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Lifan engines for motoblock: installation, characteristics. Chinese Lifan engine for motoblock

Each self-respecting gardener before the startsummer season digs its site with a motoblock. But not everyone can afford to buy a new unit. That's why summer residents use cultivators made in the USSR. Such motor blocks often have all sorts of problems with the engine, but there are many reasons for this. Basically, the fault of breakages is the service life, which has long been out. Recently, such problems have been solved by the engines of Lifan on the motoblock, because this is a profitable way to solve the problem on their own and for a long time.

Chinese company lifan

Engines from the company Lifan, what is it?

Chinese company Lifan exists already quitefor a long time, because the company was founded in 1992 and continues to develop until today. At the same time, "Lifan" is considered one of the main, and to be more precise, one of the leading companies of the Chinese motor market.

The company itself develops not onlyengines. Its main direction is the production of cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles. The company has a really great experience in the development of engines for various equipment.

In Russia this company became famous for itsChinese engines for motoblocks, because this is a fairly developed type of motor technology, which is universally applied. If earlier on the product it was written "produced in China", then for many Russians this caused rejection, because as a rule the Chinese rule was of poor quality. Now, on the contrary, with the growth of the Chinese market, the quality of products has significantly increased, while the price of the goods is still very acceptable.

Characteristics of Lifan engines

"Лифановские" engines on a motor-unit havevarious technical characteristics, in accordance with which it is worth choosing a specific engine model for a particular model of the motor block. The first and main feature is the correspondence of the installation dimensions. It will be very good, if it will be possible to pick up the engine which ideally approaches to current fastenings. You can select the model yourself. Also there is an opportunity to contact the nearest motor store for the help of professionals. It is important to remember that if the mounts do not match, then they will have to be altered independently.

engine mount installation

The next important characteristic is theThe power of the engine, which is usually measured in terms of horsepower. The most common universal motors for motoblocks have a capacity of 6.5 horsepower. This power is usually quite enough for most motoblocks. The engine models are very similar in both installation and maintenance, and in operation.

Engines "Lifan" on the motoblock should be selected inthe expected tasks that will be assigned to it. If you only need to dig a small area once a year, then you should not spend money. It is quite enough to buy a simple model from the cheapest price segment, although in general the cost of such engines starts from 9 thousand and all the engines of this company are considered very cheap compared to other brands.

How do I install a Lifan engine on a truck?

The Chinese engine is usually set in that case,When the native engine has become unusable or it is already meaningless to repair it. The new engine in this case has great advantages over any Soviet engine. After buying the engine will be a long time to please his master by the way he is perfectly tuned. After all, as a rule, any new engine is easily started and works correctly for many years.

As already mentioned above, the engine needs to be selected fromtaking into account the size of the seats, so the complexity of installing the engine "Lifan" on the motor unit depends only on the model of the frame itself, which is supposed to be installed.

The installation itself is carried out in a few simple steps, even a person who is far from the subject and can never cope with can do this:

  1. Removal of the old engine.As a rule it is made with the help of usual carob keys or heads. It is simply completely removed by first unplugging the gas cables, if they are present. Also before removal it is necessary to throw off a belt which transfers a twisting moment on a reducer.
  2. Installing a new engine.It is produced using the same fixings, in the event that they match. If not, then you can redo these fixtures yourself by drilling holes or even welding additional metal plates, if necessary.

How to install the engine "Lifan" on the Kaskad motor-block?

Сам по себе мотоблок "Каскад" интересен дачникам because it is compact enough, convenient for transportation. Designed mainly for work in the suburban areas, small gardens and gardens. But with all this, there is a good opportunity to expand the abilities of this tiller through attachments.

Lifan engine on a walk-behind cascade

Installation is simple enough, more often.the entire mounting of the engine "Lifan" 6.5 coincides with the factory ones and you just need to simply replace the engine, start it and start using. But there are cases where the attachments are slightly different. In this case, the “get out of the situation” can be different.

The easiest way is to make transitionala plate in which it is necessary to make holes for the engine mountings and to weld it. If there is no such possibility just to fasten it to the regular places on the frame.

Is the Lifanovsky engine suitable for the Mole motoblock?

