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Ruslan: the meaning of the name, character and destiny

Ruslan is a man's name, which at different timeswas popular in the territory of the post-Soviet space. Despite the fact that today it is quite rare, future parents show interest in it. We suggest you learn more about the origin and meaning of the name Ruslan.

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the meaning of the name Ruslan

Before you understand the meaning of the name,character and destiny of Ruslan, it is necessary to learn about its roots. Astrologers claim that the name is of Scandinavian origin, and its translation sounds like "Russian land". There is a version according to which Ruslan is a Turkic name, interpreted as a "Russian lion". The similar meaning of the name Ruslan predetermines the character of a man who, from an early age, is distinguished by physical strength and courage.

In Russia the name became popular due to the folkfolklore. Ruslan very often is a hero of Russian folk tales. That only there is a character Eruslan Zalazarovich, who appears before the reader in the image of a hero.

The fate and significance of the name Ruslan for the boy

name of origin and meaning

The name that came to us from Scandinavia giveshis possessor with such qualities as honesty, strength of mind, agility and ingenuity. From an early age Ruslan demonstrates incredible creative abilities, and also differs politeness, compassion, ability to take care of one's neighbor.

The meaning of the name Ruslan for the child predeterminesits owner is not only positive qualities. If the boy does not receive proper attention, he can prove himself as a haughty and selfish person. Such children, as a rule, too early to become independent and secretive. However, this does not mean that Ruslan needs to be lulled. Excessive care can lead to even worse consequences, for example, irritation, aggression.

In communicating with this boy, everything is necessarydosing. Try not to break into his private space. Remember, Ruslan needs comfort. Only in this case he will grow communicative, cheerful and harmless child. He will manage not only to acquire friends, but also to gain prestige both among one-year-olds and among older children.

The meaning of the name Ruslan for the boy predetermineshis ability to find a way out of almost any situation. And the boy chooses an exceptionally acceptable way. He will not give his parents too much trouble.


Knowing the meaning of Ruslan's name, we can say thatThe boy-teenager has a rather uneasy character. He is very freedom-loving and can not tolerate when his life is trying to control someone. But this does not mean that this boy will be uncontrollable.

name of Ruslan meaning of name and destiny

He with unimaginable tenderness and respectrefers to his parents, regularly shows his concern. This guy, unlike most peers, is purposeful and knows exactly what he wants from life. It is difficult to convict of hooliganism or to notice in a bad company. At school, he manifests himself as an apt pupil, but without sufficient motivation, he can slide down to the level of a troika. Ruslan is not at all friendly with the exact sciences. Favorite subjects - history, literature.

Astrologers who know everything about the meaning of the name Ruslan,say that in adolescence, a guy may have problems communicating with the opposite sex. It's all because of his excessive suspiciousness, indecision and inner tension. But with age, Ruslan often manages to get rid of complexes.


Мужчина с мужским именем Руслан, значение which we already know partly, as a rule, has a good soul and a great sense of humor. He is a real troublemaker, who can stir any company. The character of an adult man has many positive features, for example, communicability, friendliness, generosity, optimism. Often, nature gives him exceptional eloquence, so Ruslan is able to become a successful politician or TV presenter.

Ruslan hardly gets any rises.His advancement on the career ladder may seem too slow, but this man will never need anything, will completely provide for his family. Ruslan surrounds himself with a large number of people whom he considers his friends. As a rule, he is dependent on their opinion, which constantly suffers. Over time, he draws certain conclusions and tries to keep his distance, even with close friends, becoming withdrawn.


Ruslan likes charismatic and temperamentalgirls. He is able to take care of his chosen one for a long time and beautiful, to achieve its location and shower compliments, demonstrating its importance in his life. Despite external shyness, Ruslan is able to surprise in bed, manifesting himself as a real man, a predator.


the meaning of the name Ruslan for the boy and fate

The meaning of the name Ruslan tells us thatthis man will have certain difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex. He is very amorous and at the same time shy. He lacks the spirit to take the initiative in his own hands and get acquainted with the girl he liked. When he is a teenager, he may be traumatized, betrayed by his lover. This can put a man a psychological barrier, which it will be extremely difficult to overcome.

