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Dream interpretation, well, explain it! What does the wedding ring on your finger dream about?

Almost every person sees every nightor other dreams. They each have their own. However, some of the dreams are prophetic. For example, do you know what the wedding ring on your finger is about? No? Well, then, rather read our article!

General interpretation of dreams

The ring (engagement) on the finger is consideredpositive sign in a dream. He tells us about good relationships, about sympathy and reciprocity. For example, if the life of a young girl still has some kind of uncertainty, then the dream (an engagement ring on her finger) tells us about family happiness, about a good wife. After all, this jewelry is a symbol of eternal love, long-awaited wedding and family happiness.

You see, what a bright and wonderful dream!It is not surprising that such dreams are more popular as the ones most requested in those or other dream books ... By the way, about dream-books! Let's learn, by the example of several of them, what we're wearing for wedding rings on our fingers!

what does the wedding ring on the finger

Why the wedding ring on his finger is dreaming: Miller's dream book

  1. If a young girl in a dream sees an ornament onyour hand, then it's time for a happy life! Coming a pleasant change ... You expect a long relationship with a man who, of course, will end in a marriage.
    dream wedding ring on a finger
  2. If you see an engagement ring is not on yourfinger, and the way you put it on your man, the dream promises the faithfulness of your young man, speaks of his completely sincere intentions towards you.
  3. Visions in which you, dear girls, do not get to pick up the jewelry by its size, promise disappointment in your life companion.

Why the wedding ring on his finger is dreaming: dream son of Tsvetkov

  1. If you see that you are wearing several rings and rings at once, then in real life you will succeed in business. In addition, it is possible to realize an old dream.
  2. A broken ring is not a good sign. Failures, illnesses, troubles are coming. If the jewelry is beautiful and shiny - get ready for the pleasant freaks of fate.
  3. If in a dream you have lost your wedding ring, then in reality lose the trust of a person close to you. Financial losses are also possible.

Why the wedding ring on his finger is dreaming: a dream book by Hasse

  1. Dreams with engagement rings, which you see from Monday to Tuesday, promise you parental care, an early meeting with relatives and friends. This is a pleasant event.
  2. The dreams that you saw from Friday to Saturday tell you about a family quarrel, about turmoil, about gossip behind your eyes!
  3. If you see an ornament on your finger with a jewel, then bear in mind that a luxurious, secular and carefree life with a very influential man is just around the corner.
    dream interpretation engagement ring
  4. In a dream, did you find someone's wedding ring? Soon you will meet a person interested in your personal success!
  5. If you can not find a ring with your size in a dream, do not worry! Hasse argues that this is a neutral dream, saying that your heart is free and open to love!