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Heart of Iron 3: description, passage, codes, cheats

Not every person likes to spendmany hours of computer game, analyzing the statistics, looking through the map and thinking through each move for another ten steps forward. Many people prefer action and drive, so they are not recommended to play Heart of Iron 3, as they are guaranteed to be bored. However, if you still like to download your brain and manage absolutely all aspects of one country, then this game will be just perfect for you. The fact is that now you literally need to be responsible for all aspects of your state, and not just for the military side. Therefore, Heart of Iron 3, in comparison with the previous parts, has become much more difficult - but also much more interesting and exciting.

Waiting for the game

Fans of this genre have been waiting for this project very much.for a long time and did not even think about the fact that something could be wrong with him. And although some still found their faults in the new game, most fans of the genre were satisfied with what they got.

Basic knowledge
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So before you talk directly aboutHeart of Iron 3, you need to make sure that all people understand what a global strategy of this type is. In this case, the action of the game begins shortly before the start of World War II, and you can choose any country in the world to conduct it through pre-war time, direct conflict, and also the period after it. You can try to conquer the world, or you can just isolate and fight for survival - it all depends on your capabilities, as well as the goals you set. Naturally, much attention is paid to the war, but you should note that other aspects are taken very seriously, and you will not be able to successfully manage the state if you simply play in the military leader. As you can see, Heart of Iron 3 is a very versatile game in which you will have to try on the role of the leader of a whole country, from a small African state to a huge European empire.

Excessive realism

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Immediately it is worth noting that alreadyThere is for Hearts of Iron 3 Russifier, which will allow people unfamiliar with English, also get a lot of fun from the gameplay. However, before there was a huge flaw that annoyed asbolyutno all, regardless of language - this is an excessive realism. It would seem that maybe this is bad? In fact, everything is much worse than you can imagine. Remember that the game starts even before the war, so you have a lot of time to rewrite history and change the course of events? And it's a shame when the computer suddenly performs the standard historical events programmed in the game. You could crush Germany before the war, but it came on June 22, and then the war began. Logic no, and it was a huge drawback of the previous parts. However, it was fixed in Hearts of Iron 3, the crack is not the only advantage, as you could already understand.

Changes and what they brought

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As mentioned above, in the game Hearts of Iron3 Their Finest Hour is no longer used. Historical events are not lost at all - they simply turned into a voluntary choice that can be supported, or ignored. This means that on June 22, it is likely that Germany will start the war, but this will depend on many other conditions. Thus, there was freedom in the game, and now the story is actually rewritten seriously - Canada can go over to the side of fascism, Hitler will find the main military partner in the US, Japan will become the personification of good and so on. You can even make a good dictator from Hitler, who will be just the sweetest in the world - everything is in your hands. The only serious framework remained in politics - if there is no democracy in some country, then there will not be any. Unpleasant flaws, it remains to be hoped that it will be corrected in the next part. But with it is extremely impressive game Hearts of Iron 3, the Russian version also pleases the eye and ear.

War and politics

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In the game Hearts of Iron 3 For The Motherland youit is necessary to deal with domestic and foreign policies, and do it constantly, but not on such a large scale as it would be in real life. Yet it is noticeable that the game is war-oriented, and this is where the most basic skew occurs. The fact is that in this game to be peace-loving is absolutely unprofitable. After all, if you are at war, then you have a sea of ​​bonuses, production is getting better at times, the economy is booming. Even if you just provide support from Europe to an Asian country, you will still get military bonuses. Not the most logical solution for a game that claims to be versatile and unconventional. As a result, as in most other similar projects, the most simple and correct way to win is to fight, it is under this slogan that the game "Hearts of Iron 3" operates. The Steam version of it is available on sale since 2009, so it is quite possible that Since then, more worthy projects have already appeared, but this game will still remain one of the best in its genre for a long time.


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Ambiguous series of changes made in the sectionresearch. At first glance, it may seem that everything has become much worse - hence the historicity has disappeared, and now each country has the same technologies that give the same effect, but they are called differently. But you should pay attention to the fact that the technology has become many times larger - the tree of them is clearly at the moment the largest of the existing in computer games. This gives you the opportunity to develop any country in the way that you find suitable, completely rewriting history.


