/ How to drain water from a washing machine by yourself? Causes of damage to the drain system

How to drain water from the washing machine by yourself? Causes of damage to the drain system

Nobody is immune from the unforeseen breakdown of the drain system, when the washing machine finishes washing, but leaves the water in the drum.

If you react incorrectly, you can not onlyflood the neighbors from below, but also get a lot of trouble associated with pouring a lot of water on the floor and damage to property. Therefore it is better to know in advance how to drain water from the washing machine yourself.

how to drain water from a washing machine

How can I recognize the failure of a drain system?

To avoid pouring water to the floor, we learn to assess the situation, do not open the washing machine, until we are convinced of sufficient spinning of the laundry and the lack of water in the drum.

Determine the breakdown of the drain system can be on the following indicators:

  1. The sound has changed, the machine hums, but no transfusion on the flow of the flow is heard, and the water splashes in the drum even after the spin-off mode.
  2. In open machines with a glass hatch, you can see water, but this figure may be inaccurate. In this case, if the water is on a par with the lower edge, then the machine can be safely opened.
  3. During operation of the centrifuge, water is visible and audible at the same time.

Drain the water yourself

So, you definitely determined that the drainage system is broken, but there was laundry in the drum with a lot of water. You have to immediately decide how to drain water from the washing machine.

draining water from a washing machine

In this case, you need to act according to a certain scheme.

  1. We disconnect the machine from the power supply.
  2. We prepare a container for collecting water, we put rags with good absorbency at its base. In the drum can be up to 30 liters of water.
  3. The water is drained from the washing machine athelp filter. A filter is a round hole, which is most often found in the lower right corner. Sometimes the filter is closed by a false panel, in this case, first remove the panel, and then unscrew the filter. It should be unscrewed carefully, without sudden movements and effort.
  4. Water immediately begins to flow.We collect it with improvised means - it is possible to substitute a basin or a small low dish, and after collecting water to pour into buckets. If you have parquet, laminate floor, then the floors will need to be wiped off as soon as possible.
  5. You can also drain the water from the washing machine by unscrewing the drain hose from the siphon and lowering it into the prepared container - a bucket, a bath, a basin.
  6. After careful collection of water, we open the car and take out the laundry. Now it will have to be pressed manually, but this is only a minor trouble.
  7. After all actions it is necessary to make a decision about a call of the master or independent repair.

Causes of damage to the drain system

the washing machine left water

Sometimes the failure of the sink is insignificant, and it is eliminated in just 10 minutes. Therefore, it is worthwhile to inspect the car before the arrival of a specialist.

Here are the main reasons for the violation of the operation of the sink:

  1. Sometimes the reason lies in the incorrectly set command on the control panel, for example, the phrase "turning off the machine with water" or the like. First, double-check the settings.
  2. The drain filter of the pump is clogged - this is due to the ingress of small things and objects into the hose. How to inspect the pump and clean it is indicated in the operating instructions of the machine.
  3. Clogging the nozzle leading to the pump. They can be clogged with sand, thread or small things. After cleaning the tubes, the machine will start in the previous mode, and you will not have to call the wizard.
  4. Technical breakdowns:wear of bushings, breakage of the winding of the electric motor. This reason can identify men who have a little sense in technology. If a part is found to be damaged, replace it with a new one in a specialized store. But ordinary users need a repairman.
  5. Incorrect connection of the drain hose to the sewage system. In this case, it is better to trust the view of a professional and call him at home.
  6. The failure of the pump (pump) is the most costly of all the reasons that the master will be able to eliminate. In this case, it is better to buy a spare part in advance.

How to drain water from an old-fashioned washing machine?

drain the water from the washing machine

Порой необходимость слива воды возникает при washing in old cars, because in most homes on the ground there is no sewage, so the owners prefer to use just such machines. The water in them is loaded from above, and the drain is conducted through the hose. With a long operation, the primitive drainage system does not work, parts can not be purchased. Then drain the water in several ways: through the top, tilting the car; by means of a pump; scooping out any capacity. As we see, there are no special problems with such models. However, our grandmothers and loved ones often have to advise and help drain water from the drum of the washing machine.

water in the washing machine

Advice to housewives

Sometimes mistresses do not notice that there is water left in the washing machine. Then the opening of the drum is accompanied by an unexpected surprise in the form of a sudden pouring of several liters of liquid onto the floor.

In this case, the main thing is not to panic, butimmediately close the drum in order to stop further leakage, immediately wipe the floors, having previously collected the water in a bucket. After that we study in detail the question: "How to drain water from a washing machine?" (earlier in the article). Independently repair of women, of course, it is better not to deal with. Masters will do the job quickly and efficiently, and you will save your nerves. Relax, drink a cup of tea, because not every day you suddenly after washing, there is water in the washing machine.

Instead of concluding

Any problem can be solved, not worth itget upset over trifles. Correct reaction and calmness will help to promptly solve the problem of breakdown of the drain system. And then you do not have to wash hands.