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Wagons for housing: sizes and photos

There are many situations in whichtemporary accommodation is required. When undertaking the construction of a dacha, other objects, it is necessary to think over accommodation for workers. Renting rooms can be quite expensive. Therefore, a good solution will be to equip the trailers for housing.

The appointment of such structures can be the mostOther. They equip the dining room, rest rooms, storage facilities, etc. Today such trailers are used even as country houses, stalls, offices, security facilities.

general characteristics

The cabins for housing (photo below) are a frame structure. The supports are made of metal profiles.

Cabins for housing
The walls are often made of wood.The entire structure is lined with facing materials. Inside the room there can be a variety of layouts. Here you can equip the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Everything depends on the purpose of construction.

Advantages of such housing is the speedassembly and low cost. The design is easy. It can be moved from one place to another if desired. If this is really temporary housing, it will eventually be given to other owners. For this purpose, the trailer can have wheels.

You can assemble a similar design even with your own hands. If the owners have the appropriate building skills, as well as sufficient time, this will be the best option.


The construction of cabins is in demandDue to a certain set of characteristics of such structures. They have a number of distinctive advantages. The most important advantage of such objects is their low cost. There is even an opportunity to purchase trailers for habitation used.

Cabins for housing photos

The volume inside with a standard size of 6 by 2.3 menough for a normal residence inside 8 people. In operation, this structure also does not cause problems. If it is required to heat such a small room, only 1 heater will be needed.

In case of need, such a structure can betransport from one place to another. If desired, you can give preference to models with wheels. Stationary varieties due to their lightness (about 1.5 tons) can be loaded onto a truck and also transported to another location.

A small number of construction operationsIt is possible to build such a structure very quickly. Wishing to exploit it for more than one year, it is possible to equip a stationary object with a foundation. When fulfilling all the building requirements, the trailer can safely perform its functions for years.

Possible housekeeping functions

Equipping trailers (cabins) for housing,it is necessary to take into account the whole range of their purpose. This also determines the appearance of the building. Initially, such a construction is necessary to perform a residential function. It can accommodate builders (who erect a cottage or dacha), as well as the owners of the site. If in due course it is planned to relocate to the main house, then in the future the trailer will be converted into a bathhouse, utility room, shed, etc.

But it happens, in such cabins the land ownerslive quite a long time. He can easily replace the usual house. If its dimensions are enough to spend a full vacation at the cottage, it is better to give preference to its stationary varieties.

Wagons for housing in the country

In such premises it is possible to equip a bathroom, a shower, a cloakroom or a pantry. In bad weather you can cook food. For this, a part of the trailer is equipped with this function, respectively.

If desired, such structures can perform an aesthetic function. It stores inventory, hides various economic units, communications.

Basic types of structures

There are several basic types of wagon structures. They can be wooden or metal. In the latter variant, modular cabins for housing and welded structures are distinguished.

Wooden cabins are cheaper, they are environmentally friendly.But their service life is much shorter. Wood is susceptible to temperature effects, moisture and vital activity of various living beings. It is easier to transport such an object, since its overall weight will be relatively small. But in the process of transportation there is a possibility of damage to the structural elements. Therefore, transportation is carried out very carefully.

The metal frame is more expensive. But it is more durable than wood.

Modular cabins for housing
For the arrangement of a stationary living quarters,in which it is planned to hold light, water, this option will also be preferable. The design can be modular or welded. There are panels completely ready for assembly. Applying them, you can significantly speed up the installation process.


Желая установить вагончики для жилья на даче, you must first think over their layout. The smallest size of the cabins can be 2.5 by 3.5 m. There is a storage room and a small place for rest.

If it is planned to place a kitchen in the building, the smallest dimensions of the caravan should be 3 by 4.5 m. In such buildings, there is not provided a bathroom. It should be arranged on the street.

Cars for habitation second-hand

Даже на небольшом участке в 6 соток вполне можно Arrange the building 3 by 6 m. A family of 4 people will already feel quite comfortable in it. The size of such a structure is allowed to perform up to 12 m in length. The width of 3 meters is also quite enough.

Preparatory work

If the arrangement of shed is not plannedcarry out independently or this room is necessary only for the temporary stay of builders on the site, you should purchase a van for housing on wheels. But having the desire and opportunity to build a building yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions of the process.

Even an inexperienced builder will be able to buildMighty cabins with their own hands. In the process of developing a floor plan, it is necessary to give preference to a simple design. Do not immediately make a veranda. It can be completed with time. It is better to direct all forces to the construction of a simple rectangular structure.

Trailer for housing on wheels

The place intended for the trailer is cleared and leveled. The smoother the surface, the more durable the structure.

Erection box

If cabins for housing are planned to collect notfor one season, you should make it on a frame basis. It can be wooden, but better than metal. Better to equip the foundation. But for the metal frame, this stage can be bypassed. Basement piles are wrapped with ruberoid.

Then a pile is laid on the piles around the perimeter,set up lags. Next, the vertical frame elements delimit the walls. After their installation, you can uphols the piles of wood panels, MDF. The roof is best made of slate. It is also covered with ruberoid. The walls inside can be sheathed with mineral wool (not foam). Upholstery is better to make boards.


Чтобы полноценно эксплуатировать вагончики для housing, should conduct electricity, plumbing, equip sewers. These systems may be autonomous. But it is quite allowed to conduct full-fledged communication systems. It all depends on the length of time people stay in it. In the autumn and autumn periods, heating devices should be provided.

After reviewing this type of construction, as cabins for housing, you can choose the best option for your site.