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AliExpress blocked: possible reasons

Most Internet users early orlate trying with her help to order various goods with delivery. Most often recently began to be used by AliExpress. On it you can find a large number of goods at low prices, which, even if transportation is required, are cheaper at cost than in regular stores.

The problems with the entrance to the website AliExpress

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In November and December 2014, manyusers there was a big problem, they could not get to the site due to the fact that AliExpress is blocked. This was very unpleasant news for many users, especially those who were expecting parcels with paid goods or who had the time of the transaction.

During the failure period, users came up with several ways out of the current situation:

• Change the browser. Many users wrote that Opera and Yandex.Browser downloaded the page of AliExpress.
• Using the Turbo mode. It downloads without animation, which significantly increases the speed of connection to the server.
• Change the IP address as a result of using different programs or anonymizers. This method helped, since AliExpress was blocked only for users from Russia.

Causes of problems

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After troubleshooting, a lot of time has passed, but the true cause of access problems is unknown to this day.

The network discusses two options for which AliExpress was blocked:
• The blockage was due to a prescriptionRoskomnadzor, which found on the site announcement of the sale of smoking mixtures. There is also information that this has happened more than once and, perhaps, more than once will happen.
• Problem in the authorization path.To get to the server in China, you need to overcome registration in Europe and the US. There was a problem with routing, which caused problems. This problem can also be repeated in the future.

What should I do if my account is not authorized?

Technical or legal problems with the site -far from the only reasons for denial of access. The most common problem is that during authorization, a message appears that your AliExpress account is locked.

The appearance of this problem is due to several reasons:
• You are recognized as a fraudster.
• You have not completed the account verification process.
• System failure.

If you did not pass the registration confirmation, thenyou can correct the situation. On the page with the message about the account blocking, you can find 4 links. You need to go to the first one and load a scan of the passport. After that, the application for access will be considered. The situation may be more serious, if you reported an invalid email address, only partial access will be restored to you so that the parcel with AliExpress can reach you and, if you receive a defective product, you could send a claim.

Failures in the work of the AliExpress store

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As it turned out, a failure can representnot only a complete refusal of the site to load, but also blocking access to your private office. The most important rule in such cases is not to panic. If the failure continues for several hours, you can write to the support team. Just remember that the request must be made in English, since the support service currently exists only on a foreign server. Despite everything, the AliExpress online store still remains one of the most popular portals for shopping. The advantage of it is that the support service tries to respond quickly to calls, and developers are trying to make the portal better. We hope that we managed to help you with some questions that arose about this store.