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Online store Citylink: customer and staff feedback

To get really high-quality equipmenttoday is not easy. And this is due not so much to a general decline in the quality of the budget goods sector, or to a desire to save as much as possible on purchases, as to the lack of time that could be spent on finding the necessary model. That is why those who wish to buy something make efforts to find an online store that would save valuable time and which could be trusted. Potential buyers explore the vastness of the Internet in order to read real reviews about a variety of resources and see if you can safely give your money to a particular vendor.

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In order to help you in this difficult matterthis article is written. In it you will find detailed information about the store "Citylink". Is he trustworthy? How does the service work? What are real clients talking about? How do store employees respond about their employer? All this will help you to make a complete picture.

About company

Shop "Citylink" customer reviews calledone of the largest online stores in the Russian Federation. Its range is extremely diverse. Among the presented fifty thousand items of goods everyone can find something for their taste and purse.

What is today "Citylink"(online store)? Customer testimonials tell us about the incredible prevalence of the company's offline sites. To date, they are already twenty-seven (each area is several thousand square meters).

In any of them, the buyer will find terminals that allow you to independently place an order, equipped cash desks and comfortable windows designed for delivery of goods.

Constant clients of "Citylink" (Internet reviews do on this special accent) have additional advantages. For example, they can participate in special projects of the company. Among them:

  • Club Citylink (accumulative card, thanks towhich its owner can save money on purchases, take part in a variety of actions, rallies, corporate events, accumulate bonus points and pay with their help for their purchases).
  • Configurator (specialized section, whichhelps customers to choose the right components, get useful tips on optimizing the functioning, learn the views of other customers).
  • Forum (a section that allows you to communicate with other users).

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Shop Citylink: customer reviews

Most of the customers are satisfied with the service.Such consumers like the manner of communication and efficiency of the managers of "Citylink" (Kazan). Customer feedback tells about the timeliness of the arrival of the courier, no problems with payment of the order or its registration. Customers also like the wide network of "Citylink mini", which facilitates the process of self-delivery of goods, since there is no need to visit full-length stores. Buyers share pleasant impressions of the performed exchange or product return by employees of Citylink. Customer testimonials (St. Petersburg) confirm that when you contact the center, no later than seven days after the purchase, you can return products that are not suitable for any reason without any obstacles. All this significantly facilitates the cooperation of customers and the store and helps the latter to earn a good reputation among consumers.

Negative feedback

All negative responses, as a rule, concernpoor-quality warranty repair or failure of the service center to work with this product. Some of them had failures in the delivery process (for example, they did not bring what they ordered). They also say that the employees are incompetent with regard to the possibility of purchasing goods on credit (in particular, the Citylink store - Nizhny Novgorod). Customer feedback also describes the sale of products that have expired (for example, printer cartridges or multifunctional devices). How to avoid this kind of trouble? Be vigilant at the time of purchase, carefully check the goods. Verify that all warranty documents are completed correctly. This will protect you in case of a breakdown.

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Work in Citylink: employee feedback

What they say about the store in question is likethe employer? Unfortunately, there are many negative responses about the work in "Citylink". The staff's comments tell us about the aggressive bosses, about wrongful cuts, regular delays and cuts in wages, disproportionate demands from superiors and remuneration. Employees are often required to go out on their day off without paying even this extra. As a rule, employees are not officially formalized, as required, according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. And this means that there is no talk of any social package of speech either. There is a strict system of penalties for the slightest violations. Some say that they were fined for not responding to calls on their day off, and also that they were not given an advance for this. Often forced to work overtime (until midnight and even until one o'clock in the morning). Of the "pluses", all without exception, a friendly team of subordinates. However, does this compensate for all other working conditions? You decide.


How does the delivery of goods from the store "Citylink" work? Customer feedback is recommended to read the rules of this process in advance.

So, special services are valid for customers,living in the city of Krasnoyarsk. These buyers can request "Raising a bulky goods on the floor." It is important to prepay this service in advance, this is an important condition for its implementation by the Citylink store. Customer reviews confirm that this is incredibly convenient. After all, now there is no need to puzzle over how to deliver purchased directly to the apartment or office. Also, you do not need to lift the heavy equipment yourself to the floor. Everything will be taken care of by the online store. This service is available to individuals and legal entities.

Important:lifting of bulky goods to the floor can be carried out by the company only through the territory of the city of Krasnoyarsk or in its suburbs. At the same time, this category falls into only a technique whose mass exceeds thirty kilograms, or its volume exceeds two tenths of a cubic meter. Lifting is carried out either manually or using a freight elevator. The product can be brought into the premises only if its dimensions do not exceed the width of the doorways (starting from the door of the entrance, ending with the door of the apartment or office). If this is not possible, the purchase will be delivered only to the entrance or to the apartment door.

What other features of the mechanismdelivery online store "Citylink"? Customer feedback reports that it is important to know in advance a list of places in which goods are not transported. Among them are the following: railway stations, parks, construction sites, airports, workshops, forest tracts, non-administrative premises of public catering outlets, beaches, subway stations, regime facilities, departments of infectious hospitals, secret facilities, transport companies, non-existent facilities, workshops, and any places that do not have specific addresses, as well as the conditions that are necessary for the normal transfer of goods, payment, documents. It is also important that the journey to the place of transfer must be carried out solely on a road that has a hard surface. There should be no barriers blocking the passage, within a radius of two hundred meters from the designated address.

What is the cost of the service in question? If it is a question of lifting on an elevator, then the delivery to the apartment of each unit of goods will cost:

  • a purchase weighing less than fifty kilograms - eighty rubles;
  • the purchase of a mass of fifty to one hundred pounds - a hundred rubles;
  • the purchase of a hundred to one hundred and fifty pounds weighs a hundred and twenty rubles.