On the "Mole" is installed a weaker engine, with a capacity of 4 horsepower, due to the fact that the frame of this instance simply does not allow you to install a more powerful engine.

motor for motoblock mole

Engine for motoblock "Mole" costs muchcheaper, which for many will seem only a plus. For the size of this tiller this power is enough, it copes with the main task - to plow the land. Of course, it should be used on very small areas, where you do not need more power and long work.

Lifan Engine Reviews

Since tillers belong to the technique of smallmechanization, they are popular in many countries in which people are engaged in agriculture. Indeed, without power tillers, it is difficult to dig up the ground in a small area. A tractor is not always convenient and advantageous, and it is long and difficult to dig by hand with a shovel, especially if the ground is dense enough.

Engines "Lifan" on motorblocks recommendedyourself really good, because they are not expensive. In addition, they do not require large investments during the operation, unpretentious maintenance. With all this, the engines have good performance and are reliable.

Lifan 6 5 engine

Their development is mainly achievementsJapanese engineers. Chinese industry rarely develops something new. Most often, they simply learn from the experience of their fellows, taking a good copy as a model. It is worth noting that such engines are often used in portable generators, for which the main criterion is precisely the reliability of the installed engine. Some even use tillers as a local transport, where you can transport sand, firewood or something else.

Running in a new engine

In this topic, opinions vary greatly.Some advise to start and immediately work at half power. Others advise to give work in idle, warm up the engine. In fact, you need to do exactly as written in the manual, because it’s not stupid people who make it up, but those who develop the engine and calculate its load.

Usually engine running takes a long time.time, but if you do everything in accordance with the manual, then no problems should arise, and if they arise, it is important to remember that this is a new engine and this means that it is under warranty. It will be replaced without problems with a new one or at least repaired.

engine lifan adjustment on the motor block

Engine maintenance

In the process of operation should not occurAny significant problems in the case of a fully operational new engine, while it is better to check it at maximum power within the warranty period. Engine maintenance is carried out by the owner on his own, although there should not be any problems with the "Lifan" engines on the tillers.

If you still have problems, you need to perform a number of simple procedures, after which the engine will again work “like new”:

  • Replace the candles.
  • Change the oil.
  • Check the integrity of all connections.

No more adjustments are required, since the ignition in such engines is electronic. After performing the above steps, you can try to start the engine.

Repair of the motor-block

Если вдруг не удается завести установленный на motoblock engine "Lifan", it is worth performing a simple check. To do this, you need to perform a number of actions, during which you can easily determine the cause of the engine malfunction and easily fix it:

  • Check gasoline supply.The motor can “grab”, but it does not start, because it is a bad gas leak from the tank. The reason may be to block the drainage hole in the plug, which serves to get additional air into the tank, instead of gasoline, which goes from there. The hose could be clogged with debris or something could get into the tank itself. You need to check all possible options.
  • Check the candle. If suddenly she smoked or even struck her, then it is necessary to replace her, because she is beyond repair.

After eliminating these faults, you can try to start the engine. If this does not help, then the cause must be sought in the unit itself.

How to adjust the valves?

After a certain period, you have to performadjustment of the engine "Lifan" on the motoblock, because there are failures, that is, it starts to work incorrectly. In fact, there are not so many problems on which the unit may behave incorrectly. One of the main things is the incorrect adjustment of the valves. It is quite simple to produce, all work is performed in several stages:

  • The valve cover is removed.
  • The gap, as a rule, is in all norms from 0.02 to 0.12 mm; therefore, it is necessary to take any measuring probe or instrument for accurate setting.
  • Next, the adjustment itself is performed using a screwdriver and a probe that should be placed under the valve. A screwdriver in turn unscrews the adjusting screw.
  • After setting, you must return the cover in place.

Change of oil

Oil in the engine of the motor lifk "pour"It should be high-quality, all-season, preferably from a good manufacturer. Replacement is quite simple. First, the old oil must be drained. Next, a new one is opened and poured into the motor. It is advisable to carry out the procedure on a warm engine, but it should be silenced.

oil in the engine motoblock lifan

The amount of oil and the quality of the requiredoils can be found in the motor manual. It also describes in detail all the repair and maintenance activities, so there should be no problems with this.