, you will immediately understand that it is not difficult. Pinch the resulting "lamb" invisible, hiding the tips. Make as many flagella as your hair will last. Arrange them symmetrically around the tail.

This way of how to assemble hair into a bundle can not be called an express version, but it will not take too much time.

Begin the styling with the fact that we make the tail ofthe base of the neck. Separate the strand from above, lightly brush it along the entire length. We fold in half and fasten two invisibles at the base of the tail. In total in a hairdress four locks of equal width which form a similarity of a flower.

Owners of long hair can onlyto envy. But there are almost no tips on how beautiful it is to collect medium-length hair. Although it is in the process of growing hair that the theme of stylish styling is especially relevant.

In this case, braids come to the rescue. How do you like the idea of ​​making a "basket" stacking.
Despite the fact that this hairdo is considered childish, with suitable hairpins, it will look good for an adult lady. In any case, at the dacha, on a hike or on the beach, it will very much help you out.

As you will recall, the "basket" is two pigtails,Braided behind the ears, the tips of which are attached to the opposite side. As a child, moms used nylon ribbons for this purpose, which then turned into huge bows. You can do this with the help of crocheted pins or flowers made from fabric. Pigtails can also be braided first into "spikelets", and starting from the ears - freely. By the way, with such a hairdo, it's easy to remove a growing bang that usually hinders.