However, astrologers who know the nature and meaningnamed Ruslan, assure that this man will never be lonely. He marries that girl who is not afraid to seize the initiative, to assume all responsibility. In family life, he will also give leadership to a woman, try to distance himself from making fateful decisions.

A family

Becoming a family man, Ruslan strive to do everythingIt is possible that his closest people do not know of anything. He can choose a job that involves long trips, but never changes his wife. He is very jealous, but he knows how to hide his own emotions carefully. But at the first quarrel with his wife, he immediately reminded her of the available "sins".

Ruslana can hardly be called a good father.Despite the fact that he truly loves his children, a man is sometimes excessively severe. He was used to bringing up children by means of a carrot and a stick. However, the kids love their father, they see in him a standard of courage and dignity.

name meaning for the child


The most successful and long-lasting alliance of Ruslana will be with a girl named:

  • Oksana.
  • Tamara.
  • Elena.
  • Irina.
  • Natalia.
  • Olga.
  • Margarita.

Nothing good should be expected from relations with Veronica, Yana, Valeria, Christina and Marina.


the meaning of the name Ruslan for the boy

Ruslan is a sociable, risky and activea man who chooses a job that can fully reveal his potential. He can not stand monotonous "marmoskin labor" even if he pays well. He needs a profession that involves communicating with people, perhaps long-term business trips.

This man can be a great cop,a teacher, a lawyer, an advertising agent, a politician or an individual entrepreneur. Despite the fact that Ruslan rarely succeeds in quickly moving up the career ladder, he feels quite comfortable in a managerial position.

Ruslana can hardly be called a careerist, buthe is ready to give himself completely to his favorite work. As a rule, he is entrusted with the most important tasks, as he has an analytical mind and an ability to think outside the box.

The mystery of the name

The name Ruslan, whose meaning and destiny we analyze, has the following astrological characteristics:

  • planet - the Sun;
  • color - brown, orange;
  • the animal is a lion;
  • plant - dandelion and plane tree;
  • the sign of the zodiac - the Lion and the Maiden;
  • stone-talisman - aventurine and jasper;
  • the time of year is summer;
  • day - Sunday.


Since early childhood, Ruslan's health is very weak.However, if the parents follow the diets recommended by the doctors, the boy will quickly get stronger and will grow healthy. In adulthood, it is extremely important not to smoke and not abuse alcohol. Excessive enthusiasm for gambling can weaken Ruslan's nervous system, which can also lead to health problems.

As a rule, these men are subject to differencesmood, depression. To get out of the destructive state they will get attention from close people and friends. It is extremely important for Ruslan to feel his own worth.

Ruslan is a narcissist.He pays a lot of attention to his own appearance, exerts maximum strength in order to become more attractive to the opposite sex, in communication with which he experiences some difficulties.

Name days

Orthodox Ruslans receive a secondname, which, as a rule, becomes Rustik. Therefore, the name day falls on the day of memory of the holy martyr Rustik (October 16), who was brutally tortured and executed by pagans.

Characteristics depending on the date of birth

character meaning and destiny

Ruslan, who celebrates his name day in winter, as a rule,is a fairly calm and reasonable person who thoroughly approaches every case, trying to find logic in everything. He is able to boast of an analytical mind. He constantly strives to master new skills, to learn the unknown, to create. He will become successful in the professional sphere, requiring attentiveness, precision and non-standard thinking.

Summer birthday - open, honest,communicative and cheerful person who has an optimistic outlook on life. Ruslan aspires to everyone and always helps, and if he sees that a conflict is brewing, then he will do his best to bring it to naught. Sometimes it seems that this person is excessively frivolous, idle. However, he should meet his love, as everything changes radically. He becomes an ideal husband, father.

Весенний именинник – тщеславный и очень temperamental man who has an explosive nature. This Ruslana can be called a real daffodil. Self-confident and selfish, he always and everywhere is looking for attention. He seeks to take the place of the leader in the team and is ready to make any sacrifices. Since childhood, manly and physically strong.

Ruslan, born in the fall, is always inlooking for something new, unexplored. Since childhood, he is striking in his curiosity and pragmatism. Such a man will never sit back. He is extremely important movement and self-development. With a calm character, he will become a good husband and father. If he manages to direct his own energy in the right direction, then, quite possibly, he will achieve unprecedented peaks.