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"Stoloto": feedback on how to choose a lottery

With a large number of lotteries, which todayare held in Russia, not really promising in terms of the possible winnings are not so many, and most of them are distributed by the Trade House "Stoloto". The most famous lotteries of the Trading House: "Russian Lotto", "Gosloto", "Housing Lottery." Surely these names are known to everyone who has ever been interested in lotteries. But which one to choose for the beginning? Let's try to understand.

Help us in this feedback on "Stoloto", they are easy to find on the Internet and primarily on the official website of the Trade House.

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So, people who want to win a majorThe money amount, as a rule, buy lottery tickets "Gosloto". Under this name comes a whole series of lotteries: "Gosloto" 4 of 20 "," Gosloto "5 of 36", "Gosloto" 6 of 45 "and" Gosloto "7 of 49". These lotteries are similar to each other in terms of the concept - it is necessary to guess the numbers that fall out in the circulation, and in them really huge prizes are played out. For example, the record for the amount of winnings is set in the lottery "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 ", this amount was 358 358 466 rubles! And this case is not unique! Winnings exceeding 100 000 000 rubles, are in the lottery "Gosloto" a year several times. Of course, in reviews about "Gosloto" it is more often a question of more modest gains, but you will agree, and a super prize of 3 000 000 is very solid! And such prizes are played very often, for example, in the end of January in "Gosloto" 5 out of 36 "in just three days were played two prizes of 3 000 000 rubles and one more than 7 000 000 rubles!

In addition, in the reviews of "Stoloto" can often beto meet the mention of the "Housing Lottery". It is chosen by those who want to become the owner of their own apartment or a country house. Given the amount of real estate being played, the "Housing Lottery" now is perhaps the best way to get your own home. But even if you do not win an apartment, you can always count on a cash prize, albeit not as large as in the lotteries of Gosloto.

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Finally, in the responses to "Stoloto" it is often possibleto meet the mention of the most famous lottery of the Trading House - "Russian Lotto". It has a good balance between cash and material prizes. In other words, in this lottery you can win apartments, cars, jewelry and much more, and, of course, money. Judging by the reviews of the Russian Lotto, many people are attracted to this balance.

But aside from the feedback of the participants, we advise you to studyfeedback from the employees of "Stoloto". The fact is that from the reviews of the employees of "Stoloto" you will be able to learn a lot of interesting things about the internal kitchen of the Trading House, which may be useful both in choosing a lottery, and in understanding what strategy in each particular lottery to choose. Reviews of employees of "Stoloto" are easy to find on the sites-otzovikah, which are dedicated to employers.