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Averin Maxim: biography of a talented artist

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In our country there are many good and talentedactors. But one of them is almost all classified as the most beloved, and this is Averin Maxim. The biography of this artist will be the topic for writing this article. What he really is, a smiling, always positive-minded, attractive person with an open eye in the frame? What is he like in life - Maxim Averin?

Biography: Averiny family in cinema

Maxim's parents were closely related to the spherecinema: his father worked as an artist-decorator in Mosfilm, and secretly from everyone, as he admitted later, dreamed of an actor's career; my mother worked there, sewing costumes for famous artists. Therefore, their second son, Maxim, who was born on November 26 in 1975, often visited film studios during his childhood.

Averin Maxim: biography - childhood

Maxim differed from his peers irrepressibleenergy, dedication and diligence. He grew up a neat, always optimistic boy, loved beautiful clothes and good books. Victor Averin believed that a man should be independent and independent from an early age, so he raised his sons in Spartan conditions. Even when Maxim and his brother were still children, the demand from them was like that of adults, and parents were always on par with them.

maxime averine biography family

Maxim remembers that his mother took him to schoolonly once - on the first of September in the first class, after he went there himself. Lessons, cleaning in the room, the selection of sections and extra-curricular circles - all this was done by the boy himself. At the age of 12 he began to earn his own money-he persuaded his aunts to take him as a postman at the post office, worked on weekdays after school, and on weekends from morning to evening. Maxim loved girls, respected their peers, spoiled teachers. And for him recognition was extremely important, he soon wanted to grow up and achieve success.

Averin Maxim: biography - the first bumps

When after school a guy with a pronouncedartistic talent (as he believed himself) with absolute certainty that he would be accepted, went to enter the theater, he was waiting for the first disappointment. He did not pass the competition and did not attend. He had to go to work and wait for a year, until he had the opportunity to become a student.

Averin Maxim: biography - career

maxim averin biography personal life

In the Schukinsky school Averina immediately fell in loveteachers, he liked to learn and everything worked out easily. Despite this, he was not able to light up anywhere during his college days. For the first time he appeared on television only in 1997, when the clip for the song "Ladoshki" by Svetlana Roerich came out. After graduation Maxim got a job in the theater "Satyricon". For five years Averin was waiting for a serious role, and until he got acquainted with the director Butusov Yuri, he had to be on the stage, as he put it, "for furniture." Then came the more serious characters, Averin to everyone's surprise was a very diverse actor. In 2008, when he played the role of a militiaman in the film "Capercaillie", he received real recognition, Averin became famous throughout the country.

Maxim Averin: biography - personal life

He does not like to talk about his life behind the scenes.It is known only that he is still unmarried, although he dreams about family, children and home hearth. As Averin himself says, he is not alone and he has someone to wake up with in the morning, but for such a serious step as marriage, he is not yet ready.