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Professional qualities - the key to successful management

The personality of the boss, his professional experience, character and business skills play a key role in the management of the enterprise.

Professional qualities of a manager cannot beanalyze separately from his occupation. His work is directly dependent on professional features and can change significantly in the process of acquiring new qualities.

Professional skills are the individual, personal, social and psychological characteristics of a manager who, together, can ensure the success of their work in their position.

Consider the main professional qualities that should have a successful leader.

Practical intelligence

This is the ability of the leader to think logically andcritically. Effectively, quickly and flexibly apply your own experience and knowledge in solving tasks. These professional qualities are necessary for every boss, but they are not enough.

Effective managerial work depends notonly from the ability to use information, the great role is played by the ability to communicate with subordinates. Therefore, practical professional qualities should be supplemented with social intelligence.

Social intelligence

This is the head's ability to understand and correctly.interpret the desires, emotions and feelings of subordinates. The important role played by the ability to lead and adapt to any situation, while creating a favorable atmosphere conducive to achieving the goal. These professional qualities will help create the right climate in the workforce and lead the organization to success.

Adequate and objective self-esteem

This quality is expressed in the ability of the head to self-control, self-observation, criticism and subsequent correction of their own behavior.

Inadequate self-esteem is expressed inselective perception of the information received. Overstated self-esteem, inability to fairly assess their professional competence leads to the impossibility of performing the tasks. But low self-esteem creates insecurity in their abilities and negatively affects relations with subordinates and work colleagues.

The higher the position held by the head in the organization, the less criticism he gets about himself. Therefore, adequate self-esteem is important primarily for senior managers.

Professional experience and knowledge

As you approach the top of the pyramidmanagement, the amount of knowledge required in the field of narrow specialties is reduced. For example, the director of the company or the president of the company does not need to know in detail the technology of a particular production, since it is thoroughly owned by the chief process engineer. However, along with deep knowledge in the field of management, a manager still needs to have a general understanding of special issues.

Professional qualities are necessary in orderto solve problems in a timely manner, taking into account their relationship with other tasks of production management. Also important is the ability to make optimal decisions, taking into account the various opinions of experts. In addition, professional qualities make it possible to effectively manage and control the work process in production.


With the increase of qualification level inmanagement, and requirements for such professional qualities of managers as responsibility, ability to think promising, dedication and perseverance are rising. Of great importance is the ability to activate staff, the ability to charge subordinates with their own energy and self-confidence.