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Temple in Zyuzino Boris and Gleb: history, events, modernity

In the Moscow region of Zyuzino, in the south-westcapital, there is a small but noteworthy church of Boris and Gleb. It is located in a quiet street, but many people know about it and often come here. This temple has a very long and interesting history. Today the church has many problems, but despite all the difficulties, the clergy are working hard and continue the work begun several centuries ago, when the first stone of the new sanctuary was laid.

a temple in the zyuzino of Boris and Gleb

History of creation

The Church of Saints Boris and Gleb in Zyuzino beganbuilt in the late XVII century - the first works date back to 1688. The construction lasted almost 20 years and was completed in 1704. Initially, of course, it was not a large modern metropolitan area, but a small village that belonged to the noble princely family of Prozorovsky. These princes are descendants of the Yaroslavl Rurikovich, the first princes of Rus.

Boris Ivanovich Perekopsky decided to erect a stone church on the site of the former wooden building.

The lower church was built very quickly - duringfirst year. It was named after the faithful prince Vladimir. The upper church in Zyuzino Boris and Gleb was intended for warm summer services and was built in the second turn.

At the end of the XIX century, a small bell tower with a spire was attached to the church, but due to long years of non-use in the middle of the 20th century, it collapsed without experiencing the historical vicissitudes.

After the closure in 1938, the church did not serve more than 50 years, and the building was given to secular institutions.

At the moment, a permanent photo exhibition dedicated to the history and modern life of the church works in the Sunday School building. Presented are interesting perspectives of the church and its interior decoration.

temple of saints Boris and Gleb in Zyuzino


The temple was built in the Moscow Baroque style andappearance is very similar to the temple in Trinity-Lykovo, which, according to some sources, was created by the architect Ya. Bukhvostov. Specialists say that the church of Saints Boris and Gleb can also be his work.

The exterior decoration of the church is more modest than that of other contemporaries. But the absence of some details of the decor is compensated by two rich and elegant staircases that lead to the upper church.

The upper temple immediately creates aspiration upward, and the lower one is much lower and narrower.

the temple of Boris and Gleb in the Zyuzino prayer service

Period of the USSR

The temple in Zyuzino Boris and Gleb survived the eraSoviet atheism with not the most severe losses. Officially it was closed in 1938. Unfortunately, after the closure, the temple was plundered - the carved iconostasis, which has been preserved since the foundation of the church, was chopped for firewood.

For a long time the temple in Zyuzino Boris and Glebwas empty. Twenty years later, when the bell tower began to collapse, and the building became much dilapidated, its restoration began, after which a workshop for processing diamonds was created in its premises. Almost 20 years in the building worked cutters precious stones.

In 20 years, in the late 70's, a newrestoration. Now it was decided to place an archive of documents from the Ministry of Instrument and Machine Tool Industry of the Soviet Union, but it existed relatively short-lived. In the late 1980s, religious beliefs were allowed to be practiced in the territory of the USSR, and many churches and temples began to act again according to their purpose. The temple in Zyuzino Boris and Gleb was again consecrated in 1989. As with the creation, the lower church was first restored, and the upper one - a little later. It opened its doors to parishioners only in 1990.


In every church and church there are revered icons.Not an exception, and the temple of Boris and Gleb - there is a revered Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, which was written by one of the apostles - Luke. The original is in the Tikhvin Monastery. This is one of her many options.

In the temple there is also an icon "Assistant in childbirth", to which future mothers come, asking for safe deliveries.

the church of Boris and Gleb

Social activity

The pastor and the temple staff are actively engaged in social activities. 10 years ago there was opened a Sunday school for children and adults.

In the Internet there is a site about the church of Boris and Glebin Zyuzino. Moleben, liturgy, festive events - photos of these and other events are regularly posted on the portal. The staff responds promptly to the questions of the parishioners and those interested.

In the building of the temple, interestingactivities for children and adults: joint reading of fairy tales, master classes on various kinds of needlework. To help the poor and the poor, collections of things are constantly organized. Teachers of the Sunday school often conduct extra-curricular meetings and lessons with pupils of general education institutions in the Zyuzino district.

The parish missionary service often organizes interesting walks and excursions around Moscow, to which everyone can join. Active charitable activity is conducted.

Clergy helps people in difficult life situations. Employees visit prisoners in the SIZO, patients of the narcological hospital, and also hold conversations with pupils of the children's boarding school.