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The next point, which you should definitelypay attention, if you want to successfully manage your country and pass the game - it's diplomacy. As you can see, there are a lot of aspects in the game, and all of them need to be monitored closely. You can assign some of them to computer assistants, but it is recommended that you do everything yourself if possible, since you can thus more subtly control what is happening in your country, and also get much more pleasure from the process. As for diplomacy, it plays an extremely important role, since you will constantly sign pacts, conclude international agreements, seek allies and trade partners, try to win over a strong state to your side. But do not think that exclusively you are engaged in this, all other countries also constantly conduct active diplomatic activities, which you also need to monitor and analyze.


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What can we say about this project in the end?In fact, this is exactly what the hardcore fans of the series and this genre were waiting for - an extremely complex and multifaceted global strategy in which you have to puzzle over each move, spend hours thinking about each decision and how it will affect the further development of your country. Of course, it is worth noting that there are certain shortcomings, sometimes there are distortions, rarely when you can trust the artificial intelligence, as it seeks to spoil everything that you have acquired later and blood, and it can easily spoil for a couple of moves what you did a hundred . Therefore, it is recommended to control as many aspects as possible and not to charge them with a computer. In general, it turned out to be a real masterpiece of global strategies, in which there are more than ten thousand provinces, so that the world country here is actually gaining global proportions.


What can be attributed to the advantages of this project?First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to how all sorts of details, details and absolutely all aspects of government are worked out here. You can control almost everything, even how many people will go to this or that factory, how long people will serve in the army, and so on. As a result, the game can delay you and do not let go a few months to the series, if you are a fan of the genre. And a few months is not a figurative expression, the game is actually capable of this, because its global reach has reached new heights, and now you can capture more than ten thousand provinces, choose from dozens of branches of technology development and much more. In general, the whole set of pluses makes this game one of the best global strategies of our time.


Some people refer to the shortcomings of thisproject is not the brightest graphics - and in fact, the map in any mode and with any approach and distance looks very simple and boring. However, we should pay attention to the fact that in such games the schedule is the last thing to think about. Here, everything is decided by your actions, as well as the actions of computer allies and opponents. And how it appears on the map does not matter. Moreover, if the graphics were better, gamers would have to buy the most powerful computer in order to play in this project, because even in this kind of periodically retarding because of the abundance of provinces, states and actions that these countries produce, even if the you have a fairly powerful computer. Much more unpleasant are minor flaws and defects, such as a weak artificial intelligence of your mates, no study of the political system and many other things that can spoil the impression of the game is much stronger than the schedule.


Finally it is worth to tell about what will helpthose gamers who can not yet cope with the complexity of Hearts of Iron 3. Cheats are present in the most ordinary manifestation and are introduced very simply. To start, you need to call the console by pressing the "tilde" key, as in most other computer games, and then enter the cheat in the appeared console line and activate it by pressing the Enter key. In Hearts of Iron 3 cheats are most often on different resources, that is, you can add to your account money, oil, metals, precious materials and so on. In this case, the cheats are easy to remember - money, fuel, metal, that is, you will not have problems remembering them. All of them give a thousand units of this or that resource. Also there are codes with the prefix instant, which allow you to instantly build a building, finish the research and so on, so that it becomes much easier to play.


However, in the game Hearts of Iron 3 codes are notonly standard. The matter is that with the right approach you can edit game files, in them setting special conditions for some events. All the events in the game are numbered, so that the cheat is entered as follows - event and event number. In this event, you can register absolutely everything - and the production of units for one day, and the issuance of human resources, and a change in the level of neutrality. In general, everything that you can not do with the usual cheats, you will be able to do with the help of events. Do not be embarrassed by the fact that you use codes - firstly, it's a personal matter for every person, and secondly, Hearts of Iron 3 Their Finest Hour is an extremely complex game that can be very difficult to comprehend. Therefore, a little help from you definitely will not hurt, or even become a big plus in the further development of your skills, and you can become a real leader of your country.