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A lesson for those who do not know how to glue a video together

Usually everyone wants to do somea memorable gift to your friend or girlfriend. And what is not an option as a presentation to present a video in which all the main and joyful moments will be captured? And if you try, you can create a movie. It was to make clips from different fragments and a program was created that allows you to glue the video in a short time and without putting much effort.

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Among all the variety of such software tools, you can select a utility called "Videomaster", the production of which was the company AMS Software.

Therefore, if there was a question about what to glue togethervideo, then you can safely download this program. The utility is also different in that it can record in a very large number of formats, both popular and not very. Moreover, against the background of other products, the "VideoMaster" utility has a simple and intuitive interface. The names of the functions, buttons, and the names of the applications are provided in Russian. This feature is very rare in the category of similar programs.

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How to glue video with this program?There will not be too many questions. The user does not need special knowledge, skills and knowledge. Before you start the procedure for gluing video files together, you need to install the program itself. This will not take much time, since the utility does not have a particularly large size.

So, we should consider howglue video in more detail. First of all, the user will need to make a selection of those clips that need to be glued together. To select files, click the "Add" button. It is possible to add not only individual clips, but also the whole folder at once. The number of files that can be opened in the program is unlimited.

After adding the videos will befinished, you can choose the format of the future clip. You should also make a choice of bitrate and many other characteristics that are in the settings of the conversion. After that, the user will have to mark those fragments that need to be glued together, and start the conversion process itself. The speed of this procedure will depend, first of all, on how large the video will end up and what encoding settings have been chosen. Now the question of how to glue a video with this program is no longer relevant.

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If necessary, the conversion process can bepause and restart after a while. In addition to gluing files, this program is able to convert fragments for a variety of sites and devices. For example, downloading to the "VKontakte" site will not take too long, as it can be done with a few mouse clicks. The software "VideoMaster" is perfect for beginners as well as for professionals.

On this story, how to glue a video, can be considered complete.