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Neobux: feedback on earnings. How to withdraw money?

Earnings on the Internet - one of the hottestThe one that is regularly discussed in the network. To explain this is simple: people who come to the Internet, sooner or later understand the possibilities of material benefits here. And since the threshold, which has passed, everyone can start to receive income online, lower than in real life - accordingly, and try their hand here many want.

There are a lot of ways to earn online.All of them are simply impossible to enumerate. A lot of them are able to bring someone high enough income for a long time. True, most of these techniques require significant investments from the user in the form of time, money and energy.

One of the options that allows you to earn extra money,Also is cooperation with the click sponsors. The advantage of this type of income is the lack of the need to have the knowledge or considerable financial resources to start earning income. From you only desire and access to the Internet is required.

Neobux reviews

About that, what is earnings on clicks, and also about one of perspective and rather long-lived projects we will tell in this article.

What are "click-through sponsors"?

First, let's define what you need to do inthis area of ​​Internet commerce. So, as we know, there is a whole segment of business, based on buying and selling online advertising. It can be presented in the form of links, banners, some other formats of media content. The main feature is that money earnings on the Internet of this nature result from viewing sites.

money earnings on the Internet

Accordingly, on this model the work is constructedclick-through sponsors. These are services that pay their users for viewing advertisements (clicks on links, reading letters). And to them (such sites), in turn, money is paid by advertisers.

How much can you earn here?

The fact is that clicks are work thatreally able to bring money. Earnings on the Internet of many people, by the way, begins with click-based services. Another thing is that you can not earn much here. To dream about the worthy income comparable to the real salary in a usual life, it is not necessary.

To understand why this is so, we will give an example.For one ordinary link, an employee receives from 0.1 to 1.5 cents, which means that a day should be viewed from 100 to 10 sites to get $ 1. Given the small number of such advertisements and time restrictions on viewing, it is naive to expect to earn at least 5 dollars in this way.

Neobux Autoclicker

Another thing is that such sites have a referralA system that allows you to earn a share of the profits of those people who were brought by you. For example, you earn a hundredth of a cent for every perfect click by your referral. Thus, having an "army" of 100, 1000 or 10 thousand invited users, you can count on quite a decent income.

Neobux is the best sponsor in the world

One of the most famous and popular isservice Neobux. The testimonies indicate that this is a long-lived industry, which, however, is of American origin. As a result, the absence of domestic payment systems in the list of currencies with which the service operates. However, more on this later.

The plus that earns on Neobux,is that this site is pretty untwisted around the world. This means that it has more employers, and therefore more opportunities to earn ordinary people.

Referrals for Neobux

In addition, the project has a whole list oftools, through which you can get income. For example, they are Neobux referrals available for rent by anyone, as well as various points and other bonuses that allow you to work more. However, in general, the organization of the project is extremely simple.

How is everything arranged?

Work here is monotonous - you need to click onlinks and wait for the time indicated by the advertiser, looking through someone's site. For each of these actions, a participant in the system can receive his reward, after which he can move to the following paid links.

Tariffication is carried out depending onseveral factors. For clarity, on Neobux, a review of which we will publish further in the text, there is a special table. There you can see that employees of different statuses receive different awards. Thanks to this, using certain tactics, you can get more profit. For example, if you have many referrals, you can purchase a Gold-status for $ 90 per year in order to increase the percentage of deductions for each of them. True, it is advisable to do this, say, with 500-700 referrals. As you can guess, it's not so easy to get them.

Where to begin?

Neobux Strategy

However, having a desire, you can come to this a littlelater. And they start all the same on Neobux. User registration is the first stage of work. It is free of charge, and, as a rule, no new system participants experience any difficulties with this. You just need to specify your data, including payment, then go to your personal account.

There you will see a menu, from which you will understand howmove on. In particular, there is a section "Work" (Mini Jobs), there are "Settings" (Settings) and others. The difficulty of working on Neobux (the testimonial is confirmation) is in the language barrier. Books English, and in the list of available languages ​​there is no Russian. Therefore, as an option, you can use Google Translate to translate the page online.

Actually, that's all. Next, you need to start work, collect a certain amount of funds (this is the minimum amount to be withdrawn, it is constantly changing as the user's activity).

Methods of input and output of funds

We return to the question of how Neobux pays,- how to work here, we have already figured out. Unfortunately, with the Russian electronic currencies the project does not work - it accepts and pays in Payza, Payoneer, PayPal and Neteller - typical for the foreign Internet segment currencies. However, even in our country you can take these payment instruments, you will not have any problems with this. You can simply register an account in one of these systems, then use one of the many online exchangers to change the currency within that system to the same Webmoney or Qiwi from Yandex.Money. At the same time, the commissions are minimal.

Neobux registration

You can enter funds to purchase updates (for example, if you want to acquire Gold status) in the same ways.

Referral system

The system of involving other participants in the projecthere is aimed at stimulating every user to bring his friends here. For this he will receive a certain income from everyone who works by his link. The size of the reward can be seen from the table published on the Neobux page. The responses of the participants claim that the fee here is not very high (as, indeed, it is seen and according to the data on the site) - for your direct referral you will receive from 0.0005 $ to 0.005 $ in case you have a normal status. As the account type improves, you'll see how this figure grows to 1 cents for one click of the user you've listed.

earnings on Neobux

As for the other type of referrals - "hired"or "rented" - then here the fee for clicks of each of them is about twice as high. True, for their content you will also be paid monthly. The more referrals you hire, the more expensive they will cost you.

User Reviews

If to sum up, then, of course, unambiguousrecommendations of participants in the system can not be named. Some people claim that Neobux is a scam, due to which only the administration wins. They see low rates of payment for clicks and, of course, understand that in order to earn a more or less serious amount, it will be necessary to work here for years.

Другая часть участников утверждает the opposite: what can be developed to work on Neobux is a strategy through which anyone can earn a lot. All that is necessary for this is a desire, ideas and a bit of experience. The project itself is quite reliable, because it has been working since 2008 and managed to pay several million dollars for this time. And this is, of course, the indicator.

Therefore, in fact, it's a personal matter for everyone - to refer to the category of people who do not believe in success on Neobux, or, on the contrary, to take on this tool and receive income from it.

Prospects for growth

As for the general picture, includingprospects of work on the site, then they certainly are. If you manage to earn a substantial base of referrals, it will bring a good income on the machine, since other participants will work for you.

Some users instead of building suchschemes resort to illegal methods: cheating, automation, and so on. For example, on the Internet you can find an autoclicker for the Neobux service, which allows you to sit back and wait for the computer to crawl all the links on your own for you. True, this is done at the participant’s own risk and peril, as the service rules state that if such an unfair attitude is detected, the user loses an account with all the money earned. Proving that you really did not practice such “black” methods of work would be pointless.

As for the service itself, then in its furtherwork of doubt does not arise. The project regularly pays a huge number of people all the years of its existence. Now the administration introduces on it various interesting reward systems (for example, bonus points), which only stimulate users to work further. This, in turn, attracts more people to the project. Your job is to work by hiring others, advertising your referral link, and thus receive as a reward your commission. You see, everything is simple!