/ / Evil Not Alone: ​​biography and discography of the band

Evil Not Alone: ​​biography and discography of the band

One of the most popular now domesticrock bands began their life's journey not so long ago, in 2005. But, despite such a young age, Evil Not Alone has already survived both ups and downs - all but forgetting, and yet remained afloat. The group exists today, fruitfully works on new albums, records singles, clips clips and has time to travel all over the country and near abroad, where it assembles full halls.

Evil Not Alone, biography: how it was

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Alternative rock band turned intofull-fledged group on May 1, 2005. Their native land is called Moscow and Zelenograd. As a flash of lightning, they lit up the musical alternative Olympus. What was their difference from the average one-day groups? First, the name of the group, it was bright, direct and memorable. Secondly, the lyrics and vocals of the performers were amazing with their power and depth, and all this is Evil Not Alone. Translation into Russian, by the way, sounds like "evil is not one." As musicians later admitted themselves, they created their own team not for fame and laurel wreaths, they wanted to show the whole harsh truth of life, without sentimentality and metaphors. All the evils that are happening on the streets of Russia, they did not want to veil, but offered to denounce, but not as judges and executioners, but as accomplices. On this emotional background the band released their first studio album "What are they silent on ..." in 2008.

First successes

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After the release of the first album, the group went totour. It was necessary to present the album in all corners of the country. The staff gave a lot of concerts and received a crazy positive response from the fans. Now they were recognized, loved and wanted to hear. On this wave, the first clip was filmed. During the breaks between the concerts, the band members worked on a new album. In 2007 the band takes part in the 9th Zelenograd rock festival, where the group receives three awards: "Best singer", "Best drummer" and "Best metal band-2007". In 2008, the guys shoot their debut video for the track "I'll cope ..."

Creative milestones

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Despite apparent success, in the teamgroups were in serious dispute and disagreement. In 2008-2009 in Evil Not Alone there is a change of two participants. And yet, in 2009 the band released a new album "The Last Impulse of a Dying Life". It turned out to be strong and bright, the fans took a new sound (after all, one of the vocalists left the band) more than positively. It was a success. Fans of alternative music with an admixture of nu metal were impressed by the vocals and purity of the sound, and the lyrics of the songs were impressive for their directness. In the same 2009, the group decides to radically change the stage image and concludes a contract with the salon Tattoo Jeneva. In 2010 the team went on a tour "Russia-Ukraine 2010". And was more than positively received not only by his fans, but also by solid critics of metal.

Only forward

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After a fairly successful start, the teamleaves far behind many of the groups that spoke with them on the same venues. After 2010, they are constantly on tour, not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries. Evil Not Alone performs on the same stage with such monsters of the domestic alternative as Tracktor Bowling, Amnezia, Jane Air. The team constantly takes part in solid events in the open-air format, as well as in large-scale festivals, where not only is nominated, but also receives first places.

In 2011 the fans waited for the new albumgroup - "Machaon". The album features powerful singles not only in Russian, but also in English. In 2012 the team again delighted the fans with the new studio work Just Fuck. And 2013 marked the release of the album Paris. Instrumentalka, bass and vocal sounded so harmoniously in this album that the fans immediately determined: the guys are entering a new qualitative level of production of the alternative.

The team today and plans for the future

For the years of its existence, the collective has releaseda lot of singles and albums. Evil Not Alone, whose discography is growing every year, are not going to stop there. And in this year's 2014 have already released a new album Sun Rise. Special response received a track from the new album "Spring in the Big City" and the eponymous single Sun Rise, which promises to be a hit with fans of quality alternative music.

Today in the piggy bank of the team 7 video works: "Doll", "Bloody Mary", "Petals", "Closing the Eyes", "I have the right", "Scotch" and "I will manage".

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Today, Evil Not Alone has gone through fivetheir colleagues. In 2008-2014, went their way Julia Averse, Alexei Banan, Ignat Ign, Eugene Snoke. Not so long ago the band left the vocalist Sega. The current composition of the group: Andrew Drey, Nikolai Kolombo, Sergei Payne, Vitaly Vit, Yuri Butcher. At the initial stage, the band had two vocalists, but today only Drey reads the lyrics. The last change in the line-up occurred in 2011, after Vanya Sega left.

In 2013, a large-scale autumn tourcities of Russia. The plans for the future include concerts in the cities of Russia and the CIS, performances at rock festivals, work on a new album and the release of a new video work. Members of the group for many years remain honest with their fans and promise not to turn off the planned path.