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Notes on the desktop Windows 10: better real or virtual?

A monitor filled with stickers is an ordinarybusiness for many users. If a person spends a lion's share of the time in front of a computer, it is only natural that he places reminders on the workplace. However, starting with Windows 10, you can make such notes directly on the PC using the standard built-in service. The Notes program on the Windows 10 desktop allows you to create an unlimited number of notes, edit them, format text, create lists or express entries. Such a service is convenient and easy to use, but is in poor demand due to what is practically unknown.

How to find the "Notes" service?

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You can create a note on the Windows desktopthrough the service, running it through the "Start" button, which in the 10th version of the OS acquired the appearance of the company logo. In the start menu you need to find the category "Standard" in the subdirectory "Programs", there will be a service "Notes". In later versions of Windows 10, the program changed its name to Sticky Notes and is now in the root directory of the Start menu. In any case, when you click on the program icon on the desktop, a yellow sticker appears, after filling it, the number of labels can be multiplied and the information formatted.

Application Functionality

User can change the size and colorsticker, for this you need to drag the edge of the note or select the appropriate item in the menu on the right mouse button. In later versions of the "Notes" on the desktop, Windows 10 got a toolbar on which all functions are collected. But some users continue to use "hot keys", because it's faster and easier. Some Hotkeys "Notes" were taken from Microsoft Office. So, for example, selection by bold can be done by pressing Ctrl + B, italic - Ctrl + I. To create a bulleted list, press Ctrl + Shift + L.

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A sticker can be deleted if it has already lost itsrelevance. After the stickers are deleted, the application needs to be restarted, otherwise the service will simply close. You can close the service by pressing the Ctrl + D key combination. Notes on the Windows 10 desktop have appeared only a few versions of the OS back, but they have already proven themselves as a demanded service, because of what their update does not stop. A conventionally simple and accessible program turned out to be very handy, so its functionality expands.

Analogs on the Internet

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There are many variations of the program in the network"Notes". Often they differ from the original by the presence of more extensive customization and authoring functions, for example, grouping the same stickers into separate subcategories. These innovations are third-party services and are limited, because of what to change a simple and understandable licensed copy to something new - unproductive. Most analogs in one way or another use the original version of Windows as a basis. The names of the programs also do not differ in their variability, most of them revolve around "stickers", so it is not difficult to find them.

Can I use stickers as an analogue?usual notes? Yes, quite, the service allows you to create reminders where the person works, that is right in the computer. Users are able to sort, rank and customize them, which is difficult to do with ordinary notes, besides, notes on the computer do not create a mess and chaos on the real desktop.