Rubber Keyboard

Every person, when buying a computer, triesmake it the most convenient for yourself. The mouse should fit comfortably in the hand, the monitor should have a certain, most convenient for the user size, speakers or speaker system - to give exactly the sound that is needed.

For those who often work or simply conductstime at the computer, one of its most important components is the keyboard. Surely many have repeatedly noticed how inconvenient to work for someone else's computer, and especially - to print: the fingers now and then fall into the wrong place, the usual location of the keys changes, and the sound is too loud. Therefore, the keyboard we choose is the one that suits us most and most of all.

The modern gadget market offers a hugethe number of diverse options for keyboards - for every taste. The desire to improve technology leads to the appearance of interesting, and sometimes rather strange novelties, one of which is a rubber keyboard.

This keyboard is not much different from the usual -in a functional, of course, plan, but if you look at the external differences, then there are a lot of them. The main distinctive quality of the product is difficult not to notice: this keyboard is flexible, made of rubber, it can be folded, twisted and bent. Of course, within reasonable limits, since even such a keyboard can not withstand pressure and crack. Flexibility and elasticity allows using such a keyboard on almost any surface, which makes it indispensable not so much when used with a computer, but rather with laptops and netbooks if they are broken or seized by their own keys.

Another positive qualityrubber keyboard, - almost complete noiselessness. When you press the keys, only quiet beats are heard. It can not be compared to a loud knock, which is issued by most of the usual keyboards. And of course, this is an indispensable feature for those who use the computer at night, in families with young children, and also in offices where nothing is heard around the loud tapping of keys.

Among other things, the rubber keyboard is absolutely notIt is afraid of moisture and is easier to clean when contaminated. A homogenous molded rubber casing allows cleaning without removing the keys and putting it back, as any user of a personal computer with a conventional plastic keyboard certainly knows. So with this gadget you can safely drink tea without leaving the computer and not being afraid to cause damage.

The only small drawback of this gadget -push buttons need more. After using the familiar analogs, the rubber keypad may seem less convenient in this respect, but this is only a matter of habit. Users just need to keep track of how the text is typed - there may be omissions of letters. People who type texts in a blind way will be easier.

Like any other, a rubber keyboard canhave additional keys - multimedia, numeric keypad, the keys to enter the mail program, go into hibernation and standby mode, lock the computer and so on. Their availability depends on specific models.

The rubber keyboard is connected as standard -via the USB input. In this case, some models can be disconnected from the cord and used as wireless. There are also analogs that connect via Bluetooth. The average thickness of the product varies from five to eight millimeters. The rubber keyboard is made of pleasant to the touch material, it is easy to wash and wipe.

Such a gadget is indispensable for people,which spend a long time on the computer, as well as for those who often travel - the weight of the keyboard is on average only three hundred and fifty grams, it easily folds into a convenient and compact roll.