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Assistant attorney is the most interesting work

Advocate in his activity can resort towork of assistants. His assistant must necessarily be a person with a higher, incomplete higher or secondary legal education, previously untenable and fully capable. Attorneys can not carry out advocacy activities. He should only carry out the assignments that the chief gives him.

Assistant attorney
The duties of an attorney assistant include:conducting business correspondence, collecting and systematizing material of regulatory and legal nature, drafting the necessary procedural documents, such as claims, complaints, suits in court, as well as petitions, applications and contracts, collection of necessary documentation. These documents must be checked by a lawyer and signed personally. The lawyer's assistant can generalize the law enforcement practice, get acquainted with the materials of civil and criminal cases in courts, attend the preliminary investigation and be in court together with a lawyer.

Work Assistant Attorney
A person wishing to be accepted for the positionassistant attorney, must submit an application for lawyer education and pass the certification. Advocacy in the person of the employer concludes an employment contract with him, starts a personal file and a work book. He gets a special certificate. His social insurance is made from the fee of a supervising lawyer or a fund of lawyer education.

Every working day of the assistant is not like the other.It can also be unregulated, depending on the urgency of the cases and the degree of their importance. An attorney-at-law may represent the interests of a trustee in state and public organizations on the instructions of a lawyer and with the consent of the trusted person. He can spend all day in the office working with the legal system and searching for norms that regulate specific civil law relations, reading out the rules of law prescribed in the laws, or he can travel around the city all day visiting many institutions or organizations. A lawyer can instruct him to execute unscheduled orders.

Obligations of an attorney assistant
A lawyer's assistant must be attentive,responsible and accurate, since any slightest mistake can lead to such consequences, which in the future will be very difficult to correct. Due to his activity he draws knowledge from very many areas and can apply them in practice, comprehensively develops and enriches his potential. In a year or two he will be able to become a lawyer.

Choosing as his profession occupationlawyer, lawyer and his assistant help people protect their rights. And this is a very interesting and diverse work. The lawyer's assistant must be proactive and try to achieve one's own, to understand people and find a common language with everyone, develop discipline and responsibility, show flexibility in solving important issues, achieve goals both in work and in life.

To date, each of us should have minimal knowledge of the law and be able to apply them if necessary.