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Lana Del Rey: The Biography of the Rising Star

The rising star of the world stage Lana Del Rei,whose biography will be considered in this article, was born in a well-to-do family. Her father, a domain investor, Rob Grant, did everything to make his daughter successful. But of course, her great talent played a big role in gaining popularity.

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Biography of the singer: Lana Del Rei in childhood

The real name of the singer is Elizabeth Grant. A talented girl was born in New York: June 21, 1986. The village of Lake Placid became her family for the entire period of childhood, and now the singer lives in London.

From an early age, Elizabeth sang and dreamed of becomingpopular, so with the whole life of her life she was determined as a child. She managed to write beautifully beautiful songs on her own, which she performed in a close circle, accompanying herself on the guitar. At first she worked in cafes, clubs and restaurants, and when she turned 22 she decided to present her work to the public.

Attractive and successful, today Lanaadmits that in her life there was a period when she was an alcoholic. Now she is ashamed to admit this, but at the age of 14 her only passion and passion was alcohol, from dependence she was even treated in a specialized clinic.

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Lana Del Rey: biography - musical career

Under the name of Lizzie Grant singer in 2008released her first small album, which was called Kill Kill. He did not bring special glory to her, but (at least) she was heard. Producer David Cane offered her cooperation and came up with a pseudonym (Lana Del Rey), which, in his opinion, most accurately reflected her image and the style of the music in which she sings. The singer became more confident about herself.

But for the first time she became truly famousonly in 2011, when she sang Video Games. This song was recognized as the "Best New Composition" and collected more than 600,000 views on the network in less than three weeks. In the same year, in September, Lana Del Rey gave her first solo concert, and then with the help of Stranger Records released the first single, which entered the top ten in the Netherlands and the UK. Critics compared her voice with such performers as China Forbes, Nancy Sinatra. So there was a new promising star - Lana Del Rei. The biography of the artist is already rich in other achievements - in 2012 she won in the nominations "Best Alternative Artist", as well as "Best Modern Song" and "International Breakthrough". In 2013, according to the BRIT Awards, Lana was awarded a prize in the nomination "Best foreign singer".

Lana del Rey in childhood

Lana Del Rey: biography - singer's musical style

Reviews of critics about the work of Lana DelRay allowed her to self-proclaim herself a "gangster copy of Nancy Sinatra." Her music is called cinematic, and in the talent of the girl there is already no doubt. In addition, the viewer is pleased not only to listen, but also to look at such a beautiful artiste as Lana Del Rei (photos show her attractiveness). Among the people who influenced her work, she singles out rapper Eminem, Elvis Presley, Britney Spears and Frank Sinatra.

Lana Del Rey: biography - personal life

About what happens to the singer behind the stage,practically nothing is known. As the star herself says, in her youth she had no time to arrange her personal life, since her only desire in her free time was alcohol. Now she gives herself all the work. About relationships with men, and even more so about the wedding, while trying not to think.