If the goods can not be lifted with a freight elevator and you have to do it manually, then the correspondence of the weight of the equipment and the price is preserved with a single refinement - now this is the price for each floor.

Goods can only be transferred to the buyer orhis representative in the agreed place. If the freight forwarder decides that it is not safe to give a purchase under these conditions, he can ask the customer to move. In case of refusal the representative of the company has the right to retire with the goods.

When transmitting, you should:

  • make sure that the goods are new;
  • Check if it matches the order;
  • to inspect the goods for damage, the correct equipment, the availability of necessary documentation;
  • pay the purchase.

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As reported on the store "Citylink" reviews, hereyou can choose any payment method that suits you. Among the available ways to distinguish the following: cash to the courier at the time of delivery; plastic card; cash directly in the store or special payment points "Citylink-mini"; to get on credit; by bank transfer; through the international system "Webmoney"; through the salons of cellular communication; through the Yandex.Money service; through specialized self-service terminals.

Be sure: if on the site you see the inscription "In stock", the goods are really available for purchase. The actual data in the catalog is recorded every two hours.

If there is an inscription "Goods in transit", it means that the goods will be available after one or two days. When he enters the warehouse, you will be able to place an order.

The inscription "The product is in a remote warehouse"means that, unfortunately, more time is needed to transport the goods to Krasnoyarsk. It is also important to take into account that when ordering from one hundred thousand rubles or large-sized equipment requires a certain prepayment.

In the event that the goods are in the store, you get the opportunity to pick it up on the day of the order or request delivery to the door.

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Navigation on the site is very convenient, and the range"Citylink" (feedback about the store is often mentioned) is simply amazing. The goods here are categorized, which makes it easier to find the right one. The variety of available products can be described as follows. On the website of the online store are:

  • Laptops.
  • Laptops are transformers.
  • Ultrabooks.
  • Tablets.
  • Children's tablets.
  • Smartphones.
  • Cell phones.
  • Virtual glasses.
  • Smart-watches.
  • Fitness bracelets.
  • Accessories for gadgets.
  • Pedometers.
  • Sports watches.
  • Complete sets "Smart house".
  • Base blocks.
  • Cameras.
  • Sensors.
  • Fittings.
  • E-books.
  • Accessories for laptops, tablets, smartphones.
  • Gyroscope.
  • Quadrocopters.
  • Accessories for gyroscope and quadrocopter.
  • Razors and epilators.
  • Toothbrushes and accessories.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Goods for beauty.
  • Goods for health.
  • Goods for styling and haircuts.
  • Tables.
  • Chairs and chairs.
  • Lighting.
  • Accessories for furniture and interior.
  • Office equipment.
  • Leather goods.
  • Souvenirs and business gifts.
  • Demonstration equipment.
  • Office Chancery.
  • Car electronics.
  • Measuring tool.
  • Tool sets.
  • Lanterns.
  • Gardening equipment.
  • Photo, video, security systems.
  • Household appliances for home and kitchen.
  • Televisions.
  • Audio Video.
  • Computers, components, peripherals.

And this is only a general idea of ​​what can be found in the store "Citylink" (Moscow). Reviews recommend to carefully read the assortment. You will not regret the time spent.

Purchase on credit

There is an opportunity to purchase goods on creditin the "Citylink" store. Reviews of the store recommend this method of calculation. Now there is no need to save money, you can use the desired today. What do you need from the client for this?

He must provide two documents.The main one is the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. The second document can be any of the following: a pension certificate, a foreign passport, a bank card, a driving license, an insurance certificate of state pension insurance.

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Citylink (reviews with special gratitude)speak about this point) is ready to provide after-sales service of the products purchased from them. So, what if the device suddenly failed? In some cases it would be correct to apply for help to the authorized authorized service center of the manufacturer (their list is usually indicated in the sales receipt). If for certain reasons it is impossible to do this (the service center is not located in your city or the product you purchased is serviced exclusively at the Citylink centers), it is recommended to go to the full-format stores immediately, where you will be able to provide qualified assistance.

You can return the goods if:

  • the packaging was not opened (relevant for legal entities);
  • kept the package and all accompanying documents;
  • there is a commodity and cash receipt;
  • the software is not activated;
  • on the product there are no visible traces of its use;
  • the product was not installed;
  • all accessories are kept;
  • factory seals are intact.

You can not return the goods that were ordered for you individually or brought from a remote warehouse.

Also, the return policy does not apply to the following products:

  • goods that have been discounted (substandard goods);
  • Products whose configuration implies the presence of a SIM card;
  • any children's goods;
  • personal hygiene items, namely:toothbrushes, epilators, hair curlers, electric razors, hair dryers, thermalbags, hairdryers, brushes, manicure sets, hair clippers, massage baths and the like;
  • any products related to household chemicals;
  • goods that had a one-time package, and it was opened by the buyer;
  • cable products (cords, wires, cable and the like);
  • products intended for prevention ortreatment of a variety of diseases directly at home, namely eyewear lenses, medical instruments, baby care products, medical devices, metal, rubber or textile hygiene or sanitary items, medical equipment, oral hygiene products.

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The result

"Citylink" is not only an Internet resource.The company also has a whole network of full-format stores. As you can see, the reviews about the retailer in question are quite contradictory. Part of the buyers are absolutely happy with the purchases, others - they regret their choice and categorically do not recommend their friends to contact this store. Apparently, everything depends on the conscientiousness and competence of employees of a particular store or service center. It is not necessary to categorically judge the whole network because of some negative experience, but we do not recommend you to lose your vigilance either. If you decide to use the services of the online store in question, check the process of correctly filling in the warranty documentation and carefully read all available information